Take a look at our jacket category and you won’t see that many pieces. The reason for that is our thoughtful and careful design process. Instead of focusing on the quantity, we prefer to go deeper with the functionality, versatility and quality of each jacket.

For this cold season, we answered the requirement of many of our customers for something even warmer, more breathable and technically more complex. That’s how the Sector jacket was born.

Before you decide to add it to your cart, we want to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. In short, this is the jacket for heavy efforts during cold months, in dry conditions or gentle rain/snow.

It can withstand a wide range
of temperatures (down to -10°C)

The fabric is thick and soft from the inside. If you ride in the +10°C to -10°C range, your body will feel comfortable throughout the trip. If the temperature sinks even lower, stay home and enjoy a warm cup of tea.

It will let your body breathe

When a jacket retains body heat it’s working well. When a jacket allows the release of just the right amount of excess heat — it’s even better. The Sector jacket won’t let your skin suffocate, which makes it perfect for riding in extremely cold and dry conditions. The jacket will also withstand a moderate amount of water – although not a full-on downpour.

Stays in place as you pedal

The addition of a jacquard tape with a silicone layer is a totally new feature. Placed at the bottom of the jacket, it will provide enough compression to aid your performance and stop you worrying about it sliding up and exposing you to the cold.

Timeless look of a bomber jacket

The Sector’s styling is heavily inspired by the bomber jacket, a symbol of adventure and timeless style from the 1970s. The jacket will look classy even on a casual off-the-bike day.

Useful details

The shoulder area is made from reflective material, keeping you safe and visible on short winter days. As always, we included two spacious back pockets, plus an extra sleeve pocket with a hidden zipper to keep your valuables safe.

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