Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket

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Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket
Kim is 174cm, 64kg and wears size XS

Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket

295,00 USD
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Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket
Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket


Designed for movement with the sleek look and highest comfort

  • Sleek look and highest comfort
  • Finest Merino wool inside, water proof membrane on the outside
  • Reflective elements

Designed for movement with the sleek look and highest comfort. Wind and water resistant membrane on the outside, finest Merino wool fibers on the inside (30% Merino / 65% Polyestere / 5% PU Membrane).

We have designed this softshell jacket for everyone who enjoys riding in the colder months of the year and must be prepared to handle alternating periods of heavy perspiration during vigorous exercise and freezing cold during the breaks.

The selection of materials and highly elastic cut gives this jacket wide range of use between temperatures close to sub zero up to +15 °C.
All depends on how many layers you choose to apply underneath this jacket.

Water and wind resistant membrane on the outside keeps wind and water out (DWR 10,000 mm), yet it is highly breathable (10,000 g/m²/24h).

On the inside we have successfully applied the natural Merino fiber throughout the inside of the garment. This immensely improved the membrane's functionality compared to conventional three-layer materials, thanks to Merino wool natural excellent temperature and odor control.

Includes new generation YKK AquaGuard Vislon front and back pocket zip, 100% waterproof and versatile enough for easy manipulation.

Slim fit cut with ThermoRoubaix® (85% Polyamid / 15% Elastane) side panels treated with DWR Fabric Coating (PFC Free) to enhance the ability of the fabric repel water.

Optional lower back extension elegantly hidden when not needed and easy to apply once the road gets wet.

Soft brushed lining inside the collar.

Features two front and two side vent zippers for adding airflow when needed.

Equipped with smart closure of the upper part of front zipper. Allow to vent without having your chest completely exposed.

Reflective signs and logos added to enhance visibility.

Designed and developed by Martin and Peter Velits.

Proudly made in Slovakia.

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - FRONT LENGTH 45,5 – 48 48 – 50,5 50,5 – 52 52 – 54,5 54,5 – 57 57+
B - BACK LENGTH 68,5 – 71 71 – 73,5 73,5 – 76 76 – 78,5 78,5 – 81 81+
C - CHEST 84 84 – 88 88 – 94 94 – 100 100 – 106 106 – 114
D - COLLAR 39 – 41 41 – 43 43 – 45 45 – 47 47 – 49 49+

Dimension table (inch)

A - FRONT LENGTH 17,9 – 18,9 18,9 – 19,9 19,9 – 20,5 20,5 – 21,5 21,5 – 22,4 22,4+
B - BACK LENGTH 27 – 28 28 – 28,9 28,9 – 29,9 29,9 – 30,9 30,9 – 31,9 31,9+
C - CHEST 33 33 – 34,75 34,75 – 37 37 – 39,5 39,5 – 41,75 41,75 – 45
D - COLLAR 15,4 – 16,1 16,1 – 16,9 16,9 – 17,7 17,7 – 18,5 18,5 – 19,3 19,3+

The cut of Merino Membrane softshell jacket and vest is slim fit. Whatever Isadore jersey size you are used to wear, this product will certainly fit you in the same size. Short agresive anatomic cut in the front and enough protection on the back side with additional defender. Lycra ThermoRoubaix sidepanels offers enough elasticity. Ideally worn with long or short sleeve baselayer underneath.

  • top quality

    Leo Purcell, United Kingdom, 1.12.2017

    What I have come to expect from Isadore: great design with top quality materials, and full of the kind of detail that a premium product should deliver. For example, the little popper attachment that stops the jack billowing out like a parachute when riding with the jacket partially open. The overall fit is tight and snug so the jacket is big on insulation but small on drag. Love it.

  • Excellent gear for harsh conditions.

    Matthias, Germany, 25.11.2017

    This is a beautifully executed jacket with lots of well thought out details. Material is really soft on the inside with wind blocking and water repelling qualities regarding the outer side. As the temperatures did not reach sub zero since I bought the jacket I can not really tell about insulating capacities. But I assume that this garment will be a really good helper against all things cold and wet when beeing combined with a long sleeve base layer and mid layer. That´s the reason why I bought it one size bigger, especially because I´m between sizes L and XL at 180cm/85kg.

