Long Sleeve Jersey Anthracite

190,00 USD
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Long Sleeve Jersey Anthracite

Long Sleeve Jersey Anthracite

190,00 USD
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Long Sleeve Jersey Anthracite
Long Sleeve Jersey Anthracite


Versatile three season cycling jersey

  • Versatile three season product
  • Merino bi-component material
  • Warm yet very breathable

Long Sleeve Jersey is a classic. Essential piece of cycling apparel with three big storage pockets for your convenience made of the finest Bi-Component Merino. No matter if you are heading for a high tempo training, autumn riding or a freezing cold day in winter, it is designed to make you feel comfortable.

  • Merino bi-component material
  • 53 % Polyester, 44 % Merino Wool 3 % Lycra
  • Great as a mid-layer when riding in winter
  • Silicone tape around the rear hem to keep the jersey in place
  • Isadore reflective logo on the back pocket


Technical classic
Blends classic cycling jersey design with modern technical style, and it will make you want to go that extra mile home.

Fine details
Additional zipped pocket to keep contents dry and secure. Additional eyelets inside the jersey to lead headphone cables comfortably

Smart design
Side panels construction. Buttonhole to run headphone cables inside the jersey. Wind resistant collar.

Designed and developed by Martin Velits and his team.
Made in Slovakia

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - BACK LENGTH < 64 64 – 67 67 – 70 69 – 72 71 – 74 73 – 76 76 – 79 79+
B - CHEST < 82 82 – 84 84 – 88 88 – 94 94 – 100 100 – 106 106 – 114 114+
C - COLLAR < 33 33 – 35 35 – 37 37 – 39 39 – 41 41 – 43 43 – 46 46+

Dimension table (inch)

A - BACK LENGTH < 25 25 – 26,5 26,5 – 28 27 – 28 28 – 30 29 – 30 30 – 31 31+
B - CHEST < 31,25 31,25 – 33 33 – 34,75 34,75 – 37 37 – 39,5 39,5 – 41,75 41,75 – 45 45+
C - COLLAR < 13 13 – 13,75 13,75 – 14,5 14,5 – 15,5 15,5 – 16,25 16,25 – 17 17 – 18 18+

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • Perfect for summer night rides and harsh autumn stuff

    ewoud beirlant, Belgium, 8.10.2019

    I own two of these jerseys since two years now. And I can't really say anything bad of it. For instance, last week during my commute (30km) I wore it at a temperature of 11C in rain. Underneath I wore only a short sleeve merino base layer and a set of arm warmers, no rain jacket. I was wet, but I was far from cold. Next to its flawless performance, I am a big fan of the sober design.

  • Everybody should own at least one of these!

    Áron Macsicza, Slovakia, 1.11.2017

    Since I bought the jersey I have worn it three times and it proved to be a perfect essential piece which really needs to be in your cycling wardrobe. Today I wore it on a 80km spin in 10C degrees with a bit of a chilly autumn wind and the jersey and a short sleeved Isadore merino base layer were perfectly sufficient, I was not cold even for a second.

  • Great Jersey

    Martin Fletcher, United Kingdom, 22.8.2017

    I know have 2 of these , the other is in blue. I am 175 cm and about 90 kgs and the XL fits me perfectly. It performs well even donw to 0c degrees , with just a base layer underneath. I would certainly recommend it !!!

  • Nazgûl

    Martin, Ireland, 31.10.2016

    I've worn this long sleeve pretty much every day since it arrived and it has been perfect for commuting to work. While black might not be the safest colour, it has a reflective strip on the back and it's fun to wear black from head to toe. I'm 80kgs and 184cms and Large fit perfectly. My favourite piece of kit.

  • Again 5 stars (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Johnny, Denmark, 27.2.2021

    I haven´t had a serious long sleve jersey for many years, as i prefer long sleve baselayers under short sleve jerseys. And with my three amazing short sleve jerseys from Isadore, i actually have, what i need. BUT, after reading all this positive reviews about this jersey (as about so many other products from Isadore) i felt, that this jersey "must be usable", specially in the Danish weather. And, did things work out as expected - yes yes, the reviews didn´t lie. From october to middle of december (10 - 4 degrees) i used the jersey with just a baselayer under (various thickness according to the weather) and just a few time added a gilet, when the wind was to strong/cold. And that´s infact the special part about this jersey, because even with some wind, it´s warm enough. Yes, some wind gets through, but the jersey is thick enough, so the little air, that gets through, just feels like a temperature regulator. As i stated in another review, I´m the week boy in the company, so i have to work hard to follow up, and therefore, maybe i sweat more than many other riders. In this way, this jersey i not less than perfect for me, thick enough to stay warm, and fantastic breathable to get rid of moisture/heat/sweat. It´s much easyer for me now, to stay warm for long rides in this temperature. I haven´t used it under a jacket, it´s simply to warm for that. However, i can imagine, how perfect this jersey will be, when we start the hilly repetitions in one or two weeks, when the temperature gets around 5-6 degrees. With a gilet in the pocket, it can´t go wrong. This is, by the way, my 6 review, including 2 bibs and 4 jerseys, and this time i was really critical, first because, when i bought the jersey, i really didn´t need it, and second, because no one can make everything, they do, just perfect, not even Isadore. BUT until now, i haven´t found anything, that can dedect one or even two stars. I don´t think, i have to note, that i strongly recommend this long sleve jersey, that, as all the other items, fits perfecly in small (174-67 kg) and can been seen from far away, in Burnt Orange.

