I7A3O7E Echelon women Bib Shorts

195,00 USD
I7A3O7E Echelon women Bib Shorts

I7A3O7E Echelon women Bib Shorts

195,00 USD
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I7A3O7E Echelon women Bib Shorts
I7A3O7E Echelon women Bib Shorts


Minimalism and performance at the heart

  • Minimalist four-panel construction
  • Constructed from high-quality Schoeller® fabrics with Coldblack® and 3XDRY® treatment
  • Elastic Interface chamois with carbon fiber
  • Wide elastic cuff including reflective element
  • Women-specific anatomic fit
  • Completely label-free for zero chafing
  • Made in the Czech Republic

Lightweight, breathable and perfectly refined.

The Echelon bibs are treated with two technologies: Coldblack® and 3XDRY®, making them an excellent option for performance-focused riding. Coldblack® technology protects from UV radiation and disperses heat on hot days. The bibs are also faster in absorbing and transferring sweat than other textiles thanks to 3XDRY® treatment.

I7A3O7E Echelon is our most minimal, technical and unconventional collection. Made for the highest performance and endurance, it remains true to Isadore's commitment to comfort.

Designed by Martin Velits.

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

HIPS < 80 80 – 85 85 – 90 90 – 95 95 – 100 100 – 105

Dimension table (inch)

HIPS < 31,5 31,5 – 33,5 33,5 – 35,5 35,5 – 37,5 37,5 – 39,5 39,5 – 41,5

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • I7A3O7E Echelon women Bib shorts

    Isabelle Skontorp, Spain, 17.7.2017

    My first Isadora bib short this summer. I must say it is one of my best ever bib short, good pad, nice cut and it sits spot on. Cools down in the heat, light and soft to wear in the summer heat here in Spain. Size is perfect.

  • Excellent Shorts

    , , 2.5.2017

    Brilliant pair of shorts, very comfortable, flattering, great material, a great buy :)

  • My first Isadore Bib Shorts - Impressed! (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Tony Tan, Singapore, 30.8.2019

    Bought and tried my first @isadoreapparel bib shorts, the I7A3O7E Echelon Bib shorts yesterday. This Isadore Echelon is constructed with high quality fabric coated with Coldblack and 3XDRY treatment. The outer surface repels moisture, the inner absorbs sweat fast. Its amazing. Feels great just touching the fabric. Overall, it fits very well, with very good built quality and minimalist design for those looking for a high performance endurance bib shorts at a very decent price. The leg grips fit superbly and feel just nice, and it comes with the reflective strip. It is almost as good or better than my current Assos Cento bib shorts, which was more expensive by the way. I am Impressed! My height 180cm and weight 72 kg. Size S fits perfectly for me.

  • comfi! (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    jean-jacques viau, Germany, 17.11.2018

    Also the front material is surprising (structured feel, not absolutely smooth / air tight); these bibs are actually fitting very comfortably. You don't feel them anywhere; The chamois is also nice and tight; 0 complaints!

  • Suoper nice shorts (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Joeri Paesschierssens, Belgium, 3.7.2018

    I'm 191cm and bought a L, fits perfectly! Would buy this shorts again. They feal great, actually you don't feel enything and that's the point. Even after riding for 5 and more hours - even climbing the Stelvio - they are comfortable.

  • The search is over. (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Niels Kristoffersen, Denmark, 12.3.2018

    I've been cycling since the late 80's and through the years tried countless of different bicycle shorts, in my quest for "the perfect pair" ... But the search is over now. The best BIB shorts I've tried are the Isadore Echelon BIB shorts. They fit so perfect that you feel "naked" while giving you all the support and comfort you need. Cool when it's warm and lovely neutral in colour and design. A true classic is born.

  • Great for longer rides! (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Andrew Wan, Singapore, 25.12.2017

    I bought a pair of these in size S and used them on a multi day ride in a Taiwan, one day including 80kms with over 3000m in climbing. These bibs were perfectly comfortable. Loved them so much a bought a second pair but sized down to XS for a tighter fit (the material is not as compressive as say the Climbers shirts). I’m 168cm and 63kgs. Great service from the Isadore team!