  • fantastic piece of kit

    David, Netherlands, 14.12.2016

    after two rides (at 8 degrees and 1 degrees celsius) i can safely say this is the best piece of cycling kit in my closet. at 8 degrees it was warm enough with just a baselayer, at 1 degrees i added a jersey. the fit is great, as is the attention to detail. well worth the money.

  • Great versatility and protection

    Igor Jurisica, Canada, 18.11.2016

    Excellent product for colder weather rides - great fit, excellent breathability, highly useful extended back flap. Highly recommended

  • Best Cycling Jacket I had a chance to try on

    Hrvoje, Netherlands, 9.6.2016

    Vary stylish and well made piece of cycling outfit. Quality is superb, I bought it at the end of the Spring so I still have not had a chance to wear it in the conditions and expose it to elements. I am more then satisfied with the looks and fit.

  • Milano – Remo

    Beat Weinmann ochs und junior AG, Switzerland, 20.3.2016

    Saturday March 19th... Genoa – we were riding and I was testing for the first time this season these super stylish bike clothes... It was the day of the early season classic Milano - San Remo and we went up from sea level to Il Passo del Turchino at 456m above sea level and later to 980m above sea level. The temperature was between 6 degree celsius, foggy and later at around 14 degree celsius at the coast. All others had to change the wind breakers and I just opened the Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket when needed and closed it again. I felt the entire day – as well when we were watching the race (standing around for an hour between riding) – perfect. The cut is just great, the functionality outstanding and the style fantastic. I was wearing the long sleeve jersey, the Thermo Roubaix Tight and the Merino Socks... Today March 20th the same thing again for a fast ride with some crazy Italians at the Ligurian coast and mountains...

  • Excellent jacket, performs above competition

    Ed Newey, Switzerland, 11.1.2016

    I’ve been riding with this now for a few months, and feel I have enough experience using it in enough conditions to write this. Overall it is an outstanding jacket that goes above and beyond the performance of others jackets I have tried. I’ll try to explain why. Firstly the fit and appearance: it’s a great sung race fit and no flapping, firm and comfortable without being too constricting. It has a simple pocket and zip section with everything you need (the watertight pocket has saved my phone many times). The rain flap down the back is great, and inside button on the robust zip allows you to open the jacket nicely on climbs to cool down (one of my favorite features). Next the ride; and the secret weapon in this jacket - the merino wool lining. This is a very unique ingredient and what makes it such a winner. It allows the jacket to keep in a good amount of heat in but combined with the clever mix of materials in different sections and very simple zip system (that allows you to open sections on the chest and side), it gives excellent breathability. This means that the range of conditions in which it can be used is astonishing. By just playing around with base layer combinations, I have worn this down to minus 3/4 (Longsleeve base, thermojersey and this on top and up to plus 8/9 (just a sleeveless base). For “mid range” ride of around 4/5 degrees, (with a chance of rain) I just wear sleeveless base and jersey with the jacket on top and it feels super comfortable against the bare skin on the arms. Most surprising is the performance in the rain and cold. In prolonged rain it does eventually get wet through (90 mins light rain) but that’s when the jacket really starts working, and the wool, breathability and wind stopping technology kicks in, to keep an amazing amount of heat inside. When the rain does let off, the jacket dries out quite fast. In the last few months of cold wet riding this has been my "go to" jacket for tempo or endurance pace, because it breaths and vents so well. I am also a big gabba fan but I have been taking this over the gabba in the last few months, because it offers more functionality in more conditions. The gabba is good in mild and changeable conditions but sometimes you can be left cold having to put on a “boil in a bag” wind stopper. I find other jackets can be too warm and as a result, I sweat too much. This jacket however, finds a great balance between warmth, breathability, wet weather protection and comfort. Plus it looks ace. Even compared to the Rapha soft-shell I would say this comes out on top because of how it functions, looks and price. I also have the short sleeve version of this soft-shell and that is brilliant in slightly milder temperatures (6-12 degrees) or you are doing a very hard threshold / interval session in cooler conditions. In summary 5/5 from me and goodbye gabba. Great job Isadore.

  • wow!

