Our Spring/Summer 2021 release is just days away

Waiting for a new season

We are just as excited as you are for the release of our SS’21 Collection. The wait is nearly over, but there are still a few days to go.  In the meantime, we invite you to spend it getting to know our friends Linda, Szymon, Miles, Patricia & Martin:

This is Martin. He believes in keeping it fresh. Not only is he among our go-to models, but he is also one of our favorite riding buddies.

His feedback is valuable since he also writes for Slovakian cycling mags in between his epic road rides, gravel grinds and MTB shredding.

This is Linda. She’s a good wheel to follow because she always knows which way to go. She knows the best climbs and the best coffee stops.

She loves riding because of the freedom it offers: the freedom to travel and the freedom to eat yummy foods without having to feel guilty.

Here’s Patricia in a rare moment of repose. She never misses a chance to slip a ride in between photo shoots or work assignments.

Don’t get the idea she’s too intense, though. Chilling poolside after a nice long ride is just about her favorite thing!

Does Miles look familiar to you? If so, perhaps it’s because he has been a valued ambassador, model and riding buddy for many years.

He’s also a regular over at Rouleur, creating stories, joining photoshoots and being an all-around great bloke.

Szymon is always smiling. Maybe that’s because he has made cycling, traveling and photography his life. We love him because he lifts the mood wherever he goes, and he sure can handle a bike. He’s another valued friend who is always up for a sweet ride

Here’s Linda taking a much needed nap after some hard hill reps in the Tuscan countryside.

Didn’t we say nothing can ruin Szymon's day?

 Here’s Martin wondering which way the ride goes. Where’s Linda when you need her?

Linda snacking and Miles trying to keep up.

We’re all still waiting for the SS’21 launch, but it's always nicer to wait together.