When your passion for cycling is intense enough, rain it’s not an excuse to skip the ride.
But deep inside you still wish the weather could be better.

You can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for it.

To equip you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, we’ve
prepared this autumn rain guide. Enjoy!



A baselayer doesn’t protect you from the rain, but it keeps you warm throughout the ride.


We make baselyers made from 100% Merino wool. This fabric has unique temperature-regulating properties: when it’s hot, it cools you down, when it’s cold — it warms you up. The piece is a must-have in every cyclist’s wardrobe.


Here is a checklist of the qualities a proper autumn jacket must-have:

  • water resistant
  • breathable
  • windproof
  • warm and compact
  • visible

There are two Isadore products that will serve all these needs: Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket and Merino Membrane Vest.


Both are made from the finest Merino wool inside and a waterproof membrane on the outside. They maintain the optimal body temperature and protect from soaking. Reflective patches will make you well-visible for drivers.


A typical nasty autumn day is made of 50% of wind and 50% — rain. While your jacket is already a good water-resistant layer, a proper jersey should be used to enhance the protection from the wind.

Merino Shield Jersey is designed to withstand the unpleasant autumn wind and drizzle. It is enhanced with a light but sound windshield membrane on the most exposed chest area.


Together, wind and rain make your body feel colder than it really is.
We’ve got two options to keep you warm.

Your regular bibs + Lycra leg warmers

A perfect duo when it drizzles and you just don’t feel like wearing warm tights. Lycra leg warmers are a great companion to your regular bibs. Constructed from ThermoRoubaix Lycra®, they will wrap your legs, insulate your body from cold, and provide a basic protection against the rain.

Thermoroubaix Tights

These are the real rain warriors. We tested them in the tough weather conditions — they’ve passed its quality test. Now they are ready to be yours.

  • Anatomically shaped for male riders
  • Water repellent thanks to DuPont™ Teflon® treatment
  • Excellent insulating properties

See the road

When it rains, your ability to see worsens. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right cycling eyewear. We recommend clear or yellow lenses: they protect your eyes from raindrops and brighten up the road.

To see the road even better, wear one of these kick-ass cycling caps. They will shield you from the pouring rain, won’t let the wind come inside, and keep your glasses clearer.

We’ve got two caps for the autumn weather:

Light Membrane Cycling Cap
Light Membrane Cycling Cap
+ Quick Add
6 Reviews
30,00 USD


Good little rain helpers

Isadore Ass Saver
+ Quick Add
5 Reviews
12,00 USD
Merino arm warmers
Merino arm warmers
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18 Reviews
47,00 USD
Merino Socks Standard
+ Quick Add
35 Reviews
24,00 USD
Standard Black
  • Comfort, breathability and proper moisture absorption are the main parameters for the socks.

  • Don’t feel like taking out your jacket? Use the arm warmers. This extremely compact piece of outfit will keep you warm and wick the moisture fast. We produce the armwarmers from the best fabric serving this function: Merino wool.

  • Anti-mud protectors will complete the rainy autumn cycling kit. The Ass-savers are easy to install and keep your back clean.

Our last tip: Slow down

Even the best cycling gear will not save you from slipping on a wet road if you don’t follow the basic rules. When it rains, corners, potholes and puddles are the most hazardous things on your way. We strongly advise you to slow down (without hard braking), especially on the turns, and pay attention on the road.

Enjoy your autumn rides!