TherMerino Jersey Sycamore

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TherMerino Jersey Sycamore

TherMerino Jersey Sycamore

225,00 USD
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TherMerino Jersey Sycamore
TherMerino Jersey Sycamore


Thick and incredibly versatile cycling jersey for winter riding

  • Combination of finest Merino wool, Polyester and Elastane
  • Luxurious fleece on the inside
  • Silicone tape around the rear hem to keep the jersey in place
  • Isadore reflective logo on the back pocket
  • Minimalistic textile transfer decals on the back side to enhance visibility.

Finest Merino wool fibers blended with the highly technical efficiency of synthetic Elastane. The result is 285 g of harmonic performance per square meter of fabric – (53 % Merino Wool / 43 % Polyestere / 4 % Lycra).

This thick and incredibly versatile cycling jersey is designed to provide excellent breathability and insulation for winter riding.

Combine this jersey with one layer of 100 % merino base layer when riding in temperature above 10 °C (50 °F) or add one more layer underneath for even colder climate riding and feel completely weather ready.

Beautifully soft and luxurious fleece on the inside of the jersey will keep you warm and cozy during the whole day in saddle.

Minimalistic textile transfer decals on the back and front side to enhance visibility.

Slim fit yet comfortable cut based on our standard long sleeve jersey.

As any other Isadore cycling jersey features three reinforced back pockets with extra inside the jersey pocket, buttonhole to run headphone cables inside the jersey and an additional zipper, to keep its contents dry and secure.

Additional eyelets inside the jersey to lead your headphone cables comfortably.

Designed and developed by Martin Velits and his team.
Handcrafted in Slovakia.

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - BACK LENGTH < 64 64 – 67 67 – 70 69 – 72 71 – 74 73 – 76 76 – 79 79+
B - CHEST < 82 82 – 84 84 – 88 88 – 94 94 – 100 100 – 106 106 – 114 114+
C - COLLAR < 33 33 – 35 35 – 37 37 – 39 39 – 41 41 – 43 43 – 46 46+

Dimension table (inch)

A - BACK LENGTH < 25 25 – 26,5 26,5 – 28 27 – 28 28 – 30 29 – 30 30 – 31 31+
B - CHEST < 31,25 31,25 – 33 33 – 34,75 34,75 – 37 37 – 39,5 39,5 – 41,75 41,75 – 45 45+
C - COLLAR < 13 13 – 13,75 13,75 – 14,5 14,5 – 15,5 15,5 – 16,25 16,25 – 17 17 – 18 18+

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • versatile jersey for autumn/early winter rides

    Fabian Grossenbacher, Switzerland, 24.11.2020

    At first I was sceptical, because of its thickness of the jersey I thought it might be too warm if the gradient on my ride gets steeper, but that wasn't the case at all. I wore the jersey for the first time on a sunny, but cold and slightliy windy day (at around 7 C°) with only a light long sleeve baselayer and a vest in my pocket for the downhill (by the way: the pockets are great as well). The jersey surprised me. It was very cozy and comfortable from the moment I sat on my bike. It didn't get to sweaty uphill and I didn't even need to wear my vest descending - it performed great on every terrain. And the fit is just perfect for me, I took the recommended size (not racefit, though).

  • Quality and Stylish Jersey (with real sheep smell when wet)

    Bartosz, China, 4.10.2020

    First impressions, quality stitching, quality materials, eco friendly packaging, good skin feel, stylish design. First ride today, 23C but windy and rainy, feels like 18C on the bike, no base layer, yep perhaps a bit warm to wear this but I was keen to try it out. First half of ride I unzipped it a bit to not overheat, second half of ride a big wind picked up and started to rain heavily, I zipped it up to retain warmth, neck was protected despite not wearing a neck warmer, I pulled it lower over my backside and rode on, wet but warm, no discomfort whatsoever. This is what merino is all about. Came home a happy camper and smelling like a musky sheep. When it gets colder I will add a base layer underneath. 10/10. Sizing: I am 1.80m and 83kg but with wide shoulders and chest. I went size "L" and its perfect.

