Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men 1.0

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Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men 1.0
Simon is 185cm, 74kg and wears size M

Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men 1.0

130,00 USD
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Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men 1.0
Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men 1.0


A lightweight, high-summer cycling jersey

  • Ultra-light
  • Super-soft Merino bi-component material
  • Active moisture management

Woolight jerseys are extremely lightweight, ideal for riding in the heat of summer. With the premium look of Merino, but engineered to keep you cool and prevent overheating during the hottest summer rides. The fibres also absorb UV radiation, protecting your skin from direct sunlight.

Constructed from a lightweight Merino bi-component material - 77% Polyestere / 23% Merino only 160g/m2.

Five more facts about the jersey:

1. High SPF protection rating
2. Excellent temperature and odour control
3. Streamlined slim-fit cut
4. Three reinforced back pockets with an extra zippered pouch to keep contents dry and secure
5. Additional eyelets inside the jersey to lead your headphone cables through comfortably

Designed by Martin Velits.

Sizing guide

Dimension table (cm)

A - BACK LENGTH < 64 64 – 67 67 – 70 69 – 72 71 – 74 73 – 76 76 – 79 79+
B - CHEST < 82 82 – 84 84 – 88 88 – 94 94 – 100 100 – 106 106 – 114 114+
C - COLLAR < 33 33 – 35 35 – 37 37 – 39 39 – 41 41 – 43 43 – 46 46+

Dimension table (inch)

A - BACK LENGTH < 25 25 – 26,5 26,5 – 28 27 – 28 28 – 30 29 – 30 30 – 31 31+
B - CHEST < 31,25 31,25 – 33 33 – 34,75 34,75 – 37 37 – 39,5 39,5 – 41,75 41,75 – 45 45+
C - COLLAR < 13 13 – 13,75 13,75 – 14,5 14,5 – 15,5 15,5 – 16,25 16,25 – 17 17 – 18 18+

The cut is slimt fit, made out of stretchy materials. The sizes and cuts of our products, however, are designed to fit standard dress size parameters you would usually wear.

  • Replaced all bike gear with Isadore products (Woolight Jersey Fired Brick)

    Matthias Geidel, Germany, 27.1.2021

    I purchase my first Isadore product, a jersey, around 4 years ago. I was a little cautious because of the Merino wool fabric and expected it to be too warm in the heat of the summer at 30°C. I was not disappointed. It cools the body in the heat and keeps it warm at lower temperatures. Opposed to the synthetic fabrics of other suppliers the jerseys never smell. They fit perfectly for me in size M (1,70m, 70kg). The look is nice and it feels comfortable and soft. I will never go back to synthetic fabrics. I bought many more jerseys and tights too and am extremely satisfied with their products.

  • Barely there (Woolight Jersey Fired Brick Women 2.0)

    Kathleen Holoch, United States, 6.8.2020

    Very cool jersey. I wash this in the machine, but in a mesh bag to avoid any snags. Sizing is consistent with other Isadore jerseys I own.

  • Love this jersey (Woolight Jersey Icelandic Blue)

    Martin Thursby, United Kingdom, 12.7.2020

    Fantasic design, everything deeply thought through, looks great and you don't think about it at all when you are on a ride. Ticks all the boxes for me. That's why I have moved completely to full Isadore over the last year.

  • great jersey (Woolight Jersey Argan Oil)

    Ognen, Slovenia, 7.5.2020

    tested today my new woolight isadore jersey with a base-layer on 18-25°C with heavy winds and it was perfect for the conditions. the material looks and feels very high end - soft but protective, sweat management is great. It is very well designed and produced, with an extra care for the details. 193 cm and 88 kg, L was perfect fit. Surely buying more from Isadore.

  • My 20°C+ favourite (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    Mark Piecha, Germany, 23.11.2019

    I have been wearing this jersey all summer now and it has become my absolute favourite jersey. Not only does it look great, it dries quickly but also protects against the wind on wild downhill runs. It feels good and I like these little gimmicks, like the small waterproof zippered pocket from which you still have dry banknotes even after downpours to treat yourself to a warming coffee. I love it!

