Climber's Jersey Atlas

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Climber's Jersey Atlas
Daniel is 186cm, 71kg and wears size S

Climber's Jersey Atlas

180,00 USD
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Climber's Jersey Atlas
Climber's Jersey Atlas


A super-breathable, lightweight merino jersey

  • Active moisture management
  • Super-soft Merino bi-component material
  • Lightweight Lycra printed sleeves and panels
  • Constructed for hard efforts in hot conditions

Over the past five years, we have been gathering the feedback from our customers, which has prompted us to refine the fit and reinforce the jersey. With this update, we have added hypoallergenic silicone tape on the sleeves for better grip to keep your tan lines sharp. We’ve redesigned the extra zip pocket on the back cargo area. And to help keep you visible, we’ve added subtle 3D detailing and reflective logo on the back.

Specifically made for intensive workouts like what you will get when riding hard uphill, the Climber's Jersey will keep the body temperature balanced when it’s hot outside. And the Merino fibers naturally absorb UV radiation, protecting the skin from the damage caused by direct sunlight, especially at higher altitudes.

Made from a lightweight Merino bi-component material and lightweight Lycra (23% Merino Wool / 77% Polyester) combined with ultra-lightweight Lycra (14% Elastane, 86% Polyester) sleeves and side panels.

Though all of our Climber’s Jerseys are designed to be worn on all sorts of hot weather rides, we like to name each edition after different climbs that have inspired us over the years.

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - BACK LENGTH < 64 64 – 67 67 – 70 69 – 72 71 – 74 73 – 76 76 – 79 79+
B - CHEST < 82 82 – 84 84 – 88 88 – 94 94 – 100 100 – 106 106 – 114 114+
C - COLLAR < 33 33 – 35 35 – 37 37 – 39 39 – 41 41 – 43 43 – 46 46+

Dimension table (inch)

A - BACK LENGTH < 25 25 – 26,5 26,5 – 28 27 – 28 28 – 30 29 – 30 30 – 31 31+
B - CHEST < 31,25 31,25 – 33 33 – 34,75 34,75 – 37 37 – 39,5 39,5 – 41,75 41,75 – 45 45+
C - COLLAR < 13 13 – 13,75 13,75 – 14,5 14,5 – 15,5 15,5 – 16,25 16,25 – 17 17 – 18 18+

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • Lovely Jersey

    Jonathan David, United Kingdom, 31.3.2020

    Went to Morocco a few years ago and wanted a cycling top to remind me of this lovely country. Having already got other Isadore kit and an Angliru jersey I knew what I was getting with this top. However, this top looks even better in real life than online- beautiful design and I can’t wait to try it out on the road. Thanks also for the Face Mask -a great initiative in the current times and one for my wife to use in her role in the NHS here in the UK #stay safe

  • Lightweight jersey for hot summer rides (Climber's Jersey Mount Etna 2.0)

    Jana Makroczyová, Germany, 27.10.2020

    Apart from the functional quality (which at this point I'm convinced is innate to all Isadore products), the jersey features a lovely colourway and subtle pattern. It is great for summer rides and you almost can't feel you're wearing it.

  • Cool and comfortable (Climber's Jersey Madeleine 2.0)

    Kathleen Holoch, United States, 6.8.2020

    Very comfortable jersey. Fabric was very light and cool. Fit is consistent with my other Isadore jerseys. I like the longer sleeves to protect my arms.

  • Close to 5 stars, except for... (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Adrian Rollins, Papua New Guinea, 23.8.2019

    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea's capital, is hot year-round, so riding here really puts the cooling capacity of bike kit to the test. On that score Isadore's Climber's jersey is a step ahead of most I have tried. The litres of sweat I produce on longer (3+ hours) rides seem to wick away. The top never feels soggy, never sags and never smells (at least, to me!) Just three niggles. One, as another reviewer has mentioned, the zip is long, so the top tends to bunch up when in the riding position. Not a big deal, but something you would not expect from a jersey that is sold as a race cut. The second niggle is the collar, which is of a high cut. That would be fine riding in alpine areas, but in the heat I prefer collars to be low cut/minimalist. Thye third issue is the acceibility of the zip pocket in back. The zip is small and difficult to reach, and the pocket itself is prone to turning inside out when you try to get something out of it, which can be annoying. Aside from these small issues, its a great cycling garment, and makes even this poor specimen of a cyclist look half-stylish!

