With crystal clear waters, sun-bleached mountains and deep, fragrant pine forests, Croatia’s rich natural beauty lures plenty of holidaymakers here every year.

After visiting the country, we believe it should also be high on every cyclist’s list of places to explore.

To try out this year's Spring / Summer collection we travelled to a small city on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia — Makarska.

From there, we ascended Sveti Jure, the highest peak of the Biokovo National Park and – at 1762m above sea level – the third highest point in Croatia.

The road to the top is narrow; precipitous, dangerous and beautiful all at once.

What’s new in Spring / Summer 2017?

New colours, more colours. For this collection we stuck to our most popular pieces, exploring new shades that reflect the bold rebirth of spring and the hot, long days of summer. We’ve expanded the number of women’s products we offer and added more accessories to the line too.

The scent of pine

Smell is a potent trigger of memories. Everywhere we went in Croatia, the fragrance of pine forests hung in the air. Priceless.

Makarska Magistrala is a road that leads to another Croatian town, Ploce. It lies along the coastline and the way is littered with captivating views; from imposing limestone cliffs to romantic, sheltered beaches.

The way up to Sveti Jure feels endless, the road twists and turns back on itself. It’s perilously narrow in places. There is only one spot where you can pause to have lunch. It’s a restaurant and farm, and sitting there, you can enjoy amazing views of the sea and surrounding islands.

Enjoy this year.


    Jirka Pařízek

    Max Huber

    Martina Farkašová

    Eva Synnestved Hansen


    Peter Mečiar, assisted by Vladimír Králik


    Martin Gross, Ján Šifra


    Zuzana Velitsová


    Alina Grechkina, Ján Šifra


    Martin Velits


    Makarska, Croatia, October 2016