  • Perfect (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Phil Morgan, United Kingdom, 29.11.2020

    I already own a Thermerino jersey that I bought for last winter, but found it too warm (no complaint!) so I thought I'd try one of these instead. It's absolutely fantastic. I'm 175cm, 99cm chest and it's a perfect fit and length. I've ridden in it today with an Isadore short sleeve Merino base layer and a Medio Membrane Gilet, the temp was 5 deg c and it was spot on. Anything cooler and I'd use the Thermerino. Really useful chest pocket for a cash card. Already washed 5 times at 30 deg and no sign of use at all. Can't recommend highly enough. Another superb piece if kit from Isadore.

  • Isadore delivered on their reputation. It really is as good as they say it is. (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Oil Women)

    Lisa, 16.10.2020

    1) Finest. Apparel. Unboxing. Experience. EVER. Maybe you value that, maybe you don't, but I haven't been that pleasantly surprised by "attention to detail" in the product packaging since I was in Japan (where they carefully wrapped my tourist-trash chopsticks in three layers of exquisite paper and placed it in a bag worth more than the chopsticks. I couldn't bear to unwrap them after I returned home, so I gifted them to my sister.) There was even a handwritten note card in the box. I'd buy another jersey just to go through that experience again, it was that delightful. 2) The jersey quality: highest I've seen. I'm a merino junkie, I'm accumulating a sizeable collection, trying out all the cycling brands and wool blends. The Isadore jersey is top of the heap by far. The fabric is substantial, it's not the thin merino base layer stuff you might expect if you're used to some merino cycling apparel, esp. anything for summer or warmer weather. It has heft but still has a fine hand. Flat seam construction, the seams are all in the right places, the non-silicone band on the back isn't a messy blobby bumpy strip of crap that looks like someone hit it with a hot glue gun. It's long enough, the neck is high enough (classy), the branding is subtle and minimal (classy), the cut isn't "cheap", it's thoughtful and lady shaped. (Sometimes women's jerseys are cut as if the designers took a men's jersey, randomly pulled in the waist by 6 inches and called it a day...) The cut is a little generous/conservative...curvy, but not race tight or aero. I'm fine with this, because I planned to/do wear a lighter base layer underneath. Their sizing put me in a medium, but I bought a large to allow for some extra room. I'll buy a medium next time so I have a second, more form-fitting version to wear when I don't want to layer as much. 3) Color and branding. I bought this in olive oil, which is a mellow mustard yellow, it's not screaming bright, and it's kind of the most awesome jersey color in my collection. It looks spectacular with navy bibs, my charcoal knickers, and yes...anything black. I appreciate the minimal branding, I appreciate the sophisticated colorway, there are no cheap heat-transfer logos on the jersey that will eventually just crack or peel off. They really didn't miss a thing with this jersey. My only "con" is the usual...the eye-popping price. I waited a long time to pull the trigger on the purchase. Now that I have the jersey in hand, I totally get it: it's well made, it's merino, it's temp and weather-flexible enough that it's going to replace three other jerseys I own. So...it's worth it. You'll get what you pay for, here. Couldn't be more delighted, saving my pennies to buy another one.

  • Just perfect (Long Sleeve Jersey Sycamore)

    Tomi Dornik, Slovenia, 10.10.2020

    This one is such a great piece. I can really use it on sunny days, as on cold cloudy days. The style is perfect, I feel like I am wearing some high quality merino jacket. Its not race fit, but its fit enough! I am 182 cm and 76kg (order m).

  • No downside! (Long Sleeve Jersey Midnight Navy Women)

    Mikaela Backman, Sweden, 20.9.2020

    Love every Isadore product, this was no exception. Perfect warmth, breathes, great details, looks nice and good fabric. And as somebody wrote, the colour is more of a deep teal, but beautiful!

  • Perfect balance (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Nathan Thomas, United Kingdom, 19.5.2020

    This jersey is warmer than a standard jersey + arm warmers, but not as warm as a jacket or a Thermerino jersey, making it perfect for those inbetweenish, cool but not very cold days. 'Potent purple' is, well, potent, but still classy. Love it!

  • Very Nice! (Long Sleeve Jersey Midnight Navy Women)

    Kathleen Holoch, United States, 11.1.2020

    The color is beautiful. I wouldn't classify the color as navy, more of a very deep teal, and very nice. I wore this on a ride that was 53F and it was perfect. The cut is on the more fitted side, but very flattering. Like the raglan sleeves, which look nicer than regular sleeves. Like the sticky hem to keep it down. Not sure I will use the inside chest pocket, but appreciate having it in case I need extra storage. Fabric is warm enough but breathes very well. As a person that grew up sewing and having a designer in my family, I appreciate the Isadore clothing style and details. These guys know design and fashion.

  • Perfect jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Miguel van den Wildenberg, Germany, 18.10.2019

    Nice quality, love the colour and materials. Very soft. Size M is just perfect for me: 1.86m/72kg.