    Hans Luijendijk, Netherlands, 9.1.2016

    Best jacket ever! keeps me warm and dry...below 10 degrees and even better below 5!

  • everyone's eyes on you

    cem atiyas, Turkey, 31.12.2015

    it is a really great piece. usefull, chic, fashionable with a super fit and cut and ofcourse really keeps hot... on or off bike eveybody is turning heads second time for the jacket :) I feel comfortable and proud with that amazing jacket.

  • Really great product !

    Helmer Sørensen, Denmark, 19.11.2015

    I really like this jacket, fast delivery, great customer service and no problems at all. I highly recommend this product.

  • Great Piece of Kit!

    Mark James, United Kingdom, 27.10.2015

    Although the price might put you off somewhat you do get what you pay for ! You get a really well thought through versatile jacket that is very breathable,windproof and water resistant. The breathability of the jacket really helps when working hard and can be worn over a larger temperature range than most other jackets of this type. The fit is excellent and it feels lightweight and unobtrusive on the road. I found that the zipped rear pocket a bit fiddly and I would have a liked more rear vertical pockets but perhaps I'm a bit picky. Overall it's a really great jacket that can be worn over a huge temperature range. Oh and it also looks pretty cool too.

  • Best product ever!

    Hans Luijendijk, Netherlands, 13.10.2015

    extremely nice jacket, keeps me warm and dry. used it with rain and temp around 0, with only thermo shirt! Never had a jacket with such a performance! keep up the good work!

  • Extremely versatile

    Marcus Birke, Germany, 6.5.2015

    Easily the most favourite part of my cycling wardrobe. Same high quality as all other Isadore products. Very versatile for termperatures round 10 degrees and below, way below. With the right base layer and/or long sleeve jersey beneath it makes a ride really enjoyable, even in the cold rain with a heavy head wind. And damn, does it make one look good...

  • My Favourite Jacket

    Kevin Finch, United Kingdom, 7.11.2014

    This jacket looks so good on that there is no way it should work so well. It's just brilliant. It's 5-8 degrees centigrade at night in the UK at the moment, sometimes with cold rain, and I wear this out on my night rides with a single base-layer, It keeps me dry and warm and fits like a glove. All the details are exactly right, the pockets are perfect for stowing essentials, phone and key. Thanks guys for making such cool gear, I really hope plenty of people discover what great clothing you make and what great value it is too. I'm looking forward to seeing any new stuff you come up with.

  • Exceptional service and product

    michael farrell, United Kingdom, 16.10.2014

    I bought this jacket for winter riding in the UK. I measured myself for extra small and the item was delivered very quickly. The communications from Isadore were very professional and helpful and the product is excellent quality. Having found that the jacket was too small, I exchanged for the small size and once again the service was perfect. The jacket itself is very high quality. It manages to combine excellent insulation in cold and windy weather with impressive breathability. It also looks great and can be worn off the bike. I am super impressed!

  • total satisfaction (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Philipp Schlatter, Switzerland, 18.3.2020

    I use it to gravel to work and tours. Just great between 0 and 10 degree. Love the mart closure of the upper part in particular when back pockets are loaded

  • Excellent! (Womens Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Jennifer Buxton, United States, 21.4.2019

    This is my favorite jacket. Never overheat or get chilled in it. I can wear this in a wide range of temperatures. Fits close to my body yet doesn’t restrict. Excellent quality! Isadore has become my favorite cycling apparel.

  • Favorite Jacket (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    William Reeves, United States, 26.4.2018

    I really like the style and fit of this jacket!! This has become my favorite jacket when the weather gets cold!!

  • Highly water resistant yet still breathable (Womens Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Annie Raymond, Sweden, 2.4.2018

    It feels as though all jackets are advertised as being breathable, but I find this to rarely be true. But this jacket actually is! I rode with it basically every day since December. It did a fantastic job in all types of weather conditions for both my commute and on intense group rides. I was never cold (from 0 to 10 celsius, I just wear a short sleeve jersey underneath, from -5 to 0, I wear a long base layer, from -10 to -5, I wear Isadore's long sleeve merino jersey, from -15 to -10, the long sleeve jersey and the long base layer, and less than that, two long base layers and the long sleeve jersey) and I never overheated, even on longer climbs. I wouldn't say that the jacket is completely waterproof though. It will withstand light snow or rain very easily, but a good downpour will leave my back a bit wet after about thirty minutes. Also, I thought that the jacket could have been a tiny bit longer, and I have a short torso, so if you have a long torso, this might be too short for you.