  • Another winner (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet Women)

    Kathleen Holoch, United States, 12.12.2020

    Wore this today, 49f and rain showers. The jersey isn't super windproof, but that also is why it breathes very well. I was comfortably warm and never felt wet or cold (or overheated). I liked the length of this jersey. It seems a little bit longer than some of my other Isadore jerseys, which is perfect for cold weather. The pockets are generous enough, the zipper is easy to operate, and the sleeves are nice and long. Overall, another great purchase from Isadore. The fabric, fit, and details on their clothing is great. Everything I have from them looks brand new no matter how many times I've worn it. Great quality and worth the investment.

  • TherMino jersey cabarnet (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    Ziva, 11.12.2020

    supersoft from inside an super warm in cold condition I wore it in a very stron wind (burja) with sector jacket on top.

  • Soft and warm. (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Henrik Hansen, Denmark, 29.11.2020

    Super nice and soft jersey. Have driven in it down to 5 degrees with an ovada derp winter baselayer inside and it was warm enough. is 180cm and 75kg an S fits perfectly. Had given it 5 stars if it had been 1 cm shorter on the belly so it had not curled

  • Superb winter second layer. Can be used as an upper layer for autumn rides where there is no wind/fog. (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    Tomi, 29.11.2020

    Superb winter second layer (I am using it with 0 celsius, with 1 merino base layer, and windproof/waterproof jacket). When you use it as an upper layer the wind will go through. Can be used as an upper layer for autumn rides where there is no wind/fog. Order M (182 cm and 74kg), and it comes a bit big. (but I like it that way) I have other jerseys (3) all in the same size, only this one is half a size bigger. (I suppose this is because we need more protection for our back when temperature goes bellow 3 celsius)

  • Best Winter Jersey (TherMerino Jersey Anthracite Black)

    Lukas Müller, Germany, 24.11.2020

    This is definitely the best jersey for cold winter rides and I'm super happy with it! I've lost two of the three rings in the back already though. This doesn't matter really but is maybe worth checking in production.

  • perfect jersey (TherMerino Jersey Dried Tobacco)

    Jozef Jakubco, Slovakia, 23.9.2020

    I tried it for the first time today. 14 degrees Celsius outside tempeeature. it was a little warm in it but it didn't matter at all. I recommend it in autumn and with a merino base, certainly for lower temperatures. 90kg, 194cm and I have a size xl

  • Fit of a jersey with the warmth of a jacket (TherMerino Jersey Dried Tobacco)

    Nathan Thomas, United Kingdom, 19.5.2020

    Makes me want to get out and ride in cold weather so I can wear it :)

  • TherMerino Jersey Dried Tobacco (TherMerino Jersey Dried Tobacco)

    dejan lazic, Slovenia, 18.2.2020

    Best winter jersey ever, perfect fit, for a wide range of temperatures.

  • Top! (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Miguel van den Wildenberg, Germany, 18.10.2019

    Best winter jersey ever! What can I say; I just love Merino wool, very soft jersey: you don't need anything else, when you tried Isadore. Very classy: top! Ordered size M: 1.86/72kg. Fits perfectly.

  • Kompliment (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    Pavel, Czech Republic, 17.7.2019

    Perfektní doručení, úžasně zabalené, parádní dres. 180 cm/ 85 kg, velikost M, sedí parádně. těším se na podzim

  • Perfect jersey for the cold days (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    B van Binnendijk, Netherlands, 5.1.2019

    Beautifully made, great color and understated looks . It is great for very cold rides in combination with a good longsleeve-baselayer. Merino makes it very comfortable to wear. Weight 80kg, length 182cm , size M fits perfectly. Recommended.

  • SUPERB (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    beno trček, Slovenia, 20.11.2018

    Great product????????keep rollin

  • Winter can come (TherMerino Jersey Anthracite Black Women)

    Franziska, Germany, 21.10.2018

    This jersey looks and feels great. It is comfy and really warm. I am feeling cold rather quickly, but this jersey regulates and helps you keep your body temperature like a champ. I'm actually looking forward to winter with this one. Normally I wear X-Small but bought a Small, so I can wear an additional merino layer underneath.