  • Amazing (Climber's Jersey Angliru)

    Johnny Scholkmann, Denmark, 14.8.2019

    I got the climbers jersey from a friend, who stop cycling due to injury. Despite it´s been used for a couple of years, it´s still realy soft and nice. We have a training loop, around 18 km - 10 km open/shield by trees, and the last 8 km along the water. In 20-22 degrees, without baselayer, it´s warm and nice along the water (despite the wind is often surprisingly cold) and really pleasent, cool and dry, in the open/shield area, also after 3-4 loops in full speed. Really amazing. Compared with my Castelli aero jersey, wich is fantastic light and thin, the temperature regulation is much, much better in the climbers, just as the comfort to the skin. After that, I´ve recently ordered both the woolight and the signature jersey in the amazing Isadore shop.

  • Love this! (Climber's Jersey Hehuan)

    Ross Phillips, Germany, 11.6.2019

    Ok - So first off let me say I am an amatur at best. All the gear and no idea kinda guy. However I love Merino having lived in Oz and NZ as well as purchased tops from Cafe du Cycliste and Rapha. I must say this is every bit as good in terms of look and feel. If not better. Also the fit is more true to size (normally take a XL in normal clothes but find myself sizing up with most cycle brands). So I wore it for my first ride last week with a mate in 30 degree heat. Well stone me! This thing DOES keep you cool and does almost exactly what is says on the tin. It feels amazing. Wears well. Is sized correctly and looks brilliant to boot. This is noy my favourite jersey and will be buying from Isadore again!

  • Almost, but not quite (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Paul Filippone, United States, 10.1.2019

    This is a fun and distinctive jersey. I would give it 5 stars on style alone. Unfortunately, for me, it just misses the mark in terms of its cut and fit. I am 170cm and 60kg and purchased the XS. Putting the jersey on, I noticed how stretchy and forgiving the fabric of the body is. Unfortunately, I would say that it is almost too stretchy, because what should be a race fit becomes a bit too loose. At the same time, the collar does not have the same give as the body (it's thicker and has another material), so when the jersey is zipped all the way up, the neck feels tight. Not strangling or anything, just tight. I wish they could balance these issues out a bit--slightly looser neck, slightly more tailored body and arms. Last, but not least, the zipper seems too long. Again, for a race cut, I would expect a shorter zipper, so that there is no bunching when bent over in a cycling position. All of these "complaints" are minor, but given what great style this jersey has, it's a pity that it's not spot on in the fit department. I should add: The material is great. Light and thin with a touch of wool. Really versatile and different. Please improve the fit, so that I can buy more of your kit!

  • A Cut Above (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Greg Lyons, Singapore, 23.12.2018

    This jersey - and all the Isadore stuff I've tried - is on another level aesthetically from every other brand out there, and has it's own, very clear, identity. I'd be surprised if all your stuff doesn't end up being copied by everyone else. Functionally, the jersey works well in my tropical conditions, and for me (172kg at 182cm) an M size is what I'd call a "comfort" fit.

  • Smooth feeling on the saddle (Climber's Jersey Mulholland)

    Stefan Sommer, Thailand, 26.11.2018

    Feel very comfortable even on long rides, no sticking on the saddle when move.

  • Good shape and comfortable (Climber's Jersey Mulholland)

    Stefan Sommer, Thailand, 26.11.2018

    Love this jersey which is perfect for the hot and humid clima in a tropical country such as Thailand.

  • fantastic jersey (Climber's Jersey Vrsic)

    glenn sullivan, Australia, 4.11.2018

    Wore this jersey for the first time today......was 30 degrees in the warm Spring Aussie sun ( did 100km and 1000m climbing over 4 hours) and jersey was incredible. I had hesitations on colour but absolutely love it. Not your normal in your face fluoro color but very classy yet visible. The pockets sit in exactly the right spot and I felt the jersey wicking the sweat away and somewhat cooling me the further I went and hotter it got. A+ for this one. I have 5 Isadore jerseys and I think this one is the best so far.

  • Brilliant design. (Climber's Jersey Vrsic)

    Jasdev Singh Uppal, United States, 5.9.2018

    Amazing jersey. Brilliantly designed. I bought XL and realised should have bought L. I am 189cm and 88kg. Great job Isadore.

