Gravel Lookbook SS'21

When Tuscany Calls

A Collection for Heroic rides

Testing our Gravel kit deep in the Tuscan hills

Gravel. Adventure. Epic. Classic. There are a lot of buzz words floating around cycling and especially gravel riding these days. And even if they seem overused, they are also unavoidable since they go to the very heart of what cycling is and always has been: finding freedom and testing yourself.

Our Gravel Collection is growing organically. All additions are the result of times we’ve been riding and thinking, you know, it would be great to have…

Where better to test our kit than the white roads of Tuscany? Though we’re not going at race speed like the pros of Strade Bianche, and our wide-tire gravel bikes are a bit too modern for the retro-vibe of the cyclosportif l’Eroica, our Merino-based Gravel Jersey feels right at home.

And our unique cargo storage solution for our Gravel Bib Shorts make it possible to be prepared for those longer days on the backroads.

Segment 1

Monteroni d'Arbia to Asciano

In the heart of the Crete Senesi, you can find some of the most famous gravel roads in the world. And among them, perhaps the most famous is the Monte Sante Marie section of gravel. 

Though this region is rich in history, for many cyclists it is most important as a defining point in the Strade Bianche race. Naturally, it was where we headed first when we spent a few glorious days in Tuscany testing our Gravel Collection.

Hitting the most famous climbs and descents of Strade Bianche would be a perfect way to test not only our kit, but our skillz!

Attack the climbs

Enjoy the descents

Let yourself feel at home

Segment 2

Lucignano D'Asso

Heading south from Asciano, we get an even greater introduction to the white roads that typify the Crete Senesi region and define races like Strade Bianche and l’Eroica cyclosportif. 

While the pros at Strade Bianche are racing on skinny tires and aero suits in order to go as fast as possible, we focus on taking our time, staying comfortable in Merino jerseys and bib shorts with rear cargo pockets, and ride on wide gravel tires.

We feel our Merino vibe is really at home in these hills which are the backbone of Italian bike racing heritage.

Chew the dust well

Adventure lies in all directions

Find the right gear

Rest. Repeat.

Gravel Jersey Steel Grey
Gravel Jersey Steel Grey
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Women's Gravel Jersey Rio Red
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Women's Gravel Bib Shorts
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