  • Super noble, comfy and perfect fit (TherMerino Jersey Anthracite Black)

    Claus Siegert, Germany, 12.1.2018

    Perfect for anything above 0 degrees and sun. Wearing instruction degrees with layers is perfect but around zero or below a windbreaker (gilet) accomplishes the perfect riding outfit in winter. Stays incredibly dry, I cannot wait for spring to test it then. Already one of my favorites!

  • Comfort & Style (TherMerino Jersey Hot Chocolate 1.0)

    Jonathan David, United Kingdom, 4.10.2017

    I bought this Jersey in the recent Summer sale event; I'd had my eye on it for a while so took advantage of the saving. I am extremely impressed by the feel and quality of the Jersey and don't be put off by the colour. It is a lovely Chocolate brown and the Green 'highlights' show up really well on dull days or when it starts to get dusk. The feel of the Jersey is soft to the touch and your temperature is controlled well at the lowest temperature I have ridden at which is currently about 8-9 degrees Celsius. I am confident that it would be comfortable with enough layers underneath at a lower temperature. Will certainly be looking to buy more from Isadore

  • Warm and fits perfectly (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Ronald Heidanus, Netherlands, 30.8.2017

    Pervious winter I picked up -because of a great design- this Thermerino Jersey in a store in Maastricht, Holland. It also fitted perfectly and I drove all winter in this jersey (3/4 times a week). The jersey kept me comfortable and warm all winter! On the end of the winter I felt. The back and aside was full of wholes and scratches. But. I doubted not a single moment to order a new one for this upcoming winter! So. I'm looking forward to new cold days! :-)

  • Style for Days ... (TherMerino Jersey Hot Chocolate 1.0)

    Sascha Hartmann, Germany, 22.8.2017

    Optik, Funktion & Schnitt so vereint - ein Traum ...

  • Great (TherMerino Jersey Hot Chocolate 1.0)

    anthony, United Kingdom, 7.2.2017

    Very good jersey great fit nice finish good zipper fantasic customer service have purched other kit because of the look and fit

  • pleasantly surprised (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Nick Lomman, Australia, 22.11.2016

    I have been meaning to get a long sleeve winter jersey for a long time. For some reason right up until I bought the thermerino I had not considered a marino top. I have used this on longer, shorter, flat and hills ride in temperatures between 2 and 14 degrees and could not be happier with the performance. During these temperatures I have been fine without a base layer or gillet. The fit for me was spot on (Medium - 175cm 68kgs) and it is by far the most comfortable piece of kit I own. I could easily buy one and use it as a casual top rather than on the bike its that comfortable and looks great! Keeps you toasty while efficiently wicking sweat away to prevent over heating and discomfort.

  • Heavier than Expected (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Adrian Miles, Australia, 22.8.2016

    Arrives. Looks glorious. "My" I think as I lift it. "That's weighty." Melbourne, and this is the perfect late Autumn, Winter, early Spring jumper. Pair with gilet and you have every temperature you're likely to meet covered. It is warm, breaths, real pockets for your crap. Now I'm wondering if I really need two, or just a long sleeved lighter weight one.... Oh, and on the commute mornings, merino, no smell. This is a ripper (as we'd say).

  • MY NEW FAVOURITE WINTER JERSEY! (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Andrew, Australia, 21.8.2016

    I wore my new TherMerino Jersey for the first time this weekend on a cold and damp Adelaide Saturday. What can I say but "I'm impressed!" Despite the cold temperature and biting winds the jersey kept me toasty warm, while wicking perfectly. I never felt cold or over-warm. The fit is sensational and the quality is unquestionable. Do yourself a favour!

  • Beautiful Autumn Jersey (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Eero Saynatkari, 30.7.2016

    Looks fantastic, feels fantastic. Longsleeve merino with a light fleece to add a little warmth. Up here in the frozen north it won’t keep me warm too far into the winter, but you can be sure I’ll be sporting this on the last road rides and the first CX meets. Sizing feels pretty reasonable, and runs a bit smaller than the Long Sleeve Jersey. 176 cm with a 100 cm chest, size M fits just right; shoulders are comfy, no flap around the midriff. Maybe an extra cm or two in the sleeves—but in cold weather, that’s more a bonus than anything else.

