Ovada Deep Winter Tights

255,00 USD
Ovada Deep Winter Tights

Ovada Deep Winter Tights

255,00 USD
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Ovada Deep Winter Tights
Ovada Deep Winter Tights



  • Suitable for ride in close-to-zero and sub zero temperatures
  • Self-cleaning: water & dirt runs off the surface
  • Water and windproof protection of tibia parts

We've tested Ovada Deep Winter Tights on sub-zero morning ride in Iceland recently - and they just work like they were born for the challenge. The tights have excellent insulating properties and the go all the way to the ankle, ending in single stirrup to protect the achilles and keep the bottom part tuck in place.

NanoSphere®, the nanotech-based finishing technology allows dirt and water to simply run off the surface of the textiles. This mimics the natural self-cleaning effect of certain plants whose leaves always remain clean, because dirt simply cannot adhere to the finely structured surface, and is easily washed off when it rains. Must-have for late autumn and winter cycling enthusiasts.


Apart from the finishing technologies, Ovada’s fabrics are another central part of the tights. In total, we used 4 types of materials for good reasons:

Italian Thermoroubaix fabric
Where: chest part, popliteal area and ankles
Slightly perforated Italian Thermoroubaix fabric for ideal moisture management in the parts of moderate sweating.

Swiss thick sub-zero laminated fabric
Where: main body, back shin
Swiss heavyweight laminated fabric with very good elasticity. From the inner side it's soft brushed for maximum comfort and from the outer side it has a laminated layer to protect the rider from cold up to sub-zero temperatures.

Swiss perforated heavyweight fabric
Where: side panel, knee
Same Swiss heavyweight laminated fabric. Exceptionally elastic: it ensures performance and comfort on a bike. From the inner side it is soft and brushed; from outer side — has a laminated layer which is slightly perforated which means it's more breathable. It is placed on the most active parts to ensure excellent breathability and moisture management.

Austrian water- and wind-resistant reflective material
Where: front shin
The fabric is absolutely water- and wind-resistant; brushed from inside and with reflective laminate from outside. Strategically placed to enhance safety of the rider.

4 more things to know about
Ovada Deep Winter Tights:

1. Softshell membrane
Tights include two extra thick Schoeller® elastic softshell membranes knitted in Switzerland.

2. 4D technology
Equipped with TMF® chamois made in Italy made of Airmesh, 100% recyclable material, this is the world’s first totally ecological chamois. Constructed with 4D technology it is totally seamless and pre shaped. Four multi structured levels optimizing shock and impact absorption.

3. Insulation
Excellent insulating properties and the tights go all the way to the ankle ended in single stirrup to protect the achilles and keep the bottom part in place.

4. Ergonomic fit & compression
Ergonomic fit shaping to provide enough compression and support. Finished with overlock stitching and as every our product these tights are label free (care instructions are printed) to avoid any discomfort from rubbing. Reflective signs and logo on both sides to enhance visibility.

Proudly made in EU.

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - WAIST < 75 75 – 80 80 – 85 85 – 90 90 – 95 95+

Dimension table (inch)

A - WAIST < 29,5 29,5 – 31,5 31,5 – 33,5 33,5 – 35,5 35,5 – 37,5 37,5+

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • Absolut zu Empfehlen

    Stefan Glunk, Germany, 4.11.2019

    Super verarbeitet und sehr bequem. Hält was sie verspricht, sehr warm.

  • Perfect for Finnish winter

    Teemu Oksanen, Finland, 7.6.2019

    I live in Finland and our winters can be really cold! Before these tights I had a problem with cold legs in below zero degrees. I have now worn Ovada deep winter tights for two winters and they are perfect! I worn them in temperatures as cold as -10 celsius and they worked really well! I'm 186cm tall and I wear size L. Fit is good. Material is quite sturdy so you have to use your muscles to get them on. If you live in cold country, these are must have tights!!! ...and I almost forgot to mention... they look really good! :)

  • Made the winter commute very bearable

    Andrew Brockway, United Kingdom, 9.5.2019

    Invested in a pair of these over last winter - I'm a 34 waist, 31 inside leg and size L were fine; they're tight but they fit OK once on. Did a great job in -5C conditions and seemed to repel muck and mud from the trail I use on my 20 mile daily commute. Kept me warm but never overheated. Seem to be hard wearing too.

  • Perfect for freezing weather, though sizes a bit small

    Scott Emmons, United States, 19.3.2019

    I've used these bibs on several rides now and they keep me quite warm and comfortable. Both rides were when the temperature was at freezing, plus/minus a few degrees. Both rides were 3 - 4 hours long and I was never uncomfortable. As noted by a few others, the fit is a bit on the small side. I normally wear a medium, but these are a bit snug, but not so much as to be uncomfortable. More like what I would think is like pulling on a skin suit.

