Women Essential Jacket

210,00 USD
Women Essential Jacket
Eva is 175cm, 57kg and wears size S

Women Essential Jacket

210,00 USD
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Women Essential Jacket
Women Essential Jacket


A practical, stylish spring / summer must-have

  • Stretchable and breathable
  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight membrane
  • Dimmed, ‘see-thru’ colour

An essential garment for the truly passionate rider. When weather conditions become challenging — whether it is petulant wind or rain, it will keep you comfortable throughout your ride.

Constructed from two types of membrane material:
Front and back panel 80% PA, 20% PU
Side panels 50% PL, 20% PA, 30% PU

Six more things you should know
about the Essential Jacket:

1. The jacket is compact and light — so it easily fits into your back pocket
2. Stretchable in all the important areas, for a perfect tight fit
3. Durable and breathable outer fabric
4. Windproof and water-resistant to 10,000 mm
5. Inner seams are sealed with a waterproof tape for added protection
6. Three reflective circular patches provide enhanced visibility

Designed by Martin Velits.

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - BACK LENGTH 61 – 64 64 – 67 66 – 69 68 – 71 70 – 72 71 – 74
B - CHEST 80 – 84 84 – 88 88 – 92 92 – 96 94 – 98 98 – 104
C - HIPS 78 – 82 82 – 86 86 – 90 90 – 94 94 – 98 98 – 102
D - COLLAR 31 – 33 33 – 35 35 – 37 37 – 39 39 – 41 41 – 43

Dimension table (inch)

A - BACK LENGTH 24 – 25 25 – 26,5 26 – 27 26,75 – 28 27,5 – 28,5 28 – 29
B - CHEST 31,5 – 33 33 – 34,5 34,5 – 36 36 – 37,5 37 – 38,5 38,5 – 41
C - HIPS 30,8 – 32,25 32,25 – 34 34 – 35,5 35,5 – 37 37 – 38,5 38,5 – 40
D - COLLAR 12 – 13 13 – 13,75 13,75 – 14,5 14,5 – 15,5 15,5 – 16,25 16,25 – 17

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • stylish

    Sharon Prince, United Kingdom, 29.4.2020

    great looking jacket, a bit on the small size, the zip is a lot of drama when you finally zip it up, you then struggle to unzip, a little unpredictable

  • Essential jacket (The Essential Jacket Ash Rose)

    Dimitrios Evmoiridis, Greece, 21.4.2018

    Excellent design and very practical cause it is really vey breathable and light. I would give it five stars but the zip is really problematic and this can be really inconvenient esp when you can not unzip it.

  • Something went wrong in previous review (The Essential Jacket Ash Rose)

    Hans Luijendijk, France, 7.4.2018

    Of course it is a 5 star rating for me!

  • Magical but not perfect (The Essential Jacket)

    Andi, United States, 6.11.2017

    Let's get one thing out of the way first: this windbreaker is over US$200. It's pricey and premium. The overall concept and design of this piece is pretty amazing: the smoky transparent material feels magical and looks amazing. I like the little bits of reflective trim around the cuffs and waist. And the signature shoulders allow the jacket to stand out and something special. I haven't worn it in a light rain yet. The one flaw is more of a minor annoyance- the zipper is difficult if not impossible to pull upward with one hand. The windflap material (behind the zipper) gets caught in the zipper quite easily. I need two hands to zip up all the way. Also, the two vent zips are a great idea, but again I cannot close them with one hand. Overall, I think this is one special jacket that I'll be carrying around most rides.

  • Perfect for certain conditions (The Essential Jacket)

    Sergej, 30.10.2017

    I think, the jacket is perfect for temperature +7-15 ‘C. Rainy, windy...doesn’t matter! ;) The best are ventilation pockets ... and of cause the style! Wear on Disco party :)

  • The Essential Jacket really is essential (The Essential Jacket)

    MICHAEL RUDINSKY, United States, 4.1.2017

    This is a very great product. The front and the back resists water and the wind yet breath, while the sides stretch and breath more. Front pockets release heat and moisture (just like the Softshell Jacket). Stretch fittings as part of the sides and the arms keep this jacket well fitting. The front vent pockets release moisture and heat allowing for a broader temperature range of use. Reflective elements and the partially transparent look is extremely cool. The fit of this jacket is fitted and consistent with the Marsala Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket and assisted with the sizing tool provided. I also love the information blurbs on the display models; it helps make sizing decisions. This product also rolls up into a size that fits into a back pocket. Only possible improvement could be a back pocket.

