I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black

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I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black
Jirka is 189cm, 76kg and wears size M

I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black

200,00 USD
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I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black
I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black


This refined jersey provides performance and durability

  • Minimalist design
  • Aggressive cut
  • Constructed from Italian fabrics with Sanitized® antibacterial treatment
  • Coldblack® technology
  • Subtle labeling
  • Reinforced rear pockets for safe storage of essentials
  • Made in Slovakia

The jersey has a reworked cut to enhance a rider’s performance.

We use Sanitized® technology to make the jersey bacteria- and odour-resistant. The black jersey is enhanced with Coldblack® treatment, which protects from UV radiation and reduces heat build-up.

Super-durable – regardless of how often you wear and wash it, the jersey won’t lose its shape, colour or performance properties.

Features an extra compartment inside the middle pocket to separate carried items. Equipped with inner loop hole for headphone cables.

I7A3O7E Echelon is our most minimal, technical and unconventional collection. Made for the highest performance and endurance, it remains true to Isadore's commitment to comfort.

Designed by Martin Velits.

UVA- and UVB-protection textile finish from Schoeller Technologies. coldblack® reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from the sun’s rays. Provides comprehensive odor management in textiles. The Sanitized® hygiene function reduces dust mites and odors.
Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - BACK LENGTH 60 – 62 62 – 64 64 – 66 66 – 68 68 – 70 70+
B - CHEST 96 – 100 100 – 104 104 – 108 108 – 112 112 – 116 116+
C - COLLAR 33 – 35 35 – 37 37 – 39 39 – 41 41 – 43 43+

Dimension table (inch)

A - BACK LENGTH 23.6 – 24.4 24.4 – 25.2 25.2 – 26 26 – 26.8 26.8 – 27.6 27.6+
B - CHEST 37.8 – 39.4 39.4 – 41 41 – 42.6 42.6 – 44 44 – 45.6 45.6+
C - COLLAR 13 – 13,75 13,75 – 14,5 14,5 – 15,5 15,5 – 16,25 16,25 – 17 17+

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • Elegant

    Gerard Cantor, United States, 2.9.2018

    Isadore manages to do what few other biking apparel makers can: finding the perfect balance between elegance and tech. On one hand, the shirt uses great materials that stay cool, absorb and evaporate sweat, is aerodynamic, and doesn't get smelly all while looking simple and elegant. Isadore apparel is a rare combination in the biking world, where most people wear shirts that look like dorky billboards, ore are a mismatch of obnoxious colors, or look like it comes from some cheap science fiction movie. Isadore by comparison is understated and classic, which in its way is the more powerful fashion statement. The only watch out is that the shirts are form fitting (in a good way), so make sure you get the right size.

  • Quite good!

    Dmytro, 27.7.2018

    One of the best jerseys from Isadore. It's nicely designed and S size suits well my 66kg + 180cm. A bit disappointed that after 2 months the black color washed out and became dark blue.

  • Great fit

    Philip Klein, France, 29.4.2018

    Wore this today and realised its not black but very dark blue, not a bad thing. Has a great slimline fit, good looking. The biceps are a little tight, I wear with arm screens and a base layer so the somewhat more synthetic feel of this as compared to the many other Isadore top I have got is offset.

  • good jersey

    Lukasz, 24.7.2017

    186cm, 88kg, size L, used for 3 weeks, 12 - 22 degrees I had to return first jersey due to quality issue- some lose threads in collar and lower part. Good support from Isadore - received a replacement. Fit: very tight, aero. Pros: no flapping at high speed, Coldblack seems to work (no additional heating in the sun) minimalistic design, no flashing logos, good zip, zip protector. Made in Europe. Hand written card is very nice detail! Cons: sleeves too tight in biceps (I am bit angry, because I expected that and asked Isadore team before the purchase- they said "for sure no problem at all"- but it is too tight - red marks long after ride), very tight in the collar, does not fit me well in armpits (too much cloth?), no zip valuable pocket. It is very subjective but in my perception but some jerseys are nicer and softer in touch and on the body. Summary: I like to wear it during my rides, only too tight sleeves and no zip pocket disturb me on the bike.

  • Top notch jersey

    Áron Macsicza, Slovakia, 24.7.2017

    Hands down this is the best jersey I own. Excellent quality, super clean and minimalistic design. To achieve a proper very close "race fit" I definitely suggest sizing down from your Isadore size, I am a regular M in Isadore jerseys and I bought an S and the fit is perfect (185cm, 77kg). If you prefer a more casual fit, buy your regular size. Nice long sleeves, there is nothing I would change on it. Highly recommended product!