  • Perfect Spring Jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Joe Maki, United States, 11.5.2019

    I'm 5'11, 170 lbs and the large fits perfectly, not race tight, but no loose fabric and room for base layers. I find the fabric warmer and the construction equivalent, if not better, than Rapha's Classic LS jersey. Isadore's also fits me better around the neck, the Rapha is loose. I've bought 2 of these and have no regrets. The only improvement I would like to see is the center pocket a little larger. I have trouble stuffing a jacket into it :)

  • Love this jersey! (Long Sleeve Jersey Midnight Navy Women)

    Jennifer Buxton, United States, 21.4.2019

    Another wonderful purchase from Isadore. Perfect weight for a wide range of temperatures. Breathable! I love the fact it fits close to my body yet never restricts. I’m 5’10” and weigh 140lbs. I bought this in a medium (for a very close fit) to wear under a jacket for very cold days (35 to 45 degree weather). Sleeve and torso length is perfect. Beautiful color!

  • Amazing (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Julia, 4.4.2019

    I bought this jersey as a birthday gift for a male person. He had shopped with Isadore before and he was amazed everytime. He warmly recommends it to anyone and is very happy everytime he puts it on for a ride. May I add that the customer service is absolutely incredible! The jersey was too large in the beginning, so I asked for an exchange to a smaller size. The contact with the Isadore representatives was very friendly and uncomplicated. The exchange was organized right away. A DHL courrier picked up the jersey at our door after he had agreed on a date and time with us. The new size jersey was there within 1-2 days. Best customer service I have ever experienced.

  • Great colour and fit! (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Marc Heirbaut, Belgium, 27.2.2019

    Perfect with a long or short sleeve baselayer and a windproof jacket (the Echelon jacket is superb) between 5° and max. 15° C. A very versatile piece of garment. An XL is perfect for my 192 cm and 94 kg.

  • Excellent jersey - lovely colour - great quality (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Peter Mills, United Kingdom, 15.1.2019

    I've been wearing this jersey with a short-sleeve base layer in temperatures around 5 degrees and it's brilliant. The fabric is high quality and it's super comfortable to wear. It keeps you warm but not sweaty, and it looks great. I'm 6ft 1 and weigh 75kg and wear a Medium for a close fit with a base layer underneath. It's got good arm length too which suits me as I'm kind of gangly. (I ordered a large too, but for my weight and size it was too loose from lower chest down. Bravo, Isadore, it's one of the best pieces of kit I've ever purchased.

  • New favorite (Long Sleeve Jersey Midnight Navy Women)

    Franziska, Germany, 21.10.2018

    This jersey is awesome. I really like the simple style, the benefits of the merino fabric and the great fit. No matter if on or off the bike, it's really comfortable. My new long sleeve favorite!

  • Precioso y cálido jersey (Korea Adventure Long Sleeve Jersey (limited edition))

    Guillermo del Pozo, Spain, 28.7.2018

    Muy bonito y con numerosos detalles de calidad. Suave y cálido. El único problema que tuve fue el tallaje. Talla un poco grande de manera que para mis (1,69 m y 60 kg) me quedaba grande la talla XS. Una pena porque es muy bonito. Muy recomendable.

  • Awesome stylish piece of kit (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Matthijs Veldkamp, Netherlands, 16.5.2018

    Fabric has a great soft feel due to the merino mixture. Although I wear size XS (172 cm 65 kg) the jersey is not an aero fit. When riding there is a slight bulk of fabric around the stomach area, but really, it doesn't bother me. I did not buy it to be aero. Nice features like a headphone cable liner which ands up in zipped back pocket and an inside bankcard stash pocket. I also like the deeper pockets on the back. Jersey is definitely made with a lot of care, worth the money. Ideal for early spring and autumn combined with a base layer. What can I say more? High quality! Favorite jersey by far.

  • Fits true to size (Korea Adventure Long Sleeve Jersey (limited edition))

    Mathew Hoang, United States, 15.5.2018

    I forgot to add to my review below that I purchased a Medium.

  • Great jersey up to 70F day (Korea Adventure Long Sleeve Jersey (limited edition))

    Mathew Hoang, United States, 15.5.2018

    The jersey fits true to size. I'm 165lbs and 5'10. I like my jerseys to have a race-fit and I was a little apprehensive first. It had weird bulges due to being kept folded in the box. But after one ride and wash, it fit like a glove. The jersey stays breathable up to about 70F. It will keep you warm on those early morning rides and while staying cool into the afternoon.

  • #MerinoWool4life (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Christian Bruhn-Petersen, Denmark, 12.4.2018

    The long sleeve jersey it's perfect for the danish spring and early summer, combined with a long sleeve merino wool baselayer! I really love the attribute of wool, because it's keep your body temp in perfect balance and you can use the apparel repeatedly, before you need to wash it. Wool outperforms other material when you compare it! A jersey made of polyester blend, don't have the attribute to keep you warm and odour resistens. If I ride with a jersey made of that material in the danish spring, early summer and autumn I need a gilet to keep me warm, and I have to wash it every time I use it. Overall because Isadore use merino wool in the production of there jerseys, you have a apparel with high applicability. Great job you do, Isadore!!! Only thing you should change on your jerseys, in generally, is the cut on the frontside of your jerseys. I would love to have a jersey with round and higher cut.

