Isadore K.E.G.

15,00 USD
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Isadore K.E.G.


Isadore K.E.G.

15,00 USD


Isadore K.E.G.
Isadore K.E.G.


All vital gear in one compact place

  • Perfectly fits in any bottle cage
  • Stash cap to store small items
  • Volume 16 oz (473 ml)

K.E.G. is a container that can hold everything you’ll need for the on-the-road repairs: extra tubes, patch kits, micro tool, etc. It is a more compact solution than the loaded back pockets of your jersey or a bulky saddle bag.

Thought out to the last detail, it also has a small hidden space under the cap — a good place for cash or tiny items.

  • K.E.G or saddle bag ?

    Vaughan Watson, United Kingdom, 23.12.2017

    Just personal taste but i prefer the using the K.E.G to saddle bag purely down to looks ! bike vanity gets us all ! enough room for 1 spare tube, multi tool, patches, chain link/pins and a five pound note under the lid. simple but does the job.

  • excellent

    maxence, France, 25.12.2017

    Tres bon produit !! se fixe parfaitement au porte bidon et ne bouge pas. La contenance est suffisante pour les demontes pneu, cartouche de co2 chambre a air et malgres ca il reste un peu de place. Le style est parfait et classe, la petite cachette pour y loger de l'argent est astucieuse et utile. Excellent

  • Keeps silhouette of your bike clean but poorly made

    Jakub, 27.2.2018

    Rebranded Specialized product. There is nothing inside the keg that could prevent rattling, so you can learn to live with it or wrap your stuff in (e.g.) sock. "Hidden space" is IMHO useless. I love kegs way more than saddle bags but they could be done much better.

  • It's just a simple container

    Chris Ryan, Canada, 26.7.2017

    The "small hidden space under the cap" isn't really big enough for anything useful that I can think of; I thought the description had said that it could fit a key; either I was mistaken or the text has been changed. The unit will be useful, but is just a simple container. It would be great if there were compartments, or perhaps straps or fabric separators. You'll have to pack everything between cloths or something to prevent rattling. It's a good idea, but could be improved.