  • Great (Climber's Jersey Angliru)

    Markus, 2.9.2018

    For a summer-climber jersey i would prefer a lower collar. The jersey has superb quality fits, but is a little bit to longer on the back than other jerseys i own (the next time i would take size M instead of L)

  • excellent cooling but fragile (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Günther Burghardt, Germany, 6.8.2018

    I ordered Mulholland (yellow) and Fuji (white), thinking I'd go for yellow. However, the Fuji in real is "barely purple", which is refreshingly outstanding from the crowd. It's breathability is stunning, it never feels sticky. At 185cm/74Kg M is perfect, L is baggy. However, it is very fragile, nothing where you may touch the bushes with (no MTBking, no Cyclo Cross) or to wear a Rucksack with. So wash it always in a washing bag, protected from velcro hand shoes or zippers. The collar sits quite tight, no wind coming in there. The print on the arms are a lovely detail.

  • Great warm weather Jersey - fast wicking - perfect fit (Climber's Jersey Vrsic)

    Markc Ramakers, Netherlands, 29.5.2018

    Really really like this shirt, fits very well, keeps you dry even in hardest climb. Very highly recommended ! I am 1.89m tall 78kg, size L fits me perfect.


    MARK Stanley Evison, United Kingdom, 29.4.2018

    A bit of over-kill with the gumpf internally, but great fit, nice material and quality production. wishing everything was at this price point and I'd buy more though, as I can't afford full-price!

  • Woooohaaaaaa Climb (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    David Anderson, United States, 8.4.2018

    The first of the Climbers serious that I purchased. Fell in love with the colouring when I first saw it. To wear its light, easy moving and cooling. Big fan

  • Fenomenal (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Tomasz Graul, Poland, 21.8.2017

    The quality of jersey is far beyond my expectations. It was more than 30℃ outside when I wore it for the first time and all I felt during that ride was just cool air around my chest. It's not a cheap one but it's definitely worth buying.

  • Very comfortable, versatile jersey (Climber's Jersey Mount Etna 2.0)

    Bori, 21.8.2017

    Living in Berlin and having the coldest summer ever, I was a bit afraid that this jersey might be a bit too light and summery but with the right baselayer it is a very versatile piece; I worn it in 30 as well as in 20 degrees. It's also very comfortable and does not roll up during the ride. It washes well, just be careful not to pull a thread taking it on and off.

  • amazing (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Alessandro Galloni, Italy, 2.7.2017

    Great, simply great and, yes, awesome, really awesome

  • The most comfortable jersey I own (Climber's Jersey Mount Etna 2.0)

    Ginny Paton, United States, 1.6.2017

    I wore this jersey on a 66 mile ride through Sonoma County in No. California. It was very hilly, and got very warm in the hills - no tree cover for about 10 miles. This jersey was about the only one i could have worn that kept me completely comfortable. Very high performance garment and of very high quality. Can you make it in brighter colors? Not a complaint - a request!

  • Perfect fitting and awesome functionality (Climber's Jersey Angliru)

    Ján Závodný, Slovakia, 18.5.2017

    I ride just MTB, and this jersey is awesome. Every detail is precisely processed, and the material is comfortable. It is perfect for sunday riding with my girlfrend and very functional in intensive hilly trainig. It is not just fasion piece! I´m 187 cm and 78 kg and I have size M.

  • Nice (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Mulotti Emmanuel, France, 12.5.2017

    What was not my surprise when I opened the package. It's even more beautiful in truth. High quality jersey and very comfortable to wear. Very well packed I will have the class during the Bernard Hinault race. thanks Isadore.

  • Light, silky and less stinky (Climber's Jersey Angliru)

    Kris Terauds, Switzerland, 6.5.2017

    I sweat a lot during exercise, so detest the polyester fabrics that predominate in cycling apparel. Merino is my preferred fabric, and this jersey's merino-blend fabric is light, comfortable against the skin and, most importantly, stink-free after my first five rides! The lycra sleeves are a comfortable feature too.

  • So comfortable - soft, light, breathable (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - MOUNT HALEAKALA 1.0)

    Igor Jurisica, Canada, 18.11.2016

    Merino is amazing - it shows it is designed and manufactured by pros - once you wear this family of products - you will not want to wear other jersey on hot, sticky days.