  • Best long sleeve jersey I've ever tried on (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Marc Schmid, Switzerland, 24.12.2017

    I do mountain bike touring and cross country, but the demands to the apparel are not really different compared to road cycling. The fit is slim, so if you don't have a lean athletic posture, you'll have to go up one size. I'm 1.78m tall, my weight is 75kg and size L fits me close but not tight. The aesthetics are beautiful - the colors are vibrant and lively, there's something for every kind of taste. The material is well balanced - Merino in performance wear is nothing new to me, so I can assure that it works great in many different conditions. The material is slightly more substantial compared to the Signature jersey. The construction quality is great - solid seams, reinforcements are at the right spots, the zips run smooth. The details are well thought through - the jersey is long enough to cover the lower back, there's a good amount of space in the back pockets to bring along your stash, though the zip pocket could be larger. What I really like is the high collar, since i have a very wind-sensitive neck. Altogether the best long sleeve jersey I've ever tried on.

  • Soft and warm for mild temperature (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Stefano, Germany, 21.12.2017

    That Jersey is really lovely. It's really soft (i used it with and without base layer) and makes you feel really embraced while riding on autumn roads. That's the perfect for the milder cold months in Berlin (I used it from the end of August till November) and i also love the color: a perfect match with my yellow bike and dry leaves of the Brandeburg Fall.

  • Wonderful long sleeve for the colder days. (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Matthias, Germany, 3.12.2017

    An excellent jersey. Made with love to detail, fabric feeling really cosy, beautiful colour as well. I bought mine in L which fits perfectly. Also good as mid layer between sort of merino underwear and a windproof jacket. Whole customer service is also absolutely stunning. Keep up the great work.

  • Long Sleeve Jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Leif, 1.11.2017

    Perfect, stylish autumn jersey made in Europe. With 192cm and 85kg a size L fits very well. XL was a bit too roomy around the arms. Rode it in 10C very comfortably with a light merino long sleeve base layer and on a cooler downhill with a non-lined jacket on top. Very nice colours, very well made. I imagine this jersey to be very durable it is so well made. To be recommended!

  • Versatile comfortable jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Jonathan Whiteley, United Kingdom, 29.10.2017

    I'm fairly new to Isadore but I'm hooked on their products! I live in the Pennines in England so I use these merino jerseys over three seasons: with a lighter base layer in spring and autumn and with a warmer base layer and also the Isadore merino gilet in the colder winter days. I also like the slightly retro style and colours You can see that this kit is designed by proper cyclists who have the experience of riding in all weather conditions

  • Good and warm shirt (Long Sleeve Jersey Sulphur Spring)

    Jimmy Stiers, Belgium, 27.10.2017

    It's a nice and soft shirt. Hope it keeps it's form, as it is very stretchy. Like the colour: it`s not too flashy but you're more visible with this shirt.

  • Great jersey ! (Korea Adventure Long Sleeve Jersey (limited edition))

    Fabrice Dachicourt, Switzerland, 17.10.2017

    I bought it primarily because of the Korea theme (my wife is korean) and found the design classy ! The fit is great, it is very comfortable, i like the collar going a bit high up the neck, perfect when the weeather is a bit chilly. The merino is top notch too !!! My first Isadore and certainly not my last !

  • Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    beno trček, Slovenia, 7.10.2017

    Best Jersey ever!!!!

  • Beautiful and perfect (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Novacap Asset Management S.A. Louis Lamotte, Luxembourg, 26.8.2017

    Beautiful long sleeve jersey. I have 2: the black and the blue. They are doing perfectly the job. Even under wet and cold condition 5°c! I recommend this Jersey.

  • Unique (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Luca, Germany, 14.7.2017

    Great product perfect for chilly early morning ride or colder days training. It could be used as middle layer in deep winter or could be wore as jacket with a base layer or anything else. Sometimes i just wear it for my daily commuting.

  • More than ok! (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Franco Giovannini, Italy, 9.4.2017

    Wonderful product: fits very well, adapts nicely to different temperature conditions, elegant color. Also great packaging and service from the Isadore team. Love it!

  • Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple L (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    MICHAEL RUDINSKY, United States, 4.1.2017

    I love this jersey. The color is very unique and the workmanship and design are great and typical Isadore. As others have pointed out, this jersey fits a little looser, but not too much to worry about. Very nice design elements include the Isadore metallic logo/pin and the alternate stronger material on the high use points on the zipper lines.

  • New Favorite Jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Gary O'Sullivan, Ireland, 22.12.2016

    This has now become my go-to jersey whenever the temps are in single figures or lower. Every detail is superb. It has stood up very well to washing, with no pilling on the material. Some of the details are outstanding. The stitched in reflective strip, rather than the heat transfers that inevitably crack. The metal logos. The smooth, sturdy zip that never needs a second yank. The secure cuffs that keep the wind out and can go inside or outside my gloves. The internal strip of elastic for the middle pocket, keeping it snug regardless of the amount crammed into it. Great colour and very stylish too

  • Classic long-sleeved jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Martin Page, United Kingdom, 9.11.2016

    This is by far my favourite long-sleeved top. I bought it in blue, which is a really nice, understated shade. It has a timeless, classic style, and I love the detailing like the metal 'I' logos and the elbow patches. The merino-mix material feels nice and seems to handle a wide range of temperatures. I am 182 cm and 75 kg, and the medium is a good fit- slightly more relaxed than some 'race-fit' garments, but not loose. This was the first Isadore item I bought, and it has led to many others... I have previously bought mainly Assos, Castelli and Sportful, and Isadore is now my first choice.