  • La meilleure veste que je n'ai jamais eu ! (Laurel Wreath Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Matthieu Bardou, France, 9.2.2018

    Respirante, pas trop chaude à la mi saison, mais qui tient bien le chaud quand les températures avoisinent zéro. Elle est très fonctionnelle avec ses multiples poches de rangement et le petit reliquat sur l'arrière permet de se prémunir des projections quand la route est mouillée. Une belle pièce conçue pour durer que j'ai plaisir à porter toute l'année !

  • Absolutely in love with this jacket. (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    FERNANDO NAFRÍA, Spain, 14.1.2018

    The jacket is so comfortable that I´ve using it even for cross-country skiing!

  • great jacket (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    stefan, Germany, 1.1.2018

    perfect for changing conditions until zero degrees combined with Long Sleeve Thermerino, perfect quality !

  • Merino Jacket (Laurel Wreath Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    David Campbell, Canada, 15.11.2017

    The jacket fits very well. I usually wear medium and sizing was accurate. The pockets are a nice change from most jackets/jerseys I've worn, especially the small side pocket. It is placed well to access keys, cash, credit card, etc. Having zippers on both pockets is a nice touch - no worries about losing items.

  • BRING ON THE COLD (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Vaughan Watson, United Kingdom, 23.8.2017

    bought this jacket in the Isadore sale - first impressions are classy packaging containing a well designed cool looking jacket with several clever features. Size XS was too small so exchanged for size S with no fuss or bother and FREE returns. Isadore is now my go to bike clothing company very helpful brilliant service and even better gear ! my size 175cm and 59kg

  • Fabulous Jacket (Womens Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Ginny Paton, United States, 26.1.2017

    This jacket is loaded with design- well placed zips for ventilation, drop tail to protect the back end - snaps in place when not needed, little details that make this a jacket i will use for a very long time - just like the other Isadore bikewear i have. I am a very big fan of merino wool for it's durability and functionality. While some will say this jacket is expensive - it's worth it.

  • Great Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket L (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    MICHAEL RUDINSKY, United States, 4.1.2017

    This is a great product, with typical Isadore high quality workmanship and features. I have used this product with a Merino base layer and the long sleeve jersey down to below freezing. Zippered front and side pockets provide heat and moister release to broaden the temp range of this jacket. Moister-proof outside and Merino blend on the inside make this a great product. The fit of this jacket is fitted and consistent with the rest of the Isadore product line and ably assisted with the sizing tool provided. I also love the information blurbs on the display models; it helps make sizing decisions.

  • Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Peter Boden, United Kingdom, 30.11.2016

    A beautifully made and well thought out jacket by the Velits boys.Everything about it is high quality and during the past 2 extremely cold days in the UK- minus 2/3 to +5,it has kept me comfortably warm at all times.I have worn it alternately with a Isadore short and long sleeve base layer together with both a long sleeve merino jersey and a long sleeve thermerino jersey(size small) and the jacket is size medium.For extra warmth I have also worn a merino performance neck warmer.The rear zip pocket is well divided and the lower small zipped side pocket is great for keys.All in all a great product.

  • SC (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Sue, 22.6.2016

    Purchased the men's jacket as the colour was much brighter (and more visible in low light) than the women's one. XS fits me well, it is well made, warm and looks great. Brilliant buy, very happy. Great service and pleased that shipping was to Australia.

  • Beautiful to look at and beautiful, comfy feel (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Christophe Sem, Switzerland, 22.11.2015

    Very nice, warm jacket with striking looks. The XL fits me (180cm, 80 kg) perfectly around Chest and Waist but could be a little narrower around the neck but that could be an oddity of my body built.