  • un maillot parfait (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Badias Jean-François, France, 9.11.2016

    utilisé à la fois en route et en VTT le maillot est particulièrement agréable à porter. il régule bien la chaleur et la transpiration. sinon matériaux très beaux et nobles; bien taillé. je recommande chaudement.

  • Climbers Jersey (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Ian Whitaker, United Kingdom, 8.9.2016

    This is the third jersey I have purchased from you. The quality is very good, the feel is first class as too is the fit, the only thing I can find fault with is the secure pocket and zip which I feel needs to be a little larger as I always struggle trying to get anything out. This is not a complaint just a suggestion. I was informed that as a company you wanted your products to be on a par with Rapha. Just to let you know Rapha seems to be coping your climbers jersey design for there latest range of jerseys.

  • Almost perfect, but for one big flaw (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - MOUNT HALEAKALA 1.0)

    , Ireland, 28.8.2016

    I ordered the orange climber's jersey and two long-sleeved merino wool jerseys (orange and green versions) and the merino membrane soft shell jacket (plus socks and water bottles). I love the look, feel and functionality of every item, except for one serious flaw on the jerseys. The secure zipped pocket on the climber's jersey and the two merino long sleeve jerseys is recessed inside the right back hip pocket, which is where I carry my mobile phone. When I ride, I frequently consult my phone (only when safe to do so, such as while stopped or on clear roads), usually to check I'm on track for rides I've downloaded onto Strava, to change music, etc, but the zip constantly catches on my phone as I am pulling it out or trying to slide it back into the pocket, making this otherwise simple task difficult and frustrating. It has also scratched up my phone screen (despite a protective sheath) and my hand. Most jerseys have the zip pocket located elsewhere, and now I know why. I tried using the left hip pocket, but, as I'm right-handed and my iPhone requires my right thumb-print to unlock, this ends up being awkward when I just want to do a quick glance at the phone. I was planning to order other versions of the jerseys, but, sadly, this one serious design flaw means I probably won't buy more of this otherwise beautiful and perfect cycling wear.

  • Nice jersey (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Ed Alkema, Netherlands, 19.8.2016

    I bought this jersey because of the "Active moisture vapor transfer and temperature control" feature. This is true for most part of the jersey but the collar can get get really wet when you sweat, personally I would have preferred a different material for the inside of the collar. The lycra absorbs the sweat instead of transfer it away. Treat this garment with care, because the merino material can damage quickly. The merino material feels really nice. Fit is perfect. And of course the overall looks are great.

  • Perfect (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Marek, Slovakia, 24.7.2016

    Nice stylish jersey for the longest and hottest rides/climbs. Nice big pockets and one with zipper. I wear it without base layer, no sunburn at all. Not feeling cold during descents in the summer evenings. Highly recommended.

  • Surprise Suprise ! (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Tiago, Spain, 11.7.2016

    When i purchased this product, I had my expectations high , nevertheless i wans't expecting that it was this 'GOOD' ! amazing quality , looks , finishing touches ... keep the good work guys, you have earned a new customer here!!!

  • Good quality a little hot (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - COL DE LA BONETTE 1.0)

    Antonio Delgado, United States, 10.7.2016

    I live in South Florida and even though the jersey is supposed to be light weight I felt that it was still to heavy for hot summer days in Miami. The quality is amazing but I think the entire jersey should be made of the light weight material on the sleeves then it would be a real climbers jersey and 5 stars

  • Climber's jerseys (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - COL DE LA BONETTE 1.0)

    Peter Boden, United Kingdom, 23.6.2016

    I've recently purchased two climber's jerseys for a trip to the Mont Ventoux area for this year's Tour de France,but have already worn one on the only hot day we've had in the South of England this year. As always,a perfect fit,quality materials and very well made.It kept me cool when some of my riding companions were overheating.

  • perfect light summer jersey (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Solomon Rimer, United Kingdom, 24.5.2016

    OK, so I'm no Quintana, Contador or Froome, but with this jersey I can at least look like I can climb! A seriously elegant, comfortable jersey. I love it!

  • Absolutely superb! (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - MOUNT HALEAKALA 1.0)

    Chris Humphreys, United Kingdom, 3.5.2016 for the full review!