  • Best Bib I have (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Stefano, Germany, 21.12.2017

    In my cycling wardrobe, you can find: Assos, Rapha, Castelli, Santini. But nothing beats my Isadore Echelon. The best Bib I've ever tried. No problems, even after a 190km ride, i felt really comfortable with them on my saddle. Great product.

  • My favorite one (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Daniel Nimpfer, Austria, 28.8.2017

    One of the best bib shorts I own - perfectly cut - wonderful to wear - just love it

  • very comfortable (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Martin Werren, Switzerland, 21.8.2017

    I really like my Echelon bibs. The only thing I could complain is that they are a bit too long (2 to 3 cm). I am 5,8 and wear size M.

  • By far most comfortable bib short I've used so far! (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Lucas, Austria, 4.6.2018

    Chamois is super comfortable even on longer rides (150k), Material is breathable and not heating up like other black bib shorts. Size small fits me very well (174cm, 65kg). I can definitely recommend the echelon bib short and will get another one for myself!

  • Markus B. (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Markus Bee, Germany, 26.10.2017

    Fantastisches Produkt! Insbesondere für warme Sommertage. Die perfekteste Bip, die ich je hatte. Sie ist jeden Euro wert. Größe L ist für mich perfekt - Ich messe 187cm bei 74-75kg.

  • Awesome bibs, very probably one of the best ones on the market (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Áron Macsicza, Slovakia, 22.8.2017

    So far I did only one 105km ride in these bibs and I felt absolutely no pain or uncomfortable pressure. For me this is quite unusual because above 70-80km for some reason the skin under my right sitting bone pretty often gets irritated. The design is extremely minimalistic, absolutely no signs or anything unnecessary. As the quote says on the box from Dieter Rams, "Good design is as little design as possible". On both leg grips there is a reflective line which adds extra visibility -> safety (even if small, it counts). Both the chamois and the fabric are of very high quality. Sizing is an extremely subjective topic so bare this in mind. I personally bought a size S and the fit is perfect for me. I am 185cm tall and around 77kg, leaner build. I personally like wearing my cycling clothes as tight as possible without any uncomfortable pressure though. I wanted to get the tightest fit possible without feeling uncomfortable in the bibs. Same for the Echelon jersey. If you are uncertain about your size, I recommend contacting the Isadore staff, they are very helpful.

  • I´m impressed (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Fernando, 22.7.2017

    Purchased these bib shorts and I have to say they work really well. Just came back from my third longer ride and I love them. They have a good fit, are comfortable and the chamois works really well. I am 75 kg, 180 cm and ordered the sizing M - perfect! Yes the Echolon Bib shorts have a mininimalist design but thats part of the Echolon philosophy. So I knew what I ordered. Keep it up Isadore!!

  • Not as good as the climber bibs (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    lars siemen, Denmark, 7.9.2018

    The chamoix pad is simply not good enough - to much structure and why not stick to the climber chamoix? One of my frinds bought a pair and he last only 20 minuttes in these. I can ride with them but they are not my favorits.

  • Not Impressed (I7A3O7E Echelon Bib Shorts)

    Ken Jurish, United States, 29.6.2017

    Let me begin by saying that I love Isadore and everything for which the brand, and its founders, stand. My previous purchases had all been simply outstanding and I wanted to give their top-of-the-line (supposedly) shorts, a try. Unlike their other shorts, these have only straps in the back for a minimalist design and feel. They've allegedly upgraded the chamois and the fabric from both their climber's bibs and their standard shorts. Whilst their standard shorts have a just-not-there sort of feel (or lack thereof) to them because they're so smooth and the fit is nigh unto perfect, and their climber's shorts are so lightweight and thin they are most definitely cooler than other similar shorts, these, well, these are just ugh. Fit is bad as they bunch around the outside of my hips. I'm constantly pulling them up to adjust the chamois, and the chamois is simply not comfortable. It just doesn't fit right and the padding seems like it's less than their other models. In short, I'm extremely disappointed. If I'd known, I'd just have ordered another pair of their standard shorts. Oh, and FYI, I'm 5'7" and 135 pounds.

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