Ask any native about the British and Irish weather and they’ll tell you it’s notoriously bad – and winter time is especially so. Not noted for their heavy snowfalls, the UK and Ireland instead seem to get a huge amount of rainfall throughout the coldest months of the year, only occasionally changing to icy sleet. The one positive of this is there are far fewer road closures due to the white stuff than there might be in countries on the continent, meaning cyclists can keep on riding – just as long as they’re prepared for some very, very wet weather.


While the winters in the UK and Ireland are milder in terms of temperature, they are still pretty inhospitable given the sheer amount of rainfall. Londoners can expect 17 rainy days in December, while in Dublin it’s even worse with a likely 23 days of rain.


As winter progresses things don’t get much drier, but they do get colder! January sees average temperatures in the UK and Ireland fall to 5°C, while that rain just doesn’t let up! In Scotland averages get a little lower, but still don’t dip below zero.


Average temperatures begin to creep up in February, just in time for you to start training in earnest. Nevertheless, you’ll be pleased you spent those cold, rainy hours on the bike earlier in the winter – it all helps towards being the strongest you can be for the new season.

In the UK and Ireland your key enemy in winter is not the cold, but rather the wet. Not only will rainy conditions take a big toll on your bike – requiring lots of maintenance and upkeep throughout the winter months – it’ll also test the waterproof protection properties of your gear.

Especially important in the UK and Ireland is the waterproof outer layer, so we’ve created a brilliant piece of kit that is waterproof but also super-warm. Our Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket uses merino on the inside for warmth and lightness, while the outside is protected by a waterproof membrane that’ll protect you from all but the most persistent of downpours.

From our experience in the pro peloton, we know that an effective winter layering system does a lot to protect you from the elements – so you can keep enjoying the road regardless of the time of year. At the heart of such a winter system are a baselayer for your torso and a pair of full-length bib tights.

When you’re looking for bib tights to wear in the UK or Ireland then the primary concern should be water-repellency. We treat our bibs with different protective finishes, that help to repel water and dirt, allowing it to slip straight off the tights. Other key factors in a pair of great winter tights are an insulated lining material and a comfortable chamois pad.

For your baselayer, we offer a range of options from a sleeveless vest cut, to short-, to long-sleeved. To a certain extent your setup will depend on personal preference, but we’d advise at least a short-sleeve with some arm warmers if you plan to go out riding without an outer layer on one of those rare non-rainy days in the British or Irish winter. The advantage of this is you can customise based on how hard you’re working and hot you’re getting.

  • ​Long Sleeve Shield Jersey

    Wind and waterproof, this long-sleeve jersey is like wearing a second jacket underneath your outer-layer. It’ll keep you warm and dry through every winter kilometre.

  • ​Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket

    Designed to give you optimum movement without compromising on protection, this is a jacket you will love putting on, regardless of the weather. Merino on the inside, waterproof membrane on the outside.

  • ​Ovada Deep Winter Tights

    The Ovada Deep Winter tights are our most waterproof pair of bib tights, with the added benefit of being super-warm. We tested them in Iceland, so they should be able to handle anything a British winter has in store.

Ovada Deep Winter Tights
Ovada Deep Winter Tights
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Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket 1.0
Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket 1.0
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You’ll also want a jersey to wear over your base, to act as a mid-layer between your outer and your core – if you’ve opted for a sleeveless base, then a long-sleeved merino jersey would be a great choice for your mid.