  • Best jersey in my wardrobe (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Tobias, Austria, 1.5.2016

    This is by far the best jersey I currently have in my wardrobe. Cut is perfect (XS at 173cm), and the material is simply beautiful and feels very good on the skin. Clearly superior to light summer jerseys from other well-known brands. Combined with a very thin baselayer there were no traces of sunburn (I'm a redhead) although the material is exceptionally light.


    Robert Winkel, Netherlands, 18.8.2015

    This shirt is by far the best shirt i have, both in terms of fabric quality as in comfort. Must be the Merino wool! Thumbs up for Martin and Peter as cycling pro's and as cycling wear manufacturers.

  • Perfect for hot hot hot weather. (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - COL DE LA BONETTE 1.0)

    ben hawksworth, United Kingdom, 6.8.2015

    Finnished a long ride in the alpes in 30-30 degrees. Jersey was comfortable the whole way around.

  • Fuji climbing jersey (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Nick Wang, Taiwan, 16.6.2015

    nice and functional texture make even riding at 40deg Celcius along Taiwan coast, I like the stiches in the jersey which makes me comfy. the cut is similar with Rapha super lightweightjersey; however, the magic wool/polyester got a finetune the heat from elements. This is definitely a perfect clothing in your summer closet.

  • Nice design (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Ivan Ng, Singapore, 12.6.2015

    subtle and nice design. Technically good for warm weather.

  • Great piece for hot weather (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - MOUNT HALEAKALA 1.0)

    Ivan Ng, Singapore, 2.6.2015

    Great design and material used for the hot weather here in Singapore. Got myself another one in mount fuji.

  • Skvelý dres (Climber's Jersey Angliru)

    Richard Ščepko, Slovakia, 18.7.2020

    Dres je prvý kúsok od Isadore, ktorý som mal. Jazdím na MTB (XC), ale neviem si ho vynachváliť. S merino vlnou som mal skúsenosti pred 12 rokmi a je to materiál, ktorý mám už ako podmienku pri športových aktivitách. Potím sa pomerne dosť, takže odvod potu a komfort hrá významnú rolu u mňa. S týmto dresom nemám žiadny problém. Používam ho od začiatku apríla 2020. Sedí mi strihovo a v kombinácii s vestou Isadore, ktorú som si kúpil neskôr už nevnímam ani chlad pri dlhších zjazdoch v lese. Mne táto kombinácia sadla neskutočne, aj keď som trochu mastnejší :-) (184/92 - všetko L)

  • Andreas Kronier (Climber's Jersey Hehuan)

    Andreas Kronier, Germany, 28.7.2019

    Hello Isadore team. Now i have four of these great jerseys and what should i say, they are the best jerseys i ever had. I am wearing them for 3 month, 3 to four times a week, in the spring classics in Belgium, on my training rides around Frankfurt, in the alps etc. I love these jersey in diverent wether conditions from 14 to 39 degrees and the quality is extraordinarily good and i love the desing too.

  • Gerhard (Climber's Jersey Angliru)

    Gerhard Winter, Austria, 31.7.2018

    Nachdem mich das Signature Trikot bereits vollends überzeugte, habe ich mich entschlossen meinen alten Jersy´s lebewohl zu sagen und mir nun auch dieses Climber`s angeschafft. Merino rocks. Ich habe es nun einige male bei wirklich sommerlichen und schweißtreibenden Temperaturen ausgeführt und kann sagen, das es sich wirklich sehr gut anfühlt. Empfehle wegen der g.... Optik auch die Socken dazu zu nehmen.;-) Ich habe mich für Größe L entschieden bei 178 cm und 83 kg.

  • Top qualité. (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Frédéric Blanc, France, 12.4.2018

    Encore une fois, Isadore nous démontre sa maitrise du textile et de la coupe. Très agréable sur la peau, très beau design. Je fais 1m82 et 64kg, Taille M.

  • Markus B. (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    ...traumhaftes Trikot für warme Bedingungen. In Verbindung mit dem Echelon Baselayer unschlagbar. M sitzt perfekt bei 187cm und 74 kg. Tipp: unbedingt Waschanleitung beachten. Am besten in einem kleinen Wäschesack vor Kontakt mit Klettverschlüssen (z.B. von Handschuhe) schützen, weil der fein gewebte Stoff sonst Fäden ziehen kann.