  • Surprisingly versatile jacket (The Essential Jacket)

    Ka Chun Chan, United Kingdom, 30.8.2016

    I think this jacket will get used a lot in the coming years. I was surprised with how long I kept this jacket on. You will need to realise that this jacket is only water resistant which means a constant downpour will force the water through. However, this is not a bad things at all, this trade off was probably made so that this jacket is more breathable and handles a wider comfortable temperature range. I was perfectly comfortable with this jacket on top of Isadore's merino arm armers, climbers jersey and membrane gilet riding through the Welsh mountains at 3am. My ride went from valley descents into pockets of really cold air to riding up 16% monsters with a pannier. The jacket took care of them all through out the night. I really rate the minimal features in terms of pockets and anything else that adds unnecessary bulk. The jacket is very packable and even though it feels flimsy, it appears to be hard wearing and doesn't snag on things easily. My other jackets in the wardrobe will be getting very jealous of my new favourite.

  • Brilliant jacket (The Essential Jacket)

    John Lee, United Kingdom, 22.8.2016

    I don't like flappiness, so the race fit is perfect (1.85m/75kg=Size M), good length. Breathes well (with the vents to get rid of moisture), and keeps me dry. Love the fact you can see the shirt underneath. Packable, but on the bulky side, and it is slightly over-styled - shoulder yolk detail is not so much to my taste. But a great product in every other respect.

  • The bomb (The Essential Jacket)

    Antonio Delgado, United States, 3.8.2016

    After trying every multi purpose jacket from Rapha to Assos you guys have perfected it. The fit and finish as well as the performance put it at the top step. This will be my go to jacket in the Dolomites in September.

  • The Essential Jacket (The Essential Jacket)

    Peter Boden, United Kingdom, 23.6.2016

    It's very well named as I wouldn't be without it.When I took it out of the box I didn't believe such a lightweight jacket could possibly be windproof and waterproof,but it has kept me dry even on4-5 rides in constant heavy rain.Folds up and fits nicely in a rear pocket. Perhaps Isadore could apply the waterproofing technology to bib tights? I've bought many so called waterproof jackets over the years but The Essential Jacket is the only one that does exactly what it says!

  • The Essential Jacket M & Long Sleeve Jersey Indigo Blue M (The Essential Jacket)

    Francis Cazau, France, 7.6.2016

    J'ai été séduit par la ligne des vêtements Isadore. Discrets et élégants la veste de pluie et le maillot en mérinos remplissent leur fonction. Pour pouvoir rouler sans être déguisé par des publicités criardes. La qualité est au rendez vous. Je mesure 1m70 pour 67 kg , j'ai pris une taille M. La veste taille un peu juste. Question service clientèle, super réactivité, la veste a été échangé en quatre jours. Et en plus un cadeau surprise ,la casquette Isadore. ISADORE, J'ADORE.!!!

  • on the slopes of Mt.Grappa.. (The Essential Jacket)

    Dominik Lugmair, Austria, 25.5.2016

    ...it kept me warm going up and down through the mist with chilly winds and 4°C, nice feature with small flaps to open on the front. very stretchable material, stowes quite nice into rear pocket. love the design.

  • Perfect (The Essential Jacket)

    Fernando, Austria, 29.4.2016

    Very comfortable, windproof and breathable Jacket. I´ve bought many things from Isadore ( Bib Shorts, Long Jersey, Baselayer, Merino Membrane Softshell Jacket...) and the stuff is really perfect. Yes, you pay for it - but you really get the best for it. Keep it up!!!!