  • Excellent (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Marek, Slovakia, 9.10.2016

    Another 5 star product from Isadore. Great for those rides in autumn when its around 12°C. Back side is long enough, so your back will not be freezing. I also like the color, which is nicely visible in "grey weather". Combine this with Medio Membrane Gilet and you can ride from 5°C to 10°C without problems (with good base layer of coarse).

  • Almost perfect, but for one big flaw (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    , Ireland, 28.8.2016

    I ordered the orange climber's jersey and two long-sleeved merino wool jerseys (orange and green versions) and the merino membrane soft shell jacket (plus socks and water bottles). I love the look, feel and functionality of every item, except for one serious flaw on the jerseys. The secure zipped pocket on the climber's jersey and the two merino long sleeve jerseys is recessed inside the right back hip pocket, which is where I carry my mobile phone. When I ride, I frequently consult my phone (only when safe to do so, such as while stopped or on clear roads), usually to check I'm on track for rides I've downloaded onto Strava, to change music, etc, but the zip constantly catches on my phone as I am pulling it out or trying to slide it back into the pocket, making this otherwise simple task difficult and frustrating. It has also scratched up my phone screen (despite a protective sheath) and my hand. Most jerseys have the zip pocket located elsewhere, and now I know why. I tried using the left hip pocket, but, as I'm right-handed and my iPhone requires my right thumb-print to unlock, this ends up being awkward when I just want to do a quick glance at the phone. I was planning to order other versions of the jerseys, but, sadly, this one serious design flaw means I probably won't buy more of this otherwise beautiful and perfect cycling wear. The long-sleeved jerseys are so comfortable and stylish I wear them even when not riding.

  • Almost perfect, but for one big flaw (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    , 28.8.2016

    I ordered the orange climber's jersey and two long-sleeved merino wool jerseys (orange and green versions) and the merino membrane soft shell jacket (plus socks and water bottles). I love the look, feel and functionality of every item, except for one serious flaw on the jerseys. The secure zipped pocket on the climber's jersey and the two merino long sleeve jerseys is recessed inside the right back hip pocket, which is where I carry my mobile phone. When I ride, I frequently consult my phone (only when safe to do so, such as while stopped or on clear roads), usually to check I'm on track for rides I've downloaded onto Strava, to change music, etc, but the zip constantly catches on my phone as I am pulling it out or trying to slide it back into the pocket, making this otherwise simple task difficult and frustrating. It has also scratched up my phone screen (despite a protective sheath) and my hand. Most jerseys have the zip pocket located elsewhere, and now I know why. I tried using the left hip pocket, but, as I'm right-handed and my iPhone requires my right thumb-print to unlock, this ends up being awkward when I just want to do a quick glance at the phone. I was planning to order other versions of the jerseys, but, sadly, this one serious design flaw means I probably won't buy more of this otherwise beautiful and perfect cycling wear. The long-sleeved jerseys are so comfortable and stylish I wear them even when not riding.

  • Athletic slim fit, stylish LS (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Dusan Samudovsky, Slovakia, 1.8.2016

    For me the fit is the most important parameter. I am 193 cm and 78 kg. Ordered both L and XL. It was difficult to decide which to keep and which to return. I kept the L. Still long enough in length both front/back and sleeves as well. My wife recommend to keep XL but I like it next to skin as much as possible. Have been a long time Castelli Rosso Corsa customer. For sizing reference I wear Gabba L but this is longer sleeves and narrower across body which I like but of course this is very elastic fabric not windstopper. It is soft and dark blue color so if visibility is a concern take into account though there are some reflective stripes. Overall impressed and can't wait for autumn rides.

  • Potent! (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Eero Saynatkari, 30.7.2016

    Amazing color, that’s all I’ve got to say about it. Solid long sleeve for the days you’d be waffling over arm warmers. Craftmanship is good, as usual, and the fabric feels great. Classy, understated (minus the amazing color!) The sizing runs a bit on the large size. At 176 cm with a 100 cm chest, size M is right on the edge of being too big. Personally I find it fine for colder weather gear (keeps in that tiny bit more warmth), but those looking for a snug race fit may want to consider going a little smaller than usual.

  • Like talor made (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Sami-Petteri Eskonen, Finland, 13.5.2016

    I love that the sleeves are long enough. Fits perfectly and I can really see the difference in quality. Love it! The inside chest pocket has been really practical in use. Moreover, I think I look super cool in this shirt!