  • Superb thermal protection, good cut, poor fit to measure

    Don Jones, United States, 20.11.2018

    I have had winter tights and been cold, but these tights are by far the most protective I have found. My legs were insulated and protected from the wind with the great outer layer. The zipper front is great too in case of any pit-stops. However, the sizing is way off. The nature of the tights makes them... well, tight! My Isadore MED men's bib shorts fit perfectly, yet even the L men's I had to exchange into for the Ovada Deep Winter tights was too small for me. The one ride I used these (L) was warm but very uncomfortable with restricted movement and legs that I could not pull up all the way. I am 5'10" and 32" waist, which would almost suggest that a MED is fine and a Large almost too big... but not even close. Now I have a pair of tights I cannot use and I have to buy again (XL no less!).

  • Tolle Winterhose

    Joachim, 5.1.2018

    Die Ovada Deep Winter Tights zusammen mit dem Sector Jacket gekauft und bin mit beiden mehr als zufrieden. Die Hose passt hervorragend, ist im Kniebereich sehr elastisch und hindert den Bewegungsablauf für eine Winterhose erstaunlich wenig, obwohl dort der Stoff relativ dick ist. So ist auch das Überziehen der Hosenbeine im Bein-Fußbereich mit 2 dickeren Socken relative problemlos möglich und das gelingt trotz der Fußlaschen. Und alles ohne fummelige Reißverschlüsse, einfach prima! Meine Ausfahrten mit der o.g. Hose-Jacke-Kombination fanden im Temperaturbereich von etwa 8 bis 2 °C statt, mit entsprechender wintertauglicher Unterwäsche und Langarmtrikot war alles gut, kein unangenehmes Kälte- oder Nässegefühl. Auch eine mehr als halbstündigen Fahrt im starken Regen bei etwa 2 °C ließ sich noch gut ertragen. Und weil dem so ist, habe ich mir noch so eine zweite Hose, aber nur zum Wechseln, zugelegt.

  • Run small but otherwise they are solid

    Javier, 5.12.2017

    I rode these in 30 F weather and they kept my temperature well regulated. Not once was I cold (except of course at the beginning of the ride) nor did I overheat (which a lot of the times is the main problem - at least for me). The reason they didn't get a 5 star rating is that even though I followed the site's size guide, the size L I got are just a tad small. I had to really pull the legs up (and forgo the foot loop and worried I'd rip them) so I could get them to sit correctly. An even then, I found myself a couple of times having to pull them up a bit (while walking). However, once I got going on the ride, they seem to settle and not ride down too much. For reference, I'm 5'11 and generally wear 32 inseam pants and 34 waist.

  • Made for my weather situation

    Bjorn Holmthorsson Five Degrees, Netherlands, 15.10.2017

    I've bought several bottoms and I'm very pleased with the ones I've got now, the Isadore Ovada Deep Winter. I've gone cycling in both cold and wet situations and it works great. I really would like to give 5 stars, however the Isadore marker on the back of the feet and on the sides have started to get loose, seems that it's glued on and doesn't stick. I haven't washed mine more than twice so this does surprise me. On all other accounts I really love the pants, I would just love to have the markings not tearing off. I just bought the jacket "Laurel Wreath Merino" from Isadore, this jacket looks like nothing I've ever bought for cycling. The quality and features are amazing.

  • Works as expected

    Mathias, Germany, 3.2.2017

    Perfect Winter Thights. Dry on rainy days and warm on Temperatures up to -10°C. The sizing is a bit Tricky because of the smaller percentage of elastan compared to normal tights, but since the customer services at Isadore are so good it shouldnt be a problem if you ordered a not fitting one. Overall: They are worth the spent money. Great features and quality.

  • Cocooned from the Chill and Damp

    Tim Norman, United Kingdom, 30.1.2017

    I deliberated long and hard over what bib tights to buy and believe I have made the best decision. Sizing appears to be on a par with Cafe du Cycliste, Rapha and Pearl Izumi, I would say, just to give others an idea before purchase, but I opted to buy two pairs in different sizes as suggested and returned the smaller ones. I have ridden in temperatures above and below freezing and these are superbly warm without making me overheat. Water and muck have no chance against these. The height of the front section with its zip is an ideal extra layer against the cold. The back of the knees are made from a softer, thinner material and are, therefore, more flexible and comfortable - really useful given the weather-resistance of the rest of the garment. Fabulous piece of kit. Recommended.