  • DOES THE JOB (The Essential Jacket)

    gerard miller, France, 31.3.2016

    Light and comfortable and warm enough on a chilly morning. Only criticism is of a lack of pocket.

  • Gute Jacke! (The Essential Jacket)

    Dimitri Spindler, Switzerland, 21.4.2018

    Hab die Jacke jetzt mehrere male bei Regen benutzt. Sie ist gut Wasserdicht, sitzt angenehm, ist klein zu verpacken und sieht gut aus! Kleiner Nachteil ist, dass sie leider nicht so gut Atmet und deshalb schnell mal warm ist.

  • Juste parfait (The Essential Jacket)

    Mulotti Emmanuel, France, 13.2.2018

    Veste qui colle bien au corps . On est bien au sec dessous et on ne sent pas le vent. Bien pliée elle se met facilement dans une poche du maillot. Une poche arrière aurait été un plus. Taille L pour 1.81 cm et 70 kg

  • top !!! (The Essential Jacket)

    maxence, France, 7.1.2018

    Produit ideal lorsque le temps est incertains. Utilisé lors d'une sortie pluvieuse et venteuse je n'ai pas été trempé mais je suis resté au sec, et je n'ai pas ressenti le froid du vent qui se leva. Elle est tres legere de part son poids mais aussi de part sa coupe. La coupe est tres tres ajustée au depart lors du deballage du carton mais en fait cela est normal n'ayez pas peur elle est faite pour ca et se porte comme ca .Sa coupe tres ajusté lui permet de ne pas flotter ni de faire de plis elle est donc tres tres aerodynamique et parfaite meme y compris et surtout pour des competitions. On ne la sent pas sur soi (on l'oublie meme ) se place facilement ds la poche centrale arriere a condition de prendre le temps de la plier correctement. Aucun point negatif sauf l'absence d'une petite poche qui permettrait de mettre au moins quelques barres ;) Un produit parfait, un must a toujours prendre avec soi 171 cm 62 kg taille XS

  • Carsten (The Essential Jacket)

    , Netherlands, 25.4.2017

    Nice product and good sizing advice on the web. Small minus is the width of the neck collar. For me 1,79cm, 75kg it is far too wide and while cycling air streams in. On the other hand, if it is colder you can wear easily a buff around your neck and will still fit.

  • Mr. (The Essential Jacket)

    Juraj Ondreas, Slovakia, 13.5.2019

    Bundu pouzivam uztreti rok. + dobry ergonomicky strih na tele a rukavoch (179cm/70kg) + skvele vyzerajuce materialy - striho velmi nesedi okolo krku (ziadalo by to elasticky material) - prilis tuhy hlavny zips a tuhe diely na ktorych je zips prisity (neumoznuje lahku spratnost do vrecka na drese - velky objem) - absentujuce vrecko do ktorej by som celu bundu zbalil ako balicek (navrhujem umiestnit este jednu vrstvu elastickej latky na spodok podpazusneho dielu - vsetky zispy sa tazko ovladajulen jednou rukou. Ak by sa podarilo odstranit tieto nedostatky je to pre mna najlepsia bunda svojho druhu na trhu :)

  • Mr (The Essential Jacket)

    Rainhard, Germany, 13.4.2018

    Had this jacket now for about two years. Initially, very pleased with looks and fit. Size M is perfect for my 183cm/78kg. Water resistance was also good, but has decreased constantly. Now, it is nonexistant. 20 mins in light spray leave my arms and chest soaked. Waterproof spray doesn't help. So essentially, the jacket is only good as windbreaker. For that, it is neither very breathable nore exceptionally packable. In addition, zipper always gets caught in that piece of fabric below, so taking the jacket on an off on the bike is an adventure. When reporting the issues to Isadore, they excused, but offered no help.

  • Perfect rain jacket (The Essential Jacket Ash Rose)

    Hans Luijendijk, 7.4.2018

    More than satisfied with the jacket! It’s light, keeps you dry for a long time and is perfect for the descent after a climb to keep you warm! Most of all I like the ‘slim fit’ of the jacket.....very stylish!