  • Best Winter Jersey (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Scott Jones, Australia, 25.7.2016

    I decided to take the plunge and update my winter jersey, and it had to be merino. This LS jersey is amazing in the Melbourne winter where we get temperatures around 0. It keeps you very warm, wicks well and fits perfectly. The quality is by far the best item I have purchased to date. And the support service is just as good.

  • Vary nice long sleeve jersey (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Hrvoje, Netherlands, 9.6.2016

    I bought this one together with the jacket and can not decide which I like more :) The fit is perfect for me size M ( I am 177 cm and 75 kg) . when you put it on first time it feels small but the material stretches nicely and fits perfectly. Love the fit and the looks, looking forward to even to the colder days to go cycling now :)

  • Thermerino Wonderworld (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Richard Wood, United Kingdom, 30.4.2016

    Received this jersey yesterday and had a ride planned out this morning in the unseasonably cold weather in the UK. Was around 6 deg C when we set off and wore a skin and this over the top and was a perfect temperature, toasty warm. Quality is really good and the retro looks were commented on by the rest of the guys I was out with (not often you get blokes commenting really!). It's a super cool looking jersey and the lining is nice. Feels think even though it isn't. This will be a go-to jersey in my locker. I would describe this as an almost perfect piece of kit for cold weather rides.

  • Excellent Jersey - A must have item for any wardrobe (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Joseph Marshall, United Kingdom, 27.2.2016

    With scores of different types, makes and designs of winter jersey's out there to choose from Isadore have pulled no punches with this excellent merino jersey. It's design is simple and constructed well with the super soft and warm lining coupled with the individual style of the reflective spots on the front and rear of the jersey. I have worn it with a long sleeved base layer and was toasty all ride long. If you are looking for a warm, stylish winter jersey then look no further and purchase now as I can guarantee it will be your go to jersey on those cold days in the saddle

  • Once again, great product (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Robert Winkel, Netherlands, 9.2.2016

    This jacket is absolute fantastic. For me the fit of all Isadore jerseys is good, sleeves, body is perfect for me in size S The neck could be a bit wider for me. I love Isadore because of the comfort, design, fabrics and colours. I am very curious about the new collection!

  • elegant jersey (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    cem atiyas, Turkey, 23.11.2015

    great product, good enough without jacket for cold days. arms are tighter than expected. feel comfortable and secure.

  • Thermerino Chocolate Jersey (TherMerino Jersey Hot Chocolate 1.0)

    gerard miller, France, 16.11.2015

    One ride so far as certainly does as billed

  • Truly outstanding (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Ed Newey, Switzerland, 23.10.2015

    An incredible product. I was unsure how this would function but this jersey is one of the best things I’ve ever used. I can’t quite believe what I am about to type but Isadore have made something to rival if not better, the mighty Castelli Gabba! Firstly, the touch is amazing, super soft and SO comfortable, second, the fit is nice and snug (no flapping), third, performance, the wind! I could not believe how well this keeps the cold wind out, while breathing and wicking moisture brilliantly. Of course it also looks terrific. On fit, comfort and performance (and warmth) it’s as good if not better than my Gabba - that’s impressive. This morning, 6 degrees, Isadore tights, long sleeve base layer and this on top, going average pace, I was too warm! The warmth it gives is sensational and will go down to 0-5 degrees easily. It is truly the "soft and cosy Gabba" of the cycling clothing world. Of course in the rain you will have issues but carrying a rain jacket is standard practice for most of us anyway (and loads of cargo room in this thing). A fabulous product Isadore - get one, you will love it.

  • Nice and luxurious (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Marcus Birke, Germany, 6.5.2015

    With the cold period officially over I can confirm that this is a great piece of kit. Tested it extensively and it keeps you wam and cosy in most circumstances (for rainy weather go for the soft shell jacket though).The thickness provides this extra luxurious feeling. Only issue: I wish I had waited till the blue version was available. But then I would have had much less warm rides in the winter.

  • Perfect quality (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Daniel Kloos, Germany, 19.3.2015

    Very comfortable and good looking. The Package was amazing too.

  • TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Thomas Reinhardt, Germany, 13.1.2015

    This jersey is fantastic. No cold, no wind on my body. And it's realy near my body. I like your products!