  • Does its job of keeping me warm in low temperature

    William Park, South Korea, 4.1.2017

    This was my first purchase of Isadore. The materials are doing their job in keeping me warm and toasty in cold winter riding environments. The quality of the various materials used in the tights are exceptionally good and make the tights look and feel very high-end, except for the gray patch in the shin areas (I mean for both legs), which are wrinkled and look ugly. After a few washes, they still remain wrinkled and ugly. I don't understand why the quality control folks decided to dispatch this particular tights for shipment, but if I had been the head of the quality control department, I would have definitely scrapped the tights and send a proper one. This tights cost EUR 219. What means is that customers have high expectations commensurate with the high price. But I did not request return for a good one, because I wasn't sure if you will agree with my assessment and I would have to pay for a return shipment cost, which may be wasted if you refuse to take the return. I am very sorry that you stopped short in quality control.

    Isadore Team


    Sorry to hear about the Tights. Zuzana from customer support just emailed you suggestion how we could sort this out to your full satisfaction. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Perfect

    Fernando, 29.11.2016

    Just tried the Ovada deep winter tight. I cycled for 2 hours, elevation 1000m, about zero degree, The size is a little tighter than the other Isadore bib Shorts. I always ordered Isadore medium sizing so i tried medium in this case ( I`m 180cm, 75kg). The tight worked really perfect. Love it !!!!

  • Tobias

    Tobias Ziegler, Germany, 15.1.2018

    Diese Tight ist der Hammer. Sie macht das was sie verspricht, sie hält warm, und sie macht noch mehr. Sie hält Wasser ab und Schmutz kann einfach abgeklopft werden. Perfekt für eine winterliche Cyclocrosstour. Gefahren bin ich diese Hose bis zu 2 Grad ohne zusätzlichen Baselayer. Ich musste einmal durch ein Stück überschwemmtes Gebiet ich kam dennoch trocken zuhause an. Die Hose ist super eng. Wer bestellen möchte, sollte lieber gleich eine Nummer größer nehmen als gewohnt. Ich trage bei Tights, je nach Marke, M oder L. Bei der Oveda war mir L zu eng im Schritt. Ich habe dann in die XL getauscht. (176 cm/73 kg). Nebenbei super Umtauschservice von Isadore. Einziger Wermutstropfen, das X auf der Rückseite der Hose löst sich schon nach der kürzesten Zeit auf beiden Seiten ab. Dennoch fünf Sterne, weil der Rest perfekt ist.

  • Markus B.

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    ...bei dieser Hose rate ich (187/74) mindestens zu XL. Die Hose sitzt extrem definiert eng. Hatte Sie zunächst wie meine Bip-Shorts in L geordert, kam das aber gar nicht erst rein. Bei XL könnte sie im schritt noch etwas weiter sein, aber Beinlänge und Taille sitzen perfekt. Die Funktion ist top. Selbst bei einer Stunde Dauerregen schön warm. Dann geht das Wasser durch. Wirklich kalt wird es aber nicht. Ich freue mich auf Fahrten unter 5°C bis in den Bereich zweistelliger Minus Grade...

  • "gut arbeit"

    Pascal Dumont, Germany, 4.1.2017

    Ovada Deep Winter Tight ist eine sehr gelungene Arbeit,Sie hält schön warm (kälteste war -5c). Bei nassen Bedingungen ist dieTight auch super einsetzbar, Einsatz mäßiger Dauerregen. Die Tight ist Race mäßig geschnitten sehr eng. Bin 175 groß & 66kg Größe M hat genau gepasst.

  • Tolle Winterhose für kalte (schlechte) Bedingungen

    Reinhard, Austria, 17.11.2016

    Die Hose hat viele verschiedenen Materialien, an der jeweils richtigen Stelle (z.B. Innenseite Oberschenkel, Schienbein usw.) positioniert. Sie bietet guten Schutz und ausreichend Beweglichkeit. Mmn. ist die Hose sehr körpernah geschnitten, ich habe Sprinteroberschenkel und musste statt L (habe ich bei den kurzen Bibs) auf XL umsteigen, die L war mir auch eine Spur zu kurz, sie verfügt über Fußschlaufen gegen das Hochrutschen was aber voraussetzt, dass sie in der Länge wirklich passt. Die Nähte sind sehr stark, der Sitzpolster ist von bester Güte, wie üblich bei Isadore wurde auch hier auf die Optik größter Wert gelegt. Auch bei nassen Bedingungen ist die Ovada gut einsetzbar, im Dauerregen wird man aber irgendwann nass werden...am besten fährt sie sich an kalten Herbst- und Wintertagen.

  • Sizing & Chamois

    Michael Lonergan, Ireland, 26.11.2018

    Sorry sizing not great.. may need to aim a size up when calculating.. had to leave off the foot straps to pull tights up even still not a snug fit in crotch area which increased the risk of friction between chamois and skin.. Chamois needs to be a softer outer layer in contact with skin as i found it a bit rough..

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