  • Mr. (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Marek, 14.11.2015

    I bought this one about month ago. I must say that this is THE BEST jacket I've ever had on bike. I'm riding mostly MTB so the thermal regulation is very important to me. So far I´ve been using this jacket in temperatures from -2°C to 16°C, it was performing great. Most of the time from 5°C - 10°C, I was wearing only base layer under it. If its colder I add normal cotton t-shirt as mid layer and its enough to temperatures around 0°C. The vents are exactly where you would expect them. The small but perfect detail is smart closure of the upper part of front zipper, so your chest will not be completely exposed. You can easily regulate the temperature during climb and downhill. It is also easy to open/close zippers with gloves. I'm riding with back skirt always open - there is also nice big reflective logo. I can clearly see that this product was designed by cyclists for cyclists. I highly recommend it to every cyclist, you will not be disappointed.

  • Angenehm und stylish

    Stephan, Germany, 31.3.2019

    Sehr angenehm zu tragen plus gute Ideen zu den Taschen (2x Reissverschluss, 1x offen). Lüftungsreissverschlüsse funktionieren auch prima. Ausklappbares Rückteil sehr sinnvoll. Bei 1,80m und 85kg habe ich XXL.

  • la veste idéale ?

    Alexandre, 10.2.2019

    je cherchais une veste softshell qui protège mais vraiment respirante. Je n'ai pas froid en général, mes vestes me tenaient trop chaud avec rapidement une forte humidité sous la veste (malgré les aérations). avec cette veste je transpire mais je controle correctement l'humidité. la coupe proche du corps et le style chic pour une veste sport. j'aime la grande poche sécurisée étanche avec des compartiments et la petite poche latérale pour mettre les gels. pratique aussi le bas pliable pour protéger des protections d'eau de la roue. bien aussi la petite pression pour limiter l'ouverture de la veste. je trouve les finitions tres bonnes. bonne protection sur les sorties humides (mais ce n'est pas une veste pluie) un reproche, la veste un à effet thermique moins efficace que les vestes softshell avec intérieur polaire. On a une sensation d'etre à la limite d'avoir froid à l'arret. pour moi elle est parfaite pour une utilisation 0c-10c par tous les temps.... avec ou sans vélo. elle est completée par un baselayer merinos. merci isadore... reste plus qu'un choix un peu plus grand.

  • Die perfekte Jacke für Radfahren im Winter

    Frank, Germany, 15.2.2018

    Ich habe mir diese Jacke für Radtouren im Winter gekauft und ich bin begeistert. Sie hält warm, ohne das man schwitzt. Bei leichten Minusgraden trage ich ein Langarmshirt darunter, ist es wärmer, reicht auch nur ein Langarm-Baselayer. Ich bin 1,78 m und wiege 73 kg, ich habe die Größe M genommen.

  • ... ein anderer Reinhard...auch aus Österreich

    Reinhard, Austria, 4.2.2018

    Zunächst in meiner "normalen Größe M" bestellt, habe ich die Jacke gegen eine "L" umgetauscht, damit auch mal ein Langarmtrikot (hier trage ich M) drunter passt (181cam, 76kg). Meine Bewertung für die Jacke ist ein bisschen durchwachsen. Temperaturmanagement: Top. Warm genug, um auch mal bei Minusgraden unterwegs zu sein (mit einem langen Baselayer und einem Langarmtrikot drunter), ausgleichend, wenn es ein bisschen wärmer wird und zur Not gibts ja noch Lüftungszipper. Wetterschutz: Gleich beim ersten Ausprobieren musste die Jacke etwa 50 Minuten Dauerregen über sich ergehen lassen. Die Ärmel waren schon nach 10 Minuten durch nass und nach ca. 20 Minuten hielt auch der Reißverschluss nicht mehr dicht. Also gut bei Wind und Wetter, aber richtig wasserdicht ist sie nicht. Schnitt: Größe L passt mir grundsätzlich gut - schön schmaler Schnitt. Die Ärmel sind allerdings nicht für die Haltung am Rennrad geschnitten und so schiebt sich die Jacke beim Radfahren etwas nach oben und wirft an den Schultern Falten (zumindest bei mir, der ich keine Herkules-Figur habe)... Fazit: Stoff super, Schnitt am Körper super, Wetterschutz gut, Ärmel/Schultern könnte besser sein...