  • Great fit, design & color (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Carroll, 7.5.2016

    Great fit, design & color, nice and warm, pockets where needed. Only disadvantage of merino in general is the time needed to dry once wet

  • Long Sleeve Jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Tim Neal, Australia, 2.5.2016

    What is important in cycling clothing? For me, number one is fit. If the fit is good I know I will be comfortable and I will look good. I want both. I am 169cm and 60kg. I purchased an XS long sleeve jersey over the internet and crossed my fingers. I LOVE this jersey. It fit beautifully and looks terrific. The colour is understated and stylish. The material feels soft on my skin. With a light undershirt and the jersey I am comfortable to around 10 degrees. A wind breaker will be needed for colder air temperatures. The pockets are awesome. They are big and easy to access. A little zip pocket for the house key is a thoughtful addition. I look forward to the cooler temps so I have an excuse to wear this garment more!

  • Beautiful quality - spot on colour (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Philippe Lemmens, Belgium, 25.3.2016

    Beautiful finishing, flexible but strong material, colour spot on. I bought this LS jersey 1 size smaller than usual, length of the sleeves still covers my long arms. This is a 3 season jersey, so good with a longsleeve basic layer up to 7-8° C., for lower temperatures go to the thermerino jersey. Very good job again.

  • Simply great (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Robert Winkel, Netherlands, 25.11.2015

    I love this jersey, comfortable, perfect fit/size and above all, what a fantastic colour. It changes whit the light you are in. Sometimes bright purple, sometimes dark purple. Great.

  • (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Gerry Boobis, United Kingdom, 12.10.2015


  • Great all-rounder (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Mark North, United Kingdom, 28.9.2015

    As with all Isadore products the quality of this jersey is top notch. The finishing touches are nice and the style is definite. The jersey is quite an all-rounder. Cool enough to use on it's own in spring/ summer but chuck a merino base layer under it and it'll get you through most of autumn/ winter too. And as usual it looks as good off the bike as it does on it. I often wear it as a casual wear item, it's that good...

  • Fantastic Cycle clothing (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Bob Jones, United Kingdom, 25.8.2015

    This jersey is simply brilliant so well made. Not only does it work well as a cycling jersey for the autumn and spring but it looks stylish. It has all the the functionality you could want and more. Certainly a recommended purchase.

  • Quality & Excellent Value For Money (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    paul cheetham, United Kingdom, 30.6.2015

    Great style and quality. Designed by riders for riders with excellent service. It doesn't get any better than this.

  • A good all rounder. (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    stephen pullman, United Kingdom, 3.6.2015

    One of two jerseys I have bought from Isadore and the quality, together with the fit is excellent; the size chart can be relied upon and the service, packaging, communication,delivery are also excellent.

  • A good all round garment (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    stephen pullman, United Kingdom, 3.6.2015

    The garment washes well and dries quickly and after six washes there is no shrinkage or loss of shape. It is comfortable through a wide temperature range and wicks moisture well. The fit is good, I am a 38 inch/96 cm chest and the large size is a comfortable fit.

  • fino ...fino....filipino...!!! (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    jose manuel zamora venero, Spain, 18.5.2015

    impresionante jersey, se pega al cuerpo, abrigado y fresco al mismo tiempo, para esos dias o mañanas frescas....imprescindible y el color....único mas adelante caerá el purpura compra acertada

  • Very nice (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Marcus Birke, Germany, 6.5.2015

    Such a nice piece for when the weather can't decide if it wants to be warm or not. Very stylish with the elbow patches.

  • Superb 3-Season Jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Kevin Finch, United Kingdom, 21.4.2015

    This jersey has all Isadore's best features; it fits well, looks great and is made to an extremely high quality. I love the burnt orange colour, there's something very pleasing about the organic colour, which is very organic and it looks great with black bibs/vest soft-shell.

  • Quality through & through (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Kevin Finch, United Kingdom, 23.11.2014

    Beautifully made and performs really well, I have used it with just a thermal base layer in the English late-autumn and it kept me warm and comfortable. The design is excellent and the details are just right. I would recommend this jersey to anyone looking for quality and good value.

  • Wear Anywhere! (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Mark Fenn, United Kingdom, 27.10.2014

    Can wear this on a frosty morning ride or out partying!

  • What a product! (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Freddie Masarovic, Japan, 17.10.2014

    This is the ultimate top I enjoy on daily basis. I received it as gift from my cousin and was extremely surprised with the packaging and all aspects you would expect of high end product but the real appreciation of what was in the box is beyond anything I owned. The top is super everything warm when you need it breathable and comfortable to wear all day long. The quality that went into the product is truly unique. Well done Isadore I am already looking at other products to ad into my wardrobe :)

  • warm and cool (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Roman Zellweger, Switzerland, 11.6.2014

    The shirt is nice to wear it is warm and functional. There's a small bag in the inside of the chest to store your IPod or such a thing. The patches at the elbows give some kind of retro feeling to the shirt and look pretty awesome. my brother just asked, if I was wearing our grand-dad's shirt ;-)

  • (Long Sleeve Jersey Silver Grey)

    Eva, 8.6.2014

    handsome and warm jersey, the inside pocket is a cute detail. take size one up, with one warm layer under it covers autumn temperatures.

  • Dres

    Milan Hulman, Slovakia, 10.4.2019

    Súper materiál len odporúčam

  • !

    Joachim, 17.2.2017

    Eine schönes Trikot mit perfekte Passform, nicht engt ein. Mit dem Trikot ist man (fast ;-) immer gut angezogen!

