Lookbook Spring / Summer 2015
Chasing Orange Skies


Chasing Orange Skies

It is a simple thing. As the harshness of winter subsides, and Spring takes over, so do we become grateful for the simplest pleasure in life: A ride in the Sun. We may gather silently at 04.45, and shiver in the morning air, but as the first rays of light break through on the dark horizon, the invigorating energy from the mesmerizing sunrise, on top of a mountain, is a life filling experience leaving you gasping for more. The low hanging clouds, looming dramatically, but beautifully, over the bay in the far distance, may seem like a distant planet as the orange sky engulf us with its magic and a new day-long ride begins book-ended by a glowing sunset.

Such stunningly, simplified lifestyle requires very little. A bike, a rider, beautiful weather, freedom of the open road and time on your hands. A road and lifestyle philosophy perfectly encapsulating the very essence of Isadore Apparel.

“Road Is The Way Of Life” and ”Cycling Memories” – are carefree sentiments for life in general and a profound love and humble homage to wide open spaces and tarmac. Such hyperbole statements may for most brands seem contrived. For Isadore Apparel and its founders - The Velits Brothers - way of life is indeed a road through many active years in the Pro World Tour peloton, and it is what forms the very backbone of Isadore Apparel. The essence of what works when on a bike for many hours, the meticulous attention to detail and the need, and will, to bring the love for the sport to a wider audience through beautifully designed apparel and craftsmanship.

Each Isadore Apparel product is designed by hand from Pro-knowledge to discerning riders who demand more from their cycling apparel. Handmade and expertly crafted in the finest performance materials and Merino qualities for riders who enjoy long days on the bike, in competition, or simply

CHASING ORANGE SKIES with great cycling friends.

So as you see - it is a simple thing - but a beautiful one.



Benjamin Andresen

Eva Synnestved Hansen

Kennet Kirkensgaard

Kim Sivert Jensen

Simon Christensen


Peter Meciar

Assisted by Martin Gross


Martin Gross


Martin Velits


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