Merino Performance Neck Warmer

30,00 USD
Merino Performance Neck Warmer

Merino Performance Neck Warmer

30,00 USD
Merino Performance Neck Warmer
Merino Performance Neck Warmer


Versatile Merino Neck Warmer for colder days

When the temperature drops, and the windchill factor rises there is nothing worse than feeling exposed around your neck and face.

The versatile Isadore MERINO PERFORMANCE NECK WARMER is manufactured from the same, itch-free, quality of the finest Merino used in our collection.

The neck warmer provides perfect insulation around your neck by placing the neck warmer inside your jersey or jacket to seal the warmth.

On cold days the neck warmer is constructed, so you can pull it over your face or over your head for extremely cold climate.

Available in three colors.

One Size fits all.

50% Merino Wool / 50% Thermocool Antibacterial.

Soft around your neck.

Excellent insulation and heating abilities.

Odor resistant and thermoregulation.

  • Merino Performance Neck Warmer Vapor

    Richard James, Switzerland, 5.7.2019

    Soft, warm, not scratchy. Perfect. My partner borrowed mine and it did not come back :). I ordered another one.

  • Beautiful colours, warm and versatile.

    Marc Heirbaut, Belgium, 27.2.2019

  • Warm, but not too warm

    Kris Terauds, Switzerland, 7.1.2019

    I generate a lot of heat when cycling. Even on the coldest winter rides, thicker neck warmers are too warm for me. This one is the ideal weight, adding warmth without stifling. More colours, please.


    Vaughan Watson, United Kingdom, 20.2.2018

    Buy it you won't want to take it off. Great for Autumn/Winter/Spring rides. Hoping for more colours soon and will definitely be buying a second one. Highly recommended !

  • My go to neck warmer

    Vic Gregory, United Kingdom, 20.2.2018

    Super soft and comfortable to wear in changeable conditions. Wear it with a cap to cover your ears or just around your neck it works every time

  • Great colour. Good quality material

    Robert Fell, United Kingdom, 23.11.2017

    My main cycling kit is black, or quite dark colours, so the Warm Red neck warmer really adds a splash of colour. I've also bought the Vapour Grey version. The fabric is soft and doesn't itch like some other materials. Looks good on the bike or walking down The Kings Road.

  • Soft, comfortable, warm, an essential piece

    Áron Macsicza, Slovakia, 1.11.2017

    There is really nothing much I could add to the title, the material is very pleasant, the warmer is long enough to cover your neck and face whilst tucked into the collar of your jersey or jacket. I bought the red warmer which perfectly matches my preferred all black outfit. On colder days this neck warmer is really an essential piece that every cyclist will need for the proper protection of his or her neck, keeping it comfortably warm.


    Berkin Karagozcuk, Germany, 30.10.2017

    Super soft, great color. I used it climbing with high intensity in the alps, and just walking around the city. I will get other colors as well.

  • Warm and soft

    Peter Boden, United Kingdom, 30.11.2016

    The Neck warmer is very soft, well fitting and a good length for keeping the lower neck and chin perfectly warm; another great product.

  • Nice one!

    Christian, Germany, 18.11.2016

    Bought a warmer in blue. Nice feel, nice dark colour, nice little details. Have not worn it outside but I like it very much yet. By the way: really fast delivery.

  • Essential for cool morning rides

    Igor Jurisica, Canada, 18.11.2016

    Good length. Super soft. excellent product.

  • First Class Product.

    Paul Murphy, United Kingdom, 2.11.2016

    Good quality product

  • Soft, warm, comfortable and fashionable

    Tomas Mares, United States, 25.10.2016

    So soft, warm and comfy. Amazing product

  • Metro me

    Adrian Miles, Australia, 7.6.2016

    I wear it around home and town, 'metrosexual' as my wife commented. On the bike it on recent chilly Melbourne mornings (3° to 7° when I head out the door) it's made everything so much more comfortable. No more chilled chin, and frosty neck. Wool's a winner for something like this.

  • Soft and warm

    Patrick Wildt, Germany, 17.4.2016

    This neck warmer is really soft and comfortable. You just pull it over your head and it fits right on your neck. When it's chilly, I just pull it over my chin and it keeps me warm. I love it.

  • Markus B.

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    Außergewöhnlich angenehmer Schlauchschal. Auch unterm Helm noch gut einsetzbar, wenn die normalen cycling Caps zu dünn werden. Konkurrenzprodukte verblassen daneben...

  • Unverzichtbar !

    Pascal Dumont, Germany, 4.1.2017

  • Lieblingsstück

    Hannes Korte, Germany, 24.10.2016

    Der Nackenwärmer ist einfach super! Verhindert Zuluft am Hals oder von dort ins Trikot und kann auch als "Sturmhaube" hoch gezogen getragen werden. Schön warm und weich, trocknet schnell, Lieblingsstück in der kälteren Jahreszeit!

  • Wärmt auch den ganzen Kopf

    Bert Scharpenberg, Germany, 20.2.2016

    Ein vielseitiger Nackenwärmer, der dank Merino sehr angenehm auf der Haut ist. Er lässt sich auch kurzerhand über Kopf und Ohren ziehen, wenn es mal doch kälter sein sollte als man bei Abfahrt vermutet hat. Bereits mehrfach gewaschen - die Qualität ist top.

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