  • Lieblingsteil

    Reinhard, Austria, 17.11.2016

    Mmn. gibt es keine schönere Jacke auf dem Markt. Sehr stylisch und dezent, mit schönen Details und hochfunktionell. Innen ist die Jacke angeraut, das Hautgefühl ist sehr gut. Das Material ist gut dehnbar aber nicht zu eng in der richtigen Größe. Vorne sorgen 2 Zipper für besser Belüftung wenn es einmal zu warm wird. Die Außenschicht hält leichten Regen und Sprühwasser gut ab. Die Taschen hinten schützen Handy und Wertsachen gut gegen schlechte Witterung und sind zum Teil mit Reißverschluss verschließbar - der Schnitt ist lang und schmal. Eine Jacke für viele Jahreszeiten, sehr variabel mit Base- oder Midlayern...auch gut für feuchte Bedingungen. Im Winter trag ich noch das Gilet über der Softhell - mein persönliches Lieblingsteil von Isadore.

  • Eine fantastische Jacke

    Bert Scharpenberg, Germany, 20.2.2016

    Eine tolle Jacke, die mich den kompletten Herbst und Winter über begleitet hat. Absolut wasserdicht, warm, aber ohne dass sich die Hitze stauen würde. Perfekt bei ca. 5-10°C mit einem langen Baselayer, bei Temperaturen darunter zusätzlich mit einem langen Jersey. Dabei liegt sie so dicht und komfortabel an, dass man sie kaum spürt. Nur zu empfehlen.

  • Sir Ridealot

    Christian Wüthrich, Switzerland, 2.12.2015

    It's the best bike jacket I ever owned. It has all merino advantages, no freeze, no stink. For me, in cold cold Switzerland it does a really good job down to 5°C, combined with a thick long sleeve merino base layer. Below I'd go with an additional jacket or layer. I didn't had to test it in full rain luckily but it was enough repellent in a foggy bike cheer. And overall: I makes me look best possible on the bike which is quite important too as I'm no longer the most handsome guy at 50. I'd buy it again!

  • Die Jacke hält was Isadore verspricht

    Christian Kürschner, Germany, 2.11.2014

    Habe die Jacke jetzt mehrmals bei richtigem Herbstwetter getragen und hatte zur Sicherheit eine Warme Fleece Jacke dabei, ich habe sie nicht gebraucht. Die Jacke ist obwohl sehr dünn absolut winddicht und warm und auch wenn es anstrengend wird gibt es keinen Schweiß auf der Haut. Ich würde sie wieder kaufen!

  • Really outstanding

    Georg Stockmann, Germany, 11.7.2014

    Chance for testing came earlier than expected, we had planned an overnighter into the alps but it was raining whole day with around 10°C. Jacket with a merino baselayer was the best decision - 100% waterproof and always warm even when sweatening in change of climbing and descending. Longflap-back is a very clever detail. Openings for ventilation are exactly there where you need them. Best combined with the Thermoroubaix Bibs. And after two days of riding you can walk into a bar without any worries ... Whole story here

  • Masterpiece

    Georg Stockmann, Germany, 22.6.2014

    This is really a masterpiece, looking happily forward to a cold and wet autumn. The style is great, the feeling is even better.

  • Herr (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Patric Regnard, Germany, 20.3.2018

    Habe diese Jacke nun schon über ein Jahr und sie ist immer noch wie Neu! Tolles Material; Liegt eng an (Gr. S /bei Körpergröße 1,70cm). Habe sie in rot (schön, mal kein schwarz o grau! Isadore hat überhaupt tolle Farben); Sehr gute Qualität; Trage sie (und wie ich gelesen habe, andere auch, nicht nur zum Radfahren) ebenso beim Wandern. Diese Jacke ist ihr Geld wert, nur zu empfehlen!

  • Superbe (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Mulotti Emmanuel, France, 13.2.2018

    Veste reçue pour Noël , elle est tout simplement superbe. La qualité est au rendez vous. Les aérations devant et sur les côtés sont très bien pensées. Un peu difficile a ouvrir d'une seule main. Le col est un peu large pour moi mais avec un cache col c'est parfait. Taille L . 1.81cm 70kg

  • Absolument parfait (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Frédéric Blanc, France, 4.2.2018

    Acheté cette veste voilà quelques semaines et vraiment une qualité au top, un savoir faire parfaitement maitrisé. Je mesure 1m82 pour 64kg, j'ai pris une taille M. Elle me va comme un gant. Encore bravo !

