Pocket-sized protection

Keeping cards and cash safe

No matter how long you ride, whether it’s a quick hour at lunch or a multi-day trek, you have to take the same number of ID cards, credit cards and cash. You never know when an emergency will happen.

The Isadore x Pioneer are fantastic cycling friendly wallets that can hold cards, cash and a few other essentials in a compact, weatherproof package. We chose to partner with Pioneer for many reasons.

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From a technical view, their wallets are made from super durable materials that offer the sharp, stylish appearance of leather without any of the drawbacks, which makes them the opposite of throwaway tech.

And we were also drawn to the adventurous spirit of the founder who set out to make the best products possible.

Both Isadore x Pioneer products easily transfer from your cycling kit to your office wear.

If you choose the Zipper Wallet, you will be able to protect your phone and important cards without having to worry about water damage.

The Cardholder offers an even more compact storage option.

On the bike or in the pub, you’ll never have to be without your essential forms of identification.