Here you can learn more about how
our Collection intends to help
you Embrace the Cold!

Though cycling is primarily a summertime sport, you still need to be on your bike as much as possible in the colder months in order to be as fit as you want to be when the weather is warmer. And after a nice long hot summer like many of us enjoyed this year, we can even begin to look forward to frosty morning rides with the smell of wood burning fires in the air.

Our new collection for Autumn/Winter 2018 has been designed to offer small but serious improvements to established items, and introduce certain pieces which will fill voids from previous years.

Long Sleeve
Sycamore 2.0

Updated cut and color for
this versatile Jersey

Perfect as an outer layer for sunny October mornings, or as a mid-layer in the depths of dark Decembers, the Long Sleeve Jersey 2.0 in this new fetching Sycamore color will be an ideal three season jersey that will keep you comfy from late September through till early May.

Long Sleeve
Turbulence 2.0

New color in Men’s and Women’s sizes

It takes determination to get out on the bike when it’s gloomy and cold. The newly refined Long Sleeve Jersey 2.0 in a steely Turbulence color will help you with your resolve. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes, it is the perfect three season jersey that can be used as a top layer in early Autumn or late Spring, and as a mid-layer in the depths of winter.

Long Sleeve Shield
Blue Coral 2.0

Versatile Jersey in
eye-catching new color

When the wind is blowing and the sun may not even make the briefest of appearances, then the Long Sleeve Shield Jersey 2.0 will be your jersey of choice. In the new Blue Coral color you can be certain to stand out from the crowd at your local group ride, and remain visible to drivers on foggy solo outings.

Cabernet 2.0

Life is a Cabernet!

Whether you love a full bodied red wine, or prefer a cool beer, this Thermerino Cabernet 2.0 Long Sleeve Jersey will inspire you to add that extra hour onto your ride, so you will have earned your recovery drink of choice by the evening. Luxuriously warm even in the most wretched weather, the Thermerino provides excellent breathability and insulation for winter riding.

Anthracite 2.0

Anthracite is the new black

The Thermerino Anthracite 2.0 Long Sleeve Jersey for women will fit so well and feel so luxurious that you will be looking forward to those days cold enough to wear it. Pair it with a light Merino Wool base for crisp Autumnal days, or double down with an Ovada Deep Winter baselayer to feel comfortable even as the mercury plunges.

Sector Jacket Rifle Green 2.0

Comfortable wind
protection and heat regulation

So long as the roads are dry, there just isn’t an excuse not to ride, no matter how cold it may be. For those days, the Sector Jacket Rifle Green in Men’s and Women’s sizes will be the perfect outer layer. By mixing Windtex and Thermoroubaix materials, we can make this the ideal jacket to keep bitterly cold winds at bay, while still helping you avoid overheating. Pile on the base miles in this Sector Jacket.

Sector Jacket Navy Blue 2.0

A sleek new color for
the same tough workout

Heading out on days when the cold nips at your lungs can be daunting. Make it that bit easier with the Sector Jacket Navy Blue. Discreet but fetching, with subtle Isadore branding, and utilitarian flairs like the “Bomber zipper pocket” on the sleeve will make this Jacket a pleasure to put on. The mix of Windtex and Thermoroubaix materials will make it a savior on the road.

I7A3O7E Echelon
Long Sleeve Atlantic Blue

Find the minimalist pleasure

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you need to ride in bulky kit. The I7A3O7E Echelon Long Sleeve Jersey in Atlantic Blue for both men and women will give you the warm protection against the chilled temperatures while you hammer away at your pedals. The Echelon Line is our most advanced, race-oriented for those who want a snug-fit and pro performance.

Echelon Thermal
Bib Shorts

Insulated shorts for those
trans-seasonal days

If it’s a chilly day, but the sun’s out and you want to soak up some good rays of vitamin D, then the Echelon Thermal Bib Shorts will be a fantastic option. Offering insulation and the perfect amount of compression, they can be paired with our Leg Warmers to extend their temperature range.


Keep your tootsies toasty

The extremities are the most important and most difficult things to keep warm on seriously cold rides. Introducing these robust Winter Overshoes will make the task a lot easier. Made from a special Italian material that approximates neoprene but at a fraction of the weight and bulk. Taped stitches will help keep the water out.

Winter Hat

Top off your kit to keep warm

We lose a ton of our body heat through our heads, so keeping well covered in the coldest temperatures will help you retain heat and save energy. The snug shape will fit neatly under a helmet, and can even reinforce knit hats when you head out skiing. Wind and water resistant, there Thermoroubaix materials will keep you comfy.

Thermoroubaix Tights

Versatile tights to keep you warm in winter

Slotting neatly in our lineup between the Thermoroubaix and Ovada Tights, these Medio will keep your legs warm through a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. Treated with NanoSphere® technology, grime and water will run off the material. And the Italian chamois will keep you comfortable on your saddle.

Thermoroubaix Tights
w/o Chamois

Ride in your summer bibs
and still stay warm

Taking our well-loved Thermoroubaix Tights and redesigning them without a chamois means that they can now be used along with your most comfortable bib shorts deep into winter. The warm brushed Roubaix material has received the DWR treatment to keep them water resistant.

Toe Covers

Not only pro, but effective

Well-ventilated cycling shoes are essential in summer, but once it starts to get a little cooler, our feet can begin to resent all that cold air. Our Toe Covers are new to the Collection and are made from the same special Italian material as the Winter Overshoes. A low profile way to keep your feet warm in cool, damp weather.

Winter Gloves

Hand in Glove

Keeping your paddies warm during seriously cold conditions is essential. Ever try changing a flat tire with frozen fingers? Not advisable. So we have added these Winter Gloves to our Collection. Anatomically shaped using high performance Italian materials, including a touch screen sensitive index finger, these will be gloves to keep you in control during those coldest days.

Scotland Adventure Long Sleeve
Jersey (Limited Edition)

Our heart’s in the Highlands

We enjoyed riding in Scotland so much when we were testing our AW’18 Collection, that we created this Long Sleeve Adventure Jersey to commemorate it. This classic merino-poly mix will keep you warm and well-ventilated at the same time. The embroidered sign on the jersey is from an old Celtic symbol that means the unending cycle of life.