  • Nice jersey (Climber's Jersey Mount Etna 2.0)

    Jarmila Jančigová, Netherlands, 12.9.2017

    This is my first cycling jersey. It fits nicely, however it is a bit long (nice on the back, bit redundant on the belly). The material is really nice, great for long rides. Even though I wash it only in my hands, never in the washing machine, still got some threads going out from the front, which is very sad for me, since it costs around 130 euro.

  • Herr (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Alfred, Austria, 18.7.2017

    Sieht toll aus und der Tragekomfort ist ein Traum.

  • Great feel & lots of compliments (Climber's Jersey Mount Etna 2.0)

    Stephanie, 20.7.2016

    I just love my new trikot. It looks great, feels amazing and I constantly get compliments from other riders. When ordering, I was a bit afraid it would be semi transparent, going by the looks of the profile photo. This is NOT the case however, which I am happy about. The only thing I don't like about it is the fit at the lower part of the trikot – I have an athletic but curvy body shape, which makes the trikot slide up and make a little wave in front of my belly, if I don't pull it down regularly. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend it, especially to people with narrow hips.

  • Großartiges Teil! (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Claus-Dieter, 25.6.2016

    gewohnt ausgezeichnete Qualität, perfekte Passform und Funktion! Bin erneut begeistert!!

  • the perfect jersey! (Climber's Jersey Angliru)

    Ulf Linke, Germany, 4.4.2016

    Looks great, feels great and fits perfectly - can't wait to use it in the alps this summer.

  • Herr (Climber's Jersey Albula)

    Marco Prillwitz, Germany, 25.3.2016

    Klasse Design, super Tragekomfort und samtweich auf der Haut. Kann ich jeden nur empfehlen auch wenn der Preis ziemlich hoch ist.


    Rastislav, Slovakia, 23.10.2015

    poslúžil hlavne v tohtoročnom horúcom lete a v dlhých stúpaniach. Perfektne ušité a ľahké.

  • nice cut & style (Climber's Jersey Mount Fuji)

    Roman Zellweger, Switzerland, 8.7.2015

    as I am used to, the shirt fits just perfectly! It's tight and just feels comfy. I bought the shirt, cause I am bored of team-shirts and all the common white or black or blue or red stuff that is sold out there. assuming the base color of the shirt to be white (or something like that) I was a bit disappointed to find out it was lila. and now I think, it is just great to have an outstanding different kind of shirt. I like the tattoos on the sleeves. so now I can ride with a good feeling my favourite climbs...

  • great fitting jersey, but don't brush up against anything, ever. (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - MOUNT HALEAKALA 1.0)

    Christopher Richards, United States, 13.6.2018

    The good: a nicely made premium jersey, great fit, great stretch, excellent ventilation, nice colors. The "comfiest" sleek jersey I have purchased. Nice zipper, nice rear pockets. The so-so: unlike a full wool jersey, there's no natural odor control - the synthetic properties require washing after every ride. Stinks like a regular jersey. Also, the jaunty metal logo pin on the collar is heavy enough to make it flap oddly against your neck. Looks classy, feels annoying. The bad: A little warning card comes (as a surprise) with the jersey - don't lean against walls, trees, fences or touch anything velcro ever while wearing this jersey, it says. Why? The wool blend material will pill and snag like crazy, and ruin the sleek look of the jersey. I had multiple pulled yarn strands from the front and and back after my short first ride in it, and no idea where they came from. They're unfixable. Much more of this and it will look like a patchy, fuzzy facecloth - shabby! This is not acceptable for an athletic garment, unless you're only interested in Instagram moments, not hard rides. The jersey now lives in a "delicates" bag when its' not on my body. Back to the drawing board. Ironic that such a delicate jersey should be named after such a rugged mountain!

  • Gute Fahreigenschaften, doch schlechte Verarbeitung (CLIMBER'S JERSEY - MOUNT HALEAKALA 1.0)

    Dimitri Spindler, Switzerland, 21.4.2018

    Fühlt sich super an, hält schön kühl, sitzt gut und ist bequem. Die Grösse fällte eher weit aus. Doch leider lösen sich die Nähte bei den Ärmel bereits nach kurzer Zeit. Der Stoff ist sehr sensibel beim Waschen. Sieht nach 3 mal Waschen nicht mehr gleich gut aus. (Wasche es genauso wie all meine anderen Trikots) Fazit: Super Jersey doch leider nicht langanhaltend - zu teuer

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