  • Another 5 stars (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    Johnny Scholkmann, Denmark, 9.10.2019

    After trying the climbers jersey, I went for the woolight jersey. And as the headline tells, this is another jersey giving 5 stars. It´s extremely soft, so nice to the skin, but even better, it´s a winner in functionality. In my opinion, it´s a bit better than the climbers jersey (which is excellent). The woolight is even lighter, you don´t feel it at all (maybe do to lack of compression), and it´s cooler in the heat. Tried this jersey in the Danish summer (no heat, just warm, around 20-22 degrees), no baselayer. Warm up 20 km, included some sprints, then we did some small, steep climbs, 5-600 m, 8-12%, 8 times i max speed. After that, two long gradient 5 min a piece, and then home. No problems with the jersey, nice and warm, just a bit moisture, despite I, (as the week boy in the company) really had to work hard for this training (the baselayer i brought "just to be safe", stayed in the pocket). 20 km home, now in lower temperature, got really sweaty, because the boys suddently threw in a 5 km TT. But as on the whole trip, the jersey still felt nice and warm, no more moisture than before. Surprisingly, yes absolutely, but who cares, the jersey is just perfect, can´t wait to try this little wonder in the real heat "down south". I know this is a long review, but it´s difficult to hide my enthusiasm for this jersey.

  • Excellent jersey (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Christoph, 19.7.2019

    Very lightweight, stylish and made from high quality fabric. Two minor glitches with the 2.0 edition though: the new horizontal zipper pocket isn’t large enough to accommodate a simple iPhone 7 and the Jersey appears to be slightly shorter than my other Signature jerseys by Isadore. Could have one or two centimeters more in length on the back (I’m 186 cm, 83 kg wearing XL). However, still a quality like no other on the market. Worth the money.

  • Hot Summer Cool Jersey (Woolight Jersey Argan Oil)

    Vaughan Watson, United Kingdom, 4.7.2019

    comfy classy jersey with a deep 'earthy' unusual colour (darker then expected). great design and feels great on! I have a couple of Isadore shirts and this is perfect for summer - nice and light. My other Isadore jerseys are size 'small' but for the Woolight i choose 'XS' which for me is a close fit but not overly tight. It pays to order a couple of sizes to get the one you need and take advantage of the free returns. Argon Oil colour might not be for everyone but for my taste it does look rather cool once on. Great addition to my Isadore collection. 171cm 58Kg

  • You will love this product! (Woolight Jersey Coronet blue)

    Rebeka Balint, Switzerland, 4.7.2019

    Fully satisfied with this jersey! Super comfortable, nice material. And nice service, customer support ! :)

  • Perfect summer jersey (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Martin Page, United Kingdom, 22.2.2019

    I love Isadore products and am doing my best to accumulate a large collection! This jersey is lighter than the Signature jersey, and I will be using sunscreen underneath it. It is a reasonably slim fit, but not too snug (I am 182 cm and 75kg, and the medium is a good fit). I think the white looks really stylish, and it will be my first choice for hot days.

  • Great jersey (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    glenn sullivan, Australia, 29.1.2019

    Wore for the first time yesterday in 33 degrees and loved it. Awesome feel and ride quality with everything in the right place (especially the back pockets). Word of warning though, you can get sunburnt through these jerseys. My friend wore the exact same on a hot long ride and got quite burnt through the jersey. Will need sunscreen under it on long hot, sunny rides.

  • Can't fault this jersey, the fit and the look is just superb (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    yomi adelaja, United Kingdom, 10.1.2019

  • Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Matthias Cramme, Germany, 1.1.2019

    Excellent product. Superlight fabric, comfortable wear. Had to rebuy in XL after initially purchase in L turned out to be a bit on the small side, although I usualy wear L. So if in doubt, go one size bigger. As others wrote before this item is not really black but more of a greenish black colour. Looks great together with black bibs imho.

  • I love this jersey, but... (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    Simon Fraser, United States, 4.9.2018

    I've probably done over 500mi in this jersey now with several centuries; it's my go-to top for warm/hot weather over bib shorts. I love the feel of the fabric and the fit; you really do just forget that you're wearing it. However, it does have some issues and annoyances. First, the stitching on the left arm cuff is coming undone. Second, there are already some tear holes where the pockets attach (this is always a stress point; maybe add some soft webbing on the inside to strengthen this area). Third, there are some pulled threads above both side pockets; the nature of the fabric is such that it's easy to catch it when pulling things out of pockets. Finally, the metal logo on the collar can be annoying; the collar is quite high, and if you lower the zip in warm weather, the logo bangs against your helmet strap.

  • Great jersey (Woolight Jersey Messa Rosa)

    Kresimir, France, 3.9.2018

    Very nice jersey. Light, comfortable. It's amazing how merino works both for very hot days (30+) and chilly evening (15 C). Isadore quality keeps me happy.

  • Amazing fabric. (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Jasdev Singh Uppal, 29.7.2018

    I am totally thrilled to received my first 3 jersey out of 5 ordered. The first one that i tried today was woollight jet black jersey XL. Amazing fabric for warm indian weather. Felt comfortable and delighted. Though After completing my ride i found that the stitching on right hand seam was absent for 2.5 inch. I am astounded. Further its not jet black color jersey but a very very dark blue with greenish feel. Full marks except for missing stiching, which has left me amazed.