    Solomon, 14.7.2017

    OK, so I may not ride like a pro, but I can certainly do my best to look like one! this is a super jersey, very snug fit and it simply looks cool. I'm 1m73 and 70Kg and an 'M' is perfect...

  • great jersey

    Bernhard Haid, Austria, 28.6.2017

    As all your products, this jersey is embodying what cycling is about: efficiency, beauty, speed. It is functioning perfectly and feeling fresh after a five hours intense ride, at the same time looking neat, not "crying". The materials used are impeccable, also the zip is high quality. Not to mention that this is a european product adding another big plus of sympathy and ecologic responsibility. Thank you!

  • Another epic product

    Pierre Geronimo Corvaia, Austria, 1.4.2017

    In this case Isadore comes in with a so called "technical" gear. This time with new materials and I have to say they are indeed worth it! I've worn it today (1st rideout) and the sweat dried away like nothing. After that almost no odor left (compared to other jerseys I've worn yet). Also the cut & design is minimalistic and functional at the same time. Looking forward for all my upcoming rides. One thing to note, i usually wear "L" on isadore jerseys, this one fit me better in "M" (175cm, 82 KG). Also the sleeves are quite tight so not that much room for bigger biceps ????, but that's not a minus there, as the fit in general comes pretty close to your body (similar to aero). Great product Isadore!!

  • My Favourate Jersey (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Alexander, 11.2.2021

    Tittle says it all. It's my go to jersey. Great by itself and works in most conditions when paired with base layers and packable jackets. The quality is unrivaled and it's worth every penny.

  • Love at first sight! (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Fired Brick Women)

    Jana Makroczyová, Germany, 27.10.2020

    Great comfortable fit, inconspicuous details and beautiful color(s). On top of it, made from pleasant and high quality materials. I wish all clothers were made with so much attention to proper fit and details. I'm 166 cm, 60 kg and S fits me well.

  • Love the material (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Eduard, Austria, 10.10.2020

    I've seen this jersey on a ride organized by Isadore and I really loved the color and the simple look of it. After a year I decided to buy it and I really love it. The material feels really great on body and even during hot days it felt much better than other jerseys I have. I'm 187cm and 92kg and went for XL which fits nicely, but after time I think I could even go for L to have more "performance" fit.

  • Great Jersey, shame about short sleeves (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Philip Hodey, United Kingdom, 3.7.2020

    Love the style of the Echelon jersey and the quality of the material is as good as anything else I've seen. I was really surprised at how short the sleeves are. They are so short that I have to tuck some of my base layer sleeves up a bit so they don't show. It it wasn't for the sleeves this would be a straight five stars,

  • Directly become my favorite after purchase (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak Women)

    Shuo Li, United States, 8.8.2019

    I have a chest of 30ish short sleeve jerseys from many major premium brands you have heard of. But after I bought this one earlier this spring, it directly become my favorite go-to jersey for every ride. I think I like it because 1) the material feel soft and not too thin (unlike those very stretchy thin fabric feel) 2) it feels with a little thickness but never too hot (I wear it in 90F weather and didn't complain) 3) I like the slightly longer-ish sleeves and meshed material on shoulders 4) I like the simple design and the cut 5) I do like the fact it's label free 6) like the color. I almost want to collect every color of this Echelon series but because I've already got 30 jerseys... I might need to wait. I usually wear XS jerseys. Same size applied here. Perfect fit. I never bother giving comments/reviews but I'll leave one here because it's my favorite for a while now.

  • Really comfortable jersey (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Sagebrush Green)

    Andrew Wan, Singapore, 12.3.2019

    Up till now I’ve been riding the Climbers Jersey range given the hot humid climate I live in. I decided to try out this more technical jersey and it has been a joy to wear. It’s comfortable and smart looking, particularly in the sagebrush colour. Liked it so much I’ve ordered one in the orange. I’m 168cms, 60kgs and an XS is a great fit.

  • Best jersey. (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Jasdev Singh Uppal, 29.7.2018

    This is a superb jersey. Crown jewel of Isadore. A must for every cyclists.

  • Just great. (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Sagebrush Green)

    marco dekker, Netherlands, 12.7.2018

    Great cut, great colour, great look. Love riding in this shirt.

  • Nice shirt in every way (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Joeri Paesschierssens, Belgium, 3.7.2018

    I'm 191cm, bought a L. Fits perfectly! The sleeves were a bit tight at first, but after one ride and wash they loosend up. Texture is of high quality, feels nice to wear and very aerodynamic. Would buy the same shirt without a doubt.