  • Herr (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Ulrich, Germany, 29.11.2020

    Tolle Passform und grandioses Tragegefühl. Die Innentasche ist ein schönes Detail, die Kopfhörerschlaufen halten alles da wo es sein soll. Große Rückentaschen und ein Kragen der auch geschlossen nicht einengt sondern sich gut anfühlt. Liebe es jetzt schon, musste gleich noch ein zweites in einer anderen Farbe hinterher...

  • Great jersey (Long Sleeve Jersey Blue Coral)

    Jon Dahl Habasson, Czech Republic, 18.11.2019

    Nice warm jersey. Optimal temperature (for me) 8°C to 15°C with merino LS base layer. From 0°C to 8°C just add one Iayer (for example some lightweight windproof jacket). I appreciate simple design with minimum branding and merino fabric which doesn't smell. M fits perect (182cm, 73kg, chest 97cm).

  • Uwe (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Uwe Flad, Germany, 27.10.2019

    Meine Erfahrung nach mehrmaligen Tragen im Herbst sind überwiegend positiv. Meine Größe bei 178 cm und ca. 76 kg ist L. Die Passform mit einem Unterhemd ist dann sehr gut. Das zuerst bestellte Trikot in M war wesentlich zu eng, besonders an den Ärmeln. Der Umtausch lief problemlos. Ich habe dieses Langarmtrikot nun im Herbst öfters bei ca. 12-18 Grad mit einem Isadore Unterhemd getragen. Es wärmt angenehm, ist aber bei 18 Grad noch nicht zu warm. Insgesamt sorgt es für ein gutes Körperklima. Bewusst wurde das Trikot erst nach mehrmaligen Tragen gewaschen. Keine Geruchsentwicklung.

  • Herr (Long Sleeve Jersey Sycamore)

    Jens Wackerhagen, Germany, 10.9.2019

    Es ist mein absolutes Lieblingstrikot bei kühleren Temperaturen! Auch wenn plötzlich die Sonne rauskommt, kühlt es und man überhitzt nicht. Tragekomfort ist genial, nicht zu eng und dabei sehr weich!

  • Great (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Eduard Oplatek, Czech Republic, 27.5.2019

    Great fit (the L-size for my 186 cm and 82 kg works superbly), great feel and outstanding quality. A cleverly made piece of first-class cycling garment that is worth each cent spent. A perfect custumer service that makes for a very pleasant buying experience. My first order by Isadore and definitely not the last one.

  • Tolles Teil (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Lars Hartmann, Germany, 8.5.2018

    Ich bin 174cm groß, wiege ca. 72 KG und habe mir das Trikot in Größe M geordert. Passt perfekt. Ist super schön verarbeitet. Trägt sich sehr angenehm. Tolle Farbe. Einzigst das Ärmelbündchen empfinde ich beim Ausziehen etwas zu eng. Das könnte ein Hauch elastischer sein. Das wird sicherlich nicht mein letztes Trikot von Isadore sein..

  • Parfait (Long Sleeve Jersey Sulphur Spring)

    Mulotti Emmanuel, France, 13.2.2018

    Très joli maillot , la couleur est voyante sans être flashy. Le maillot colle bien au corps et est assez chaud. Comme tout les vêtements Isadore il est très bien conçu. Taille L 1.81cm 70kg

  • Maillot "Artic" (Long Sleeve Jersey Arctic 2.0)

    claire Pouessel, France, 1.12.2017

    Superbe maillot, tres joli, chic.....tres chaud et utile avec ses nombreuses poches dont une nippée à l'arrière....Je l'adore!

  • Markus B. (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    Es ist eine Freude mit den Merino Trikots von Isadore zu fahren. Wärmt angenehm bei kühleren Temperaturen. Besonders in Verbindung mit den Merino Baselayern kann man noch lange ohne Weste fahren. Passform ist traumhaft (187/74 - ich habe Größe M)

  • Herr (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Rudi Hörmann, Austria, 17.10.2017

    Endlich ein gscheites Herbst-Trikot - tolle Passform und angenehm zu tragen - einfach perfekt !

  • Christoph (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Christoph Natzmer, Austria, 28.6.2017

    Super Trikot, sitzt perfekt (Gr.M bei 173cm 67kg). Hatte das Trikot bei Temperaturen von 5 - 15°C mit einem dünnen Unterhemd im Einsatz und es überzeugte. Nicht zu kalt und nicht zu warm. Optisch finde ich es sehr gelungen, es trägt sich angenehm auch auf nackter Haut. Die 3 Rückentaschen sind schön tief, die wasserdichte Reißverschlusstasche könnte etwas größer ausfallen. Ein etwas größeres Smartphone findet darin leider keinen Platz. Ein schönes Produkt dass ich guten gewissens weiterempfehlen kann (und werde).

  • Herr (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Jan-Phillip Lüdtke, Germany, 30.3.2017

    sitzt perfekt - Super Farbe, Verarbeitung tadellos und super angenehm zu tragen (XXL bei 190cm & 98kg).