  • Perfect winterjacket (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    Reinhard, Austria, 1.2.2021

    The TherMerino is more a jacket, than a trikot - but it is perfect for cold temperatures. I use it with a short baselayer and a longsleeve-trikot (somtimes with a windbreaker, sometimes without) when the temperature is about -5° to 0°C. If it's warmer, a longleeve baselayer beneath is enough. As I am used to ride in the cold, this might not fit for everyone. Medium is perfect for me (180cm, 75kg).

  • Luxury piece that makes you ride in winter more (TherMerino Jersey Dried Tobacco)

    Martin, Slovakia, 11.11.2020

    I was really surprised by this jersey - the material feels like the most luxurious blend of fabrics, very soft and warm. Tried it already twice - with outside temp 5ºC with short sleeve merino base layer and with 0ºC outside with long sleeve merino - and I feel very comfortable without any additional layer. I'm 171cm 62kg and wearing size S - the sleeves are bit longer for my liking, but nothing that makes me go smaller size.

  • Versatile Jersey (TherMerino Jersey Evening Blue)

    Thomas, 6.2.2019

    Very versatile jersey - can be used as an outer layer or with a vest in colder temperatures. I even use it for non-cycling activities. Great fit and quality.

  • DRES-LOGO (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    Milan Hulman, Slovakia, 18.1.2019

    Súper kolekcia len škoda toho loga že už nie je na prsiach...? Ale je to len môj názor

  • Radlfreund (TherMerino Jersey Anthracite Black)

    Joachim, 4.1.2019

    Habe das Thermerino Radtrikot seit einigen kalten Wochen bei Temperaturen zwischen knapp 0 °C bis 10 °C im Einsatz. Mit einem Unterhemd und dem grandiosen Ovada Deep Winter Baselayer unter dem Thermerino Radtrikot und einer Jacke darüber lässt sich das Radeln in der kalten Jahreszeit gut ertragen. Verarbeitung wie immer bei Isadore Produkten tadellos. Das Trikot entspricht meine Erwartungen voll und ganz.

  • perfect !!!! (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    maxence, France, 7.1.2018

    Un maillot manche longue parfait pour les jours très froids et humides. Utilisé avec un baselayer merinos isadore manche courte lors de temperatures entre -5 degres et +10 degres je n'ai jamais eu froid ni trop chaud, toujours a la bonne temperature. Peut etre porté avec le gilet medio isadore lors de sortie venteuse et l'on pret pour toutes les conditions meteorologiques. Le tissus semble épais comparé a d'autre marque mais en fait la sensation de confort n'en est que meilleur !!! La coupe est parfaite, slim fit pas de flottement ni de prise au vent, les poches sont parfaites et astucieuses comme toujours. Petit bemol au niveau du coup qui semble un peu etroit pour moi 1m71 62 kg taille XS

  • Mensch (TherMerino Jersey Anthracite Black)

    peacecop kalmer: tomekit, Estonia, 29.11.2017

    Ich habe das Trikot seit ich es empfangen habe, jedes Mal ich Rad gefahren bin, getragen. Laut Regeln, unter zehn Grad, zwei Schichten unter dem Trikot zu tragen ist wirklich komfortabel, angenommen, dass diese Schichten auch aus Merinowolle sind. Ich fühle mich in diesem Trikot warm. Je kühler die Luft ist, desto mehr ich schwitze und nachdem ich angekommen bin, wechsele ich nur die unterste Schicht. Bisher habe ich nicht gebraucht, das Trikot zu waschen. Auch der Kragen hält die Körpertemperatur, so dass ich keinen Schal tragen muss. Die Taschen vor dem Rücken brauchen eine Adaptionszeit, das ich sonst nicht meine Sachen dort halte. Es gibt einen Mangel und der ist der Halter des Kabels, der schon gebrochen ist. Der Halter ist eine sehr gute Idee, denn damit hängt der Kabel nicht einfach herum. Nun hängt der aber wieder und droht auch gebrochen zu werden. Hoffentlich gibt es eine Lösung dafür vom Hersteller.

    Isadore Team


    Hi, thank you for your feedback on our Thermerino jersey, regarding the defect could you please contact us at info@isadoreapparel and we will try solve the problem to your full satisfaction.

