Signature Winter Softshell Jacket

The level of wind and rain protection offered by this Jacket has been designed to keep you riding year-round, even in the most ghastly winter weather.

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315,00 USD
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Signature Winter Softshell Jacket Black
Signature Winter Softshell Jacket 315,00 USD

An updated version of our longest-serving Softshell Jacket

5 / 5
51 reviews

What I have come to expect from Isadore: great design with top quality materials, and full of the kind of detail that a premium product should deliver. For example, the little popper attachment that stops the jack billowing out like a parachute when riding with the jacket partially open. The overall fit is tight and snug so the jacket is big on insulation but small on drag. Love it.

Leo Purcell, United Kingdom

Product description

This jacket has an understated look combined with high performance material choices. The Italian-made material has a Merino wool interior while the exterior is a durable and highly breathable wind and water-resistant laminated membrane. It’s the perfect combo for winter rides that could turn rainy at any moment.

  • Wind and water-resistant laminated membrane with finest Merino wool backing made in Italy
  • 10.000mm waterproof rated membrane treated with DWR® Fabric Coating (PFC Free) to enhance the fabric’s ability to repel water and dirt
  • Finest Italian ThermoRoubaix® Lycra used for side panels to increase elasticity
  • Made in European Union

Fabric 1


  • 100% Polyester


  • 62% Polyester
  • 38% Wool

Fabric 2

  • 85% Polyamide
  • 15% Elastane
  • Adjustable back extension bottom hem is equipped with elastic silicone tape
  • Subtle branding with increased reflective details for greater visibility

Size Guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - FRONT LENGTH 45,5 – 48 48 – 50,5 50,5 – 52 52 – 54,5 54,5 – 57 57+
B - BACK LENGTH 68,5 – 71 71 – 73,5 73,5 – 76 76 – 78,5 78,5 – 81 81+
C - CHEST 84 84 – 88 88 – 94 94 – 100 100 – 106 106 – 114
D - COLLAR 39 – 41 41 – 43 43 – 45 45 – 47 47 – 49 49+

Dimension table (inch)

A - FRONT LENGTH 17,9 – 18,9 18,9 – 19,9 19,9 – 20,5 20,5 – 21,5 21,5 – 22,4 22,4+
B - BACK LENGTH 27 – 28 28 – 28,9 28,9 – 29,9 29,9 – 30,9 30,9 – 31,9 31,9+
C - CHEST 33 33 – 34,75 34,75 – 37 37 – 39,5 39,5 – 41,75 41,75 – 45
D - COLLAR 15,4 – 16,1 16,1 – 16,9 16,9 – 17,7 17,7 – 18,5 18,5 – 19,3 19,3+

The cut of Merino Membrane softshell jacket and vest is slim fit. Whatever Isadore jersey size you are used to wear, this product will certainly fit you in the same size. Short agresive anatomic cut in the front and enough protection on the back side with additional defender. Lycra ThermoRoubaix sidepanels offers enough elasticity. Ideally worn with long or short sleeve baselayer underneath.

Sizing guide


5 / 5
51 reviews

  • why is this field required ?!?

    Klaus Puerzelmayer, Austria, 18.4.2021

    i love the jacket. however, the product description is very poor. nothig described about the ventilation zippers, the rear pockets, the possibility to extend the jacket on the back,.... generally speaking, the product decriptions of all isadore product miss so much infomation on feature the products are offering. the pictures just don't show what is availible, especially when black on black is shown. br klaus
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  • total satisfaction

    Philipp Schlatter, Switzerland, 18.3.2020 (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    I use it to gravel to work and tours. Just great between 0 and 10 degree. Love the mart closure of the upper part in particular when back pockets are loaded
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  • Excellent!

    Jennifer Buxton, United States, 21.4.2019 (Women's s Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket 1.0)

    This is my favorite jacket. Never overheat or get chilled in it. I can wear this in a wide range of temperatures. Fits close to my body yet doesn’t restrict. Excellent quality! Isadore has become my favorite cycling apparel.
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  • Favorite Jacket

    William Reeves, United States, 26.4.2018 (Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket)

    I really like the style and fit of this jacket!! This has become my favorite jacket when the weather gets cold!!
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  • Highly water resistant yet still breathable

    Annie Raymond, Sweden, 2.4.2018 (Women's s Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket 1.0)

    It feels as though all jackets are advertised as being breathable, but I find this to rarely be true. But this jacket actually is! I rode with it basically every day since December. It did a fantastic job in all types of weather conditions for both my commute and on intense group rides. I was never cold (from 0 to 10 celsius, I just wear a short sleeve jersey underneath, from -5 to 0, I wear a long base layer, from -10 to -5, I wear Isadore's long sleeve merino jersey, from -15 to -10, the long sleeve jersey and the long base layer, and less than that, two long base layers and the long sleeve jersey) and I never overheated, even on longer climbs. I wouldn't say that the jacket is completely waterproof though. It will withstand light snow or rain very easily, but a good downpour will leave my back a bit wet after about thirty minutes. Also, I thought that the jacket could have been a tiny bit longer, and I have a short torso, so if you have a long torso, this might be too short for you.
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