Isadore Insulated Bidon

23,00 USD Low Stock
Isadore Insulated Bidon

Isadore Insulated Bidon

23,00 USD Low Stock
Isadore Insulated Bidon
Isadore Insulated Bidon


Keeps the water fresh and clean at all times

  • Specially insulated with Chromatek™ liner
  • Flexibly squeezable even in cold temps
  • Leak proof bottle
  • Purist technology prevents bad taste, mould, and staining
  • BPA-free
  • Volume of the bottle: 23 Oz / 680 ml

Isadore Bidons are a welcome oasis for long rides. The Insulated Signature Bottle is made from using Purist technology and features the Chromatek™ liner to insulate your liquids. Whether in the heat of summer or cold of winter, your drinks will remain insulated from the severity of the weather.

The Insulated Signature bidon features our logo and brand manifesto: “Road is the way of life”.

No bad taste, mold or stains
The defining feature of the bidons is the Purist technology: it keeps the water (or any other liquid) fresh and without any external and unwanted taste. The technology also protects the bottle from mould and staining. With the added insulating liner, you can count on your liquids staying a palatable temp through all weathers.

Keep it cool for hot rides or warm for cold rides
The bottles stand extremely cold temperatures – they can be frozen or filled with ice.

The healthy choice
Isadore Bidons don’t contain BPA and are made of food-safe FDA approved materials.

How to maintain
The interior of an Insulated Purist bottle should never be scrubbed with an abrasive material or brush. The best cleaning is simply to rinse it out after each use, and when needed rinse with warm water and a mild detergent.

  • Insulates Well

    William Campbell, Canada, 28.6.2018

    Water bottles work great. Insulate better than Camelback and definitely look better. Pop up mouthpiece is comfortable and is, for me at least, preferable to the twist open bottles I've used in past. I'm sure the soft nipple will be less durable as a result but to be honest you should probably be replacing your water bottle at that time anyways.

  • Design

    Olivier, Switzerland, 14.9.2018

    Le design de cette gourde est sympa. Je trouve cependant que sa capacité à garder frais un liquide est un peu limité.

  • Herr

    Jörg Richner, Switzerland, 17.3.2018

    Actually, when I bought two of the bidons I thought these are for hot liquids in cold weather. When I received the bidons, I read the label. It said «no hot liquids». What a pity!

  • bidon doesn’t insulate as expected

    Max Odráška, Czech Republic, 20.1.2019

    bought it for cold rides to keep my water from getting ice cold, which the bidon unfortunately can’t do. my experience is that the water freezes after couple hours in temperatures around -5*C. it’s little better than with a classic bidon but much worse than expected.