  • Herr (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Rudi Hörmann, Austria, 7.11.2017

    Wunderbar - schön warm und "kuschelig" und sieht noch dazu toll aus. Habs bei 8°C bei einer 2-1/2-Std-Runde getragen (mit Langarm-Unterleiberl) und nicht gefroren... Größe XL bei 187 cm / 82 kg

  • Markus B. (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    ...das dicke! Unglaublich komfortabel und angenehm warm für kalte Tage. Selbst bei einer Regenfahrt um 8°C mit LS Merino Baselayer habe ich die Regenweste erst nach über einer Stunde über gezogen, aber nur weil ich dann den Wind gegen mich hatte. Sicherlich wurde es nass - das ist bei Regen so - aber mir wurde partout nicht kalt! M für 187/74 sitzt super.

  • Herr (TherMerino Jersey Hot Chocolate 1.0)

    Mathias Heppding, Germany, 23.4.2017

    During autumn, winter and spring I wore it several times. From -3 to 10 degrees it kept me war. The jacket is slim fit. Additional information to find the right size: XL for 188 cm and 85 kg.

  • kern marco germany (TherMerino Jersey Hot Chocolate 1.0)

    Marco Kern, Germany, 13.3.2016

    einfach superschönes und funktionelles Oberteil!!! hebt sich ab vom Einheitsbrei. fühlt sich super an kann es nur weiter empfehlen auch wenn es etwas teurer ist.

  • Kältetest bestanden (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Gert Greiner, Germany, 12.2.2016

    Ich muss wirklich sagen, ich bin begeistert! Absolut tolle Qualität und tolle Haptik. Ich habe das Trikot gleich nach dem Auspacken, nur mit dem langärmeligen Baselayer (Isadore) darunter, bei einer Temperatur von 2 Grad rund 2 Stunden gestestet und kann voller Überzeugung sagen: es hält was es verspricht. Bei 184 cm / 76 kg habe ich Größe "M" gewählt, sitzt schön eng, und obwohl ich eher lange Arme habe passen die Ärmel perfekt.

  • (TherMerino Jersey Castle Grey)

    Manfred Strauss, Germany, 17.2.2015

  • Thick but not as warm as expected (TherMerino Jersey Cabernet)

    Esa Malkki, Finland, 11.10.2020

    After having couple of rides at 12-16°C and a few at 8-12°C I have to say that this TherMerino Jersey is not as warm as I expected. I have also Long Sleeve Jersey and Long Sleeve Shield Jersey so given the ratings that this would be warmer jersey I bought it. Now after few rides I would say for me this is 10-14°C with mild wind Jersey with sleeveless merino baselayer. It feels much more airy than Long Sleeve Jersey as wind breaths thru easier. As such this could be a good midlayer when topping with lightweight windstopper jacket/shell for 5-10°C ride. For a 0-8°C better wind protection is needed. It is yet to be seen how TherMerino Jersey will function as a warm mid layer when temperature drops to -10-0°C range. Otherwise the quality feels really good as usual for Isadore garments. Pockets are functioning well. The cut is maybe abit too loose for me around the shoulders and neck area but leaves room for a neck warmer. Some how the fit feels a bit looser than with Long Sleeve Jersey around those areas. I am 201cm(6'7"), 110kg and wearing XXL size. To make this really a cold weather Jacket I would attach windproof panels to frontal areas that catch the wind (also arms) and let if breath back facing ares and make it tad looser for little a bit more room for baselayering. Then this could be a really good sub zero jacket.

  • Almost too warm (TherMerino Jersey Anthracite Black)

    Markus Buttler, Germany, 4.1.2019

    I'm 186cm and 79kg. Picked Size L. Bought it on recommandation of a colleague, who owns the Thermerino 1.0. Was quite surprised about the heavy weight (above 500gr) and the thickness. I expected something lighter. This is more like a fleece jacket. Sleeve length is good. But the sleeves could be tighter at the lower ends. Cold wind is getting in the sleeves. Overall fit is good. The Thermerino 1.0 of my colleague fits much better and looks thinner. Wore the jersey with a Deuter TransAlpine, now the surface is rubbed sore on some places.

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