  • Reinhard (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Reinhard Kinzl, Austria, 21.11.2016

    Habe zunächst Größe M geordert - bin 181cm, 76kg. Größe M sitzt locker und wäre ok gewesen; da ich eher "schmal gebaut" bin, und Radklamotten gerne eng mag, habe ich auf Größe S umgetauscht. Umtausch verlief problemlos; alles bestens geklappt. Das Trikot erfüllt alle meine Erwartungen. Kurzer Baselayer drunter und ich bin perfekt für Temperaturen bis etwa 10° angezogen. Wirds kälter nehm ich ein Langarmshirt drunter und ich bin auch schon bei 0° so gefahren und hab nur noch eine Windjacke drüber gezogen. Die Rückentaschen sind eher eng - für einen raschen Griff in die Trikottasche zu eng. Fein wäre noch ein Silikonprint am Bund hinten - so rutscht das Trikot ein wenig hoch. Fazit: Ein toll verarbeitetes, wunderschönes Trikot, das alle meine Erwartungen erfüllt. Dazu noch "Made in Europe". Sicher nicht mein letztes Isadore-Trikot!

  • Lieblingsfummel (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Pascal Dumont, Germany, 19.10.2016

    Super,sehr angenehm und gut zu tragendes Langarmjersey. Kombiniert mit einem Baselayer perfekt! Die Verarbeitung und Qualität ist =Top Ware !

  • Herr (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Joachim, Germany, 21.9.2016

    Tolles Langarmtrikot. Habe neben der die olivfarbene Variante noch das indigofarbene Trikot im Einsatz. Beide Trikots werden regelmäßig benutzt und die Verarbeitung und die Funktionalität lassen keine Klagen zu.

  • Herr (Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue)

    Joachim, Germany, 21.9.2016

    Sehr angenehm zu tragendes Langarmtrikot. Da mir das indigofarbene Trikot sehr gut gefiel noch die olivfarbene Variante erworben. Nutze beide regelmäßig und bin sehr zufrieden mit der Verarbeitung und der Funktionalität.

  • CD (Long Sleeve Jersey Olive Green 1.0)

    Claus-Dieter Kurz, Austria, 6.4.2016

    super nice piece for this times of the year when it's not that cold anymore but still not warm enough! so: one Baselayer+this tricot+vest=that's it! Top quality!!

  • Top Qualität, super Passform (Long Sleeve Jersey Burnt Orange)

    Reinhard, Austria, 5.4.2016

    Endlich ein Trikot das passt, sitzt und sehr angenehm zu tragen ist. Habe große Freude damit.

  • Ich lieb es (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Bert Scharpenberg, Germany, 20.2.2016

    Mein Lieblingstrikot, das mich seit dem frühen Herbst letzten Jahres begleitet. Toll verarbeitet, auch nach mehreren Runden in der Waschmaschine sieht es noch aus wie am ersten Tag. Meine Frau sagt, ich könne damit auch zu einem Geschäftstermin gehen, so gut würde es aussehen. Und damit hat sie recht.

  • Perfect in almost all conditions (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Michal Rampášek, Slovakia, 5.4.2015

    Fits perfectly in the cold morning, in spring or fall, with long sleeve baselayer ..in case of low temperatures or wind in combination with a vest. "Must have" for each cyclist!

  • Beste Trikots, die ich besitze (Long Sleeve Jersey Potent Purple)

    Tobias Jandt, Germany, 12.10.2014

    Seit dem Fruehjahr fahre ich schon das Kurzarmtrikot. Durch den Wolleanteil waermt das Trikot mehr, als das Polyester von anderen Herstellern. Deswegen wollte ich auch ein Langarmtrikot fuer Fruehling und Herbst haben. Es traegt sich fantastisch und wie gesagt es waermt mehr. Ausserdem nehmen die Trikots nicht so sehr den Schweissgeruch an. Von daher kann ich die Trikots nur empfehlen.

  • Packing is a part of a product (Long Sleeve Jersey Sycamore)

    tobiasz śledziński, Poland, 28.10.2020

    The jersey is really nice. I'm happy with it. But Isadore should remember about how it is delivered to the customer. I got it wrapped in plastic bag. This is Aliexpress style, and I thought Isadore makes premium products. I'm disappointed, but not with the product itself, more by the whole experience :(

    Isadore Team


    Dear Tobiasz, thank you for the feedback. We just need to stress that although the packaging looks like standard plastic bag it is not the case. We are packing our products in fully compostable packaging, that means it's gone in just couple of weeks and causing no further harm to nature. Besides that we are shipping our orders as well in fully compostable mailers and recycled cardboard packages. I hope I could explain this way better our approach to what kind of packaging we use and why.

  • Great BUT seam unraveled the fifth time I used it (Long Sleeve Jersey Midnight Navy Women)

    Mikaela Backman, Sweden, 3.9.2020

    Hate the three stars but I had to. Love every Isadore product, this was no exception. That's why I was so sad when I realised a seam of one of my back pockets had unraveled. I never overpack, that's what my husband is for ;) So this was unexpected and a big disappointment. Apart from that: perfect warmth, breathes, great details, looks nice and good fabric. And as somebody wrote, the colour is more of a deep teal.

    Isadore Team


    Dear Mikaela, sorry to hear that, Zuzana from customer care just reached out and will arrange replacement for you shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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