The old saying goes, ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’. Our recent trip to Norway proves this statement emphatically true. We spent three days on the Lofoten Islands – a wild outpost far above the Arctic Circle – and as we were discovering the region, we rigorously tested the new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. Over three days of cycling we met sun, rain, wind, and rain again across a couple of hundred kilometres on smooth roads, surrounded by deep fjords, mountains and long beaches.

Finally, we are ready to unveil our adventure.

The new AW2017 collection has arrived and now is available in store.

Day 1: Sunny regards from north Norway

Sun, no wind nor rain, only beautiful coastline with bridges, rocky straits and endless ocean views – Norway greeted us in a warm autumnal way. Our team decided to fire up the legs and get to know the area better, so we did a 30-kilometre round trip to Henningsvær. As we kept cycling, we discovered a hidden beautiful beach with white sand – Mother Nature won’t stop surprising us. Wearing long-sleeve jerseys, vests and our Sector Jacket, we felt comfortable and warm. The beginning was promising, but at this latitude nothing is guaranteed.

Day 2: Endless rain

Even before leaving home we knew we were going to end up anything but dry. Outside it was raining heavily and it was hard to force ourselves out of the warm and cosy cottage. The temperature was around 10 degrees Celsius so we decided to try our Softshell and Sector Jackets. Despite the brutal rain our team managed to ride quite a distance that day, witnessing amazing views on the coastline. Totally worth it.

Day 3: Never underestimate the power of Nature

The last day. At first it seemed like Norway had decided to give us a third gift — the wind, mixed with some sunbeams and a little bit of rain. We put on our vests and long-sleeves and got ready to complete the last ride from Svolvær through Laukvik to Sanden and back. This romantic fantasy didn’t last long. As we started our ride, the harsh rain came instantly, forcing us to change our plans. The weather raged: we could feel the whole house shaking. One might say that Nature did not want us to be there. Or maybe it was just telling us, ‘come back later’.


    Benjamin Andresen

    Eva Synnestved Hansen

    Simon Hugo Hedman


    Peter Mečiar

    assisted by Vladimír Králik


    Tomáš Franta


    Martin Gross


    Zuzana Velitsová, Tibor Bolega


    Alina Grechkina


    Martin Velits


    Lofoten, Norway, August 2017