  • Excellent jersey, highly recommended! (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Áron Macsicza, Slovakia, 15.6.2018

    I already owned this jersey in black but I wanted to have two for rotation and one for higher visibility. There is really absolutely nothing objectionable about this jersey, the material is of very high quality, is breathes very well even during really hot summer rides and if you look at the details you see immediately that it has been designed by professional cyclists, by people who are in the know. For example the stitching of the pockets is secured with small "iron-on" circles form more durability. I've never seen this on any other jersey. This is a very important and mostly an overlooked detail. Also the little protective hoods at both ends of the zipper are an absolutely crucial detail missing from many "high-end" jerseys which seems ridiculous to me. The length of the sleeves is also spot on. The fit is excellent, very close "race fitting", be careful with the sizing though, I personally opted (and would recommend) for a size down from my regular Isadore size. In a nutshell: if you don't own this jersey yet and are thinking about getting one, do not hesitate, figure out your correct size and go for it, you will most certainly not regret the purchase! 5*

  • SIMPLY PERFECT (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    dani, United States, 30.1.2018

    Excellent design, nice package, very comfortable... it's not cheap but it's worth. Golden Oak color is amazing. 175 cm 61 kg 94 cm chest and XS size fits perfect.

  • Technologically advanced kit (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    jonny ayres, Australia, 22.12.2017

    Beautifully and cleverly constructed garments using futuristic materials, the Echelon series is perfectly suited to long all-day rides or multi-day events and will perform as long as you do.

  • Light and comfortable (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Stefano, Germany, 21.12.2017

    The best companion for my summer climbs in Col de la Madone. Extremely breathable and aerodynamic. Also the pockets are spacious and reachable easily. And I love this yellow!

  • looks good, perfect fit. (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Martin Werren, Switzerland, 21.8.2017

    I really love the color of the jersey. The fit is perfect. I wear size M (I am 5,8).

  • Thumbs Up! (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    alex lopez, United States, 21.8.2017

  • I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden oak Women (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak Women)

    Isabelle Skontorp, Spain, 17.7.2017

    Hi! I had my first Isadoa Jersey this summer and I don´t regret that i bought it. This minimalistic jersey design is so nice to wear and it cools down. It is very light and soft to use in hot weather condition. Size is perfect and it sits spot on. I hope you will come up with some more colours in the future.


    Vladimir Houdek, Czech Republic, 11.5.2018

    As write Lukasz, "too tight sleeves and no zip pocket disturb me on the bike".

  • Meh (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Sagebrush Green Women)

    Natália, 25.4.2019

    To dvojité vrecko sa mi nepozdáva, po pár razoch sa mi aj začalo parat, chyba mi aj vrecko na zips, inak super dres, pohodlný, dobre sedí aj jazdí ????

    Isadore Team


    Dobrý deň Natália, prosím kontaktujte nas v prípade, že sa dres začal párať. Spravíme všetko preto, aby ste boli s dresom opäť 100% spokojná.

  • Excellent Jersey (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Golden Oak)

    Rado, Slovakia, 3.9.2018

    GREAT + perfect aero cut + perfect sizing + sleeves with appropriate length + decent color + pockets absorb many carried things due to elastic textile + matching socks available NOT SO GREAT - things carried in back pockets (vest, light jacket, mobile phone cover) not isolated from body sweat - putting back mobile phone with cover while riding takes some practice since elastic textile of back panel gets in a way of sweaty rubber phone cover - missing money pocket that is isolated from body sweat - one circle cover of sew at a back panel gets off easily, right before the first use Overall: It is a great jersey with a unique design. I like to use when it is hot a a ride is shorter. I use mesh vest inside. For a longer hot ride I prefer Signature jersey, or Climbers jersey, since both create better microclimate on the skin. I own 4 jerseys of Isadore and several other pieces. The brand dominates in my cycling apparel collection. I'm 187cm high, 78kg, with wider chest and size L fits me well.

  • by far my favourite trikot! (I7A3O7E Echelon Jersey Black Women)

    Nina, Austria, 6.10.2017

    This is my favourite cycling trikot, it fits super-great (got it in in my standard size small). It is quite pricey but worth it as the material stays dry and breathable, feels like a second skin and of course it's made in Europe. I love the slightly longer sleeves compared to other cycling shirts and they are a little longer in the back too. Additionally it just looks amazing, especially with the matching bib shorts. Highly recommended. Further the customer service of Isadore is really great too!

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