We’ve been creating road cycling essentials for over four years. Now, we turn from the rural open roads and enter the city.

This is our first Urban Collection – city cycling apparel, designed by Isadore and produced in Europe.


This lookbook was shot in Slovakia’s capital — a city rich with stories. Enjoy this unique tour around Bratislava as you discover the Urban Collection.

The Pyramid & its neighborhood

Known sometimes as the “iron fist of the regime”, the Pyramid is the Slovak Radio Building. The extraordinary shape of the inverted pyramid is one of Bratislava’s most recognisable landmarks. When passing by the Pyramid, some might find it brutal and unattractive, but with knowledge of the rich, tumultuous history of Slovakia you start enjoying its architectural diversity.

The UFO bridge

The bridge earned the name ‘UFO’ because it is considered alien in appearance. Built in the famous traditions of the 1970s — brutalist, concrete construction — the bridge connects the socialist Petrzalka part and the romantic Old Town. At either sides of the bridge there are wide pavements — a scenic and convenient thoroughfare for urban cyclists.


This monument was built in 1960 to celebrate 15 years since the city’s liberation after the second world war. Though the monument is also the burial ground of Soviet Army soldiers, the place has a romantic atmosphere. Built on the hill, the monument offers a stunning view, with the old and the new parts of the city sprawling beneath it.


    Martin Chupáč

    Marianna Červená

    Ľuboš Steiger


    Peter Mečiar


    Martin Gross, Ján Šifra


    Alina Grechkina


    Martin Velits


    Bratislava, Slovakia, July 2017