Performance Oversocks

Our Performance Overstocks offer your shoes durable protection against road spray and dirt while keeping your feet warm.

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35,00 USD
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Performance Oversocks Grey
Performance Oversocks Grey 35,00 USD

For warm tootsies on cold days

Product description

Whether going for a high tempo training session, or an exciting cross adventure in the woods, Performance Overstocks are an integral part of any riders winter kit. Constructed in a slimline silhouette, from a durable, windchill resistant yarn, the Isadore Performance Oversocks are designed to keep you protected from wind, dirt and road spray while ensuring warm feet. The Performance Oversocks with the prominent Isadore branding provide a stylish modern example of the winter rider’s classic. The socks arrive uncut. To customize for your cleat requirements, simply take a pair of scissors cut along the dotted line provided for guidance. Can easily be fashioned for road cycling or gravel/cross cleat shapes. Please be aware: Isadore Performance Oversocks are knitted socks, and will over time show the wear and tear caused from walking or embarking/disembarking your bike. This is completely normal when using road cycling oversocks. However, for this reason we do not offer any warranty on this product. 

  • Durable
  • Wind resistant
  • Not pre-cut
  • Designed by Martin Velits using his experience from the pro peloton
  • Made in the USA
  • 56% Cordura Nylon
  • 32% Lycra
  • 7% Elastane (Spandex)
  • 5% Polyamide (Nylon)

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A – EU 39 – 41 42 – 46
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4 / 5
6 reviews

  • Really good product

    Nicolaj, 16.2.2019 (Performance Oversocks Black)

    Never tried this type of overshoe before, but now I own two pairs. Excellent product, which definitely add an extra layer of insulation. In fact they have been sufficient to keep my feet warm through the Danish winter (except for heavy rain, of course) when used in combination with the merino socks. Also they have a perfectly fit due to the stretchy knit but will still sit absoluely snug over the shoes.
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  • Functional and nice oversocks

    Visa Lukkarinen, Finland, 5.5.2018 (Performance Oversocks Black)

    This oversock suits my style well and the cleat opening was easy to cut into the sock. Works well during cold weather.
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  • Stylish and warm

    Bjorn Jonsson, Iceland, 11.3.2018 (Performance Oversocks Black)

    Looking great and keep your feet surprisingly warm. Have used them over my thin and ventilated Mavic race shoes at sub-zero rides and never felt cold. Took me like 2 minutes to make the cut for my Speedplay pedals. Just love those socks.
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  • Does what it should

    Hans Luijendijk, Netherlands, 9.5.2017 (Performance Oversocks Black)

    perfect stylish sock! looking good and keeps your feet warm!
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  • Ganz gut, aber ...

    Hannes Korte, Germany, 24.10.2016 (Performance Oversocks Black)

    ... nicht perfekt. Es hat mich schon gewundert, dass man die Socken selbst unten aufschneiden muss. Wenn man es dann gemacht hat, die neuen Socken zu zerschneiden, dann sitzen sie ganz schön stramm über den Schuhen. Sie sehen gut aus und halten ordentlich warm. Ich habe offenbar extrem kälteempfindliche Füße, wenn ich mich mit meinen Mitfahrern vergleiche. Nach ca. 2,5 Stunden (ca. 70 km) und etwa 8-10 Grad wurden meinen Zähen langsam kalt, länger hätte die Tour nicht sein dürfen. Ich hatte dicke Socken von Craft, ganz normal Rennradschuhe von Sidi und eben die Übersocken an. Gutes Produkt und sieht gut aus, aber bei geringeren Temperaturen brauche ich offenbar andere Socken oder andere Schuhe, oder beides.
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