  • HR (Laurel Wreath Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Klaus Puerzelmayer, Austria, 4.12.2017

    vorne weg, man schwitzt auch in dieser jacke. aber man kann gut regulieren und bleibt dabei immer warm und überhitzt nicht. dass man die jacke aufmachen kann, und der brustbereich mit einer lasche verschliessbar ist , hilft mir sehr um schnell und einfach zwischen bergauf und bergab zu wechseln. wenn ich mir was wuensche duerfte waeren es noch zusatzliche luftungsschlitze seitlich, eine wenig weiter vorne als die die es schon gibt. die werden naemlich beim fahren mit rucksack verdeckt. auch die kleine zippbare tasche an der seite ist genial. einfach und schnell im zugriff. die jacke geht hinten auch wirklich weit hinunter, so bleibt das kreuz warm und ich bekomme keine probleme. also meine neue lieblingsjacke fuer den winter. definitiv nicht nur für die strasse sondern auch am mtb und am crosser perfekt.

  • Herr (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Konrad, 2.11.2017

    Wunderbare Jacke,hält auch bei einer Regenfahrt trocken.Gutes Klimamanagement.Die ausklappbare Rückenverlängerung ist eine sinnvolle Sache. Trage Größe S.Bin 174cm groß und 64kg schwer.

  • Veste softshell femme (Womens Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    claire Pouessel, France, 24.10.2017

    Je suis tres contente de cette veste que j'ai reçu il y a une semaine.Elle est tres jolie et de bonne qualité.Les ouvertures permettent une bonne aération en cours de sortie.Je l'adopte pour cet hiver en Bretagne aussi bien en route qu'en VTT.Elle taille tres bien.

  • Herr (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Thomas Siemon, Germany, 24.12.2015

    Eine perfekte Jacke für nasskalte Wintertage - endlich eine warme, regenfeste Jacke ohne Plastik-Gefühl. Die Jacke ist eher schmal und kurz geschnitten, passt (74 kg, 176 cm, Größe M) aber hervorragend und liegt an wie ein Langarm-Shirt - ohne auszubeulen oder gar zu flattern. Trotz des schmalen Schnittes können eine oder zwei Lagen unter der Jacke getragen werden - dadurch ist der Temperaturbereich von 10+ bis -5 abgedeckt. Insbesondere die perfekt einstellbare Belüftung ermöglicht es, die Wärmeregulation sehr gut und genau einzustellen. Die ausklappbare Verlängerung schützt nicht nur vor Spritzwasser, sondern wärmt auch bei kalten kaltem Wind, die Vielfalt an Taschen ist mehr als ausreichend. Auch wenn das Design im Gegenwind bei Regen nicht entscheidend ist - schön ist es doch, dass Funktionskleidung nicht immer wie Funktionskleidung aussehen muss. Trotz des Preises absout empfehlenswert!

  • Herr (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    Thomas Siemon, Germany, 24.12.2015

  • Very nice jacket, but not ideal when sweating a lot

    ewoud beirlant, Belgium, 15.11.2018

    This is the second year that I use this jacket for most of my autumn and winter rides. I love it for it's design, fit, windproofness and warmth. And it is effectively pretty waterproof, except for the sleeves. But I would not say it is very breathable. When riding at temperatures below 10 degrees it gets very wet very quickly on the inside. With the result that you get cold even after waiting for just one minute at traffic lights. This morning at 2 degrees and with a merino baselayer and merino longsleeve jersey underneath it took about 20 minutes of hard riding before sweat started to cumulate on the inside, causing me to feel cold at a later stage.

  • NOT that fantastic

    Esben Juste, Denmark, 23.12.2016

    I was looking forward to this! An expensive merino jacket with windbreaker, rainproof and breathable. What more Can you wish for when you live in Scandinavia and often ride you bike in winther? Well it is wind proof, the fit is nice, the design is cool, but it is not breathable at all. Riding at 4c for 1 1/2 hours and the jacket was more wet inside than outside. I was wearing a long sleeve merino layer underneath. So maybe it needs to be below 0 before I can use the if you sweat a lot buy something else or just ride in the snow.

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