If you feel like getting a pair of durable cycling shorts for summer, read on. In this article we write about our best summer bibs (the cycling shorts with straps for those who are unfamiliar with road cycling lingo). We took them into pieces, made macro shots, described their properties, fabrics, seams, chamois — in other words, made everything possible to show you what to expect before you invest in them.

What’s in the article:

Climber's Bibs: Intro
Bib straps
People who wear them
Just in case: our humane return policy
What to pair them with

Let’s begin. In our store we have six models of bibs, but if you ask us to choose the best bibs for the summer season, we would show you these ones:

Climber's Bib Shorts: Intro

The twin brothers behind Isadore, Martin and Peter Velits, spent 15 year each racing in pro peloton. Just like you, they’ve been testing different shorts, trying to find the right fit, padding, materials. At some point, they gained so much experience that they have decided to pack their knowledge in the new bibs. That’s how we’ve got Climber's in our store.

We called them so to pay tribute to the greatest hills and climbs. But their primary purpose is to keep you comfortable during long and hot summer rides. They protect you from direct sunlight, allow skin to breathe and minimize chafing.

Let’s dive into the details.


Bib straps

The fact: shoulder straps are more comfortable than the waistband. They are better at keeping the chamois on the right place, thus won’t chafe the skin.

This is how the Climber's’ bib straps look like:


The nice pattern you see is the extremely lightweight Italian mesh fabric. We placed it to achieve excellent moisture management of the upper part of the body that is covered by the bibs. When it is really hot, don’t be afraid to wear it directly on your skin — the fabric is soft and non-itchy.


We were choosing the chamois for Climber's with extra caution. On one hand, the pad must be enough thick to withstand long hours on the saddle, on the other hand — it must wick and transfer moisture away from the skin as soon as possible, because wet chamois creates undesirable rub and causes saddle sore.

Finally, we opted for Italian TMF chamois. It has many cool properties:

  • Combines light anti-vibration foam and medium-impact perforated foam associated to Airmesh interwoven yarns to keep you dry throughout the ride.
  • Carbon yarn on the surface provides bacteriostatic effect and regulates temperature
  • The pad covers the sit bones properly, which makes it more comfortable even on the 5+ hours rides.


The difference between these bibs and our Classic ones is in the thickness of the fabric. Climber's have thinner materials which is why it is suitable for summer. But add knee or leg warmers and you get a good kit for the colder rides.

The main body of the bibs has two types of fabrics: Swiss Schoeller Lycra on the side panels and Premium Italian Lycra on the inner panels.

Swiss lycra fabric is coated with with Coldblack treatment. It protects the skin against UV and it keeps your body cooler than non-treated fabric. The construction on the side panels provides perfect compression and yet free movement

The inner panel is constructed from Italian lycra. It is durable, smooth and soft to touch fabric, treated also with the Coldblack technology. We strategically placed it on the inner side to prevent chafing.


Each of the panels is connected with overlock and flatlock seams. We chose them to elevate comfort and prevent any friction on the parts when it is most needed.


Little things, when done well, make anything complete. Here are the final touches:

We made sure that the bibs stay on their place — we added a silicone tape made in Italy. Branded it a bit with the distinctive Climber's series pattern.

Added the subtle reflective elements for a better visibility on the road.

And removed all annoying and sticking out tags. Instead, we printed our care instructions with the vital information directly on the fabric.

People who wear them

“.. over 12 hours in the saddle and no problems”

— Mathias, Germany

“They are so good I've bought two pairs”

A great fit,stylish and understated-they could have been hand made for me.The pad is the best I've ever experienced,over other high end brands.They are so good I've bought two pairs.

— Peter Boden, United Kingdom

“100 miles ride in super hot weather”

I wore it in a 100miles ride in super hot weather(temp 35celcius degrees, 80%) in Taiwan. Definitely love the cold black fabric, really feel much much better on the long climb. I also like the special weave on thigh for better vent as well. I would recommand this items to be your MUST BUY bib shorts.

— Nick, Taiwan

“Comfortably compressing”

This new Isadore bibs come with even better chamois and bibs material
is also more enjoyable on skin and comfortably compressing.

— Lukáš, Slovakia

“Have held up well when I had a fall”

I own a number of bibs from well known companies but the others don't compare to these. Very comfortable on long rides and have held up well when I had a fall. These will be the only bibs I will be buying from now on.

— Patrick, United Kingdom

Just in case: our humane return policy

We make our clothes to be worn, not lying in the wardrobe. And if you hesitate about getting any of our products, try our friendly return policy.

If your expectations weren’t met, the size doesn’t fit or you just changed your mind, you can return or exchange the products with the full refund within 45 days. No questions asked. Read more about Returns and Exchanges here.

UPDATE: We have lowered the minimum price for free shipping. From now on, if you order for 150 EUR and more, we will ship the items for free.

What to pair them with

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