Selection of road wear accessories for early risers

Many of us prefer an early a.m. ride. We love the stillness of morning hours, before the city & nature wake up. The smell of the grass covered in dew. The distance ahead of us.

Fighting the unstable morning weather - wind, fog, even sleet sometimes - might be the price to pay for your morning ride, but not if you go prepared.

Meet our go to gear for chilly mornings.


A good base layer is the no.1 piece an early riser should invest in. We have put in a lot of dedication when we designed this product, so the piece of apparel that touches your skin feels as natural as possible. We bet you will want to wear them even when you are not riding your bike.

Merino Neck Warmer

Especially designed for chilly, windy mornings, the neck warmer makes the perfect seal between your jersey or jacket and your head. This way, all the warmth will stay put, protecting your neck from the outer stimulus.

When in need, pull it over your face or over your head.

Arm Warmers

During unstable weather conditions, an arm warmer will take you long way. Executed from the merino wool or the finest ThermoRoubaix Lycra®, our arm warmers offer superior insulation, repelling water and dirt. Choose from our unisex merino wool arm warmer or our completely label free, lycra model.

Leg Warmers

When you are set for your morning routine, nothing should stand between you and your training. Here comes our completely label free leg warmer. Combine them with your favorite bib shorts and you will be ready for any weather conditions thrown at you. A must have for every serious cyclist.

Knee Warmers

What about the mornings when you don’t need 100% leg protection? We got you (half) covered, as well. Rich in the finest merino wool fibers, the knee warmer is available in one universal size - we guarantee a perfect fit thanks to the vital ability to stretch.

Performance Oversocks

If you have in mind a demanding training or a Cross Adventure in the woods, we recommend to try our Performance Oversocks. The oversocks are the perfect lockdown: nothing gets through. Be it wind, dirt or roadspray.

Merino Gloves

After covering just half of your extremities, we should consider some protection for the other half, as well: your hands. It’s not winter anymore, but the cold, harsh wind blowing onto your hands at 5 a.m. might feel like that. With silicone grip for better adherence to the handlebars and touch screen fingertips, the gloves are essential accessories for every early bird rider.

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