Climber's Socks

Race-fit socks with colorway options that will perfectly match corresponding Climber’s Jerseys.

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27,00 USD
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Climber's Socks White
Climber's Socks White 27,00 USD

Nicely form-fitting with lightweight comfort

Product description

Socks are a vital part of a cyclist’s wardrobe, keeping your feet in cool, dry comfort as you pedal. Our Climber's socks are beautifully designed and provide effective moisture wicking and breathability. Made with a unique yarn construction, these socks are extremely elastic and provide a snug fit. They feature a durable cuff with just the right amount of compression and also benefit from a tough, wear-resistant footbed and heel.

  • Extremely elastic
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Multiple color options to match Climber’s Jerseys
  • Low-profile, reinforced footbed
  • Designed by Martin Velits using his experience from the pro peloton
  • Made in Slovakia
  • 93% PROLEN®
  • 7% Elastane

Size Guide


A – EU 37,5 – 41 41 – 44 44+


5 / 5
98 reviews

  • j'adore !!!!

    maxence, France, 25.9.2018

    Tres belle qualité de chaussette avec effet surpiqure qui exprime toute la qualité du produit. Douce confortable et classe je ne m'en passe plus
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  • Perfect fit

    Bogdan Vreuls, Netherlands, 28.6.2018

    I’ve bought two pair (complete white / white with black). Worn them during hot weather conditions and the felt great because I didn’t noticed them at all. They are very stylish and also good to wash.
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  • Stylish socks with great performance

    Pierre Geronimo Corvaia, Austria, 1.4.2017

    They wick moisture away from your body and regulate your feet temperature just great. Can recommend these ones! Also beautifully designed colors!
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  • Superb bibs

    Fabrice Dachicourt, Switzerland, 12.8.2021 (Climber's Bib Shorts)

    Probably the best bibs I have had. Very comfortable even after 4hours + in the saddle. Excellent fit. Isadore is clearly above the rest !
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  • Nice shorts, but for me could have been a bit longer

    Renzo, 10.3.2021 (Climber's Bib Shorts)

    Bought these based on raving reviews and good experience with a Signature Jersey. Most people say these are quite long in the leg and it was a slight dissapointment to notice this was not the case for me (S for 1.80 and 62kg), ok no hotpants but shorter than my other bibshorts. Another thing are the multiple overlock seams which especially after the first ride left some marks, this however became better after a few rides. Despite all of the above these are beautifull bib shorts with a very decent chamois and besides the marks have been very comfortable on every ride (long/short) but maybe not the knock-out winner I hoped for but I still enjoy wearing them.
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