    Isadore Team


    Dear Jasdev, please contact us @ info@isadoreapprel.com regarding replacement for what seams to be a defected item. Our apologies for the trouble and will be happy to help to your complete satisfaction.

  • Exceptional Jersey That Tames The Australian Summer (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Lloyd Forsyth, Australia, 15.7.2018

    From December to March the ride home from work is quiet offen between 30 and 35 degrees from mid to late afternoon here in Perth Western Australia. On weekend rides into the hills we try to avoid the heat with early departures, though on some mornings the hot easterly winds from inland Australia come howling over the hills at 25 plus degrees before the sun has even risen - this is my go to Jersey and I always ensure that is washed and ready for these rides. I nearly passed it by due to the price, though now it is the piece of kit that i always reach for.

  • Eccezionale (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    antonio, Italy, 5.7.2018

  • Perfect Jersey for the Alps (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    Bogdan Vreuls, Netherlands, 28.6.2018

    I’m very pleases with this Jersey. Bought this especialy for my cycling holiday in the Alps where I revealed it to the “team” and put it to the test. They likes it as wel. The fabric is very thin, has a nice patern and fealt cool whilst riding the hammer climbs like the Galibier. The backpocket compartiment for the phone comes in handy. However there is one but. The fabric on my shirt got loose stitches. Just shortly in the first ride. I’ve made a picture of this to check wether it deteriorates. Price/Quality ???? Despite this I’ve worn the shirt all week and completed the Cyclo Marmotte with it and no further issues.

  • I've three of these! (Woolight Jersey Messa Rosa)

    Philip Klein, France, 23.6.2017

    The Messa Rossa is the third of these Woolight I've bought; I've also the white and dark green versions. I find that they are perfect for hot summer riding on the French Riviera, I've not found anything else so light and nicely styled. Always to be worn with a base layer though!

  • Nice (Woolight Jersey Messa Rosa)

    SEUNGHYUN LEE, South Korea, 6.6.2017

    Nice Fit, Nice Quality XS 170cm / 62-64kg

  • Designed for hot summer rides (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Pierre Geronimo Corvaia, Austria, 4.5.2017

    I must say this jersey is absolutely beautiful. On some pictures it can be seen, that it is very thin (as it is supposed to be used on warmer / hot summer rides). Nevertheless I've worn it with a sleeveless Merino Isadore baselayer at around 10-12 C° and i didn't feel cold. I am 175 cm & 82 KG and size L is good for me. A thing that needs to be considered (due to the fact that it is not only made of merino fabric) it is not so odor resistant as a merino jersey, but that's a fact on this material mix that don't bothers me. Tailoring on this jersey is very good - not too tight and not to close. Awesome Isadore!

  • Essential jersey for hot/humid weather (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Igor Jurisica, Canada, 18.11.2016

    highly recommended - extremely comfortable - very functional.

  • Looks great, excellent peformance (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Paul, United Kingdom, 22.6.2016

    At 6'2" and 100kg I always struggle to get a decent fit on jerseys (either built for barrel bellies or skinny whippets).This jersey is a perfect fit. It's simplicity in design (no massive logos) appeals and it's thin fabric means that I feel cool even when temps hit 20+ degrees (not often in the UK). It feels more robust than it looks and washes well and as others have said with the wool mix means it doesn't smell like its synthetic cousins after a long ride... I'm going to have to get more so I don't wear this one out!

  • Stylish, great fit, top quality! (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Philip Weaver, United Kingdom, 5.5.2016

    This is my third Isadore jersey, having bought two Signature jerseys previously. They were the first clothing products I'd ever reviewed - just had to get on-line and sing their praises. In a world of techy nonsense and highly synthetic looking clothing it's just great to see something that combined awesome fabrics, with perfect cycling cuts, high performance and a touch of style. The Woolight jersey in white is super classy - no "look at me" logos or daft stripes, but just enough detailing to avoid looking plain and dull. The weave adds subtle texture, and the contrasting zips etc are great touches. None of this would matter if it didn't perform though - and it scores a perfect 10 for me on performance. Comfortable, ideally sized pockets, top quality zipper and no flapping while not being at all restrictive. The fabric is stretchy but never baggy, so it holds its shape perfectly. I've worn it with a light mesh base layer (I always wear a base) from upper teens to mid twenties and it has been ideal, haven't tried it warmer yet. In mid teens I've worn it with the Isadore base and it has been extremely comfortable over the longest of rides. The Signature jerseys are slightly warmer, so I'd switch to those in the lower teens. Wicks brilliantly, and doesn't ever smell! Wears and washes superbly - mine looks brand new after some pretty grubby outings. I am 183cm and 66kg, so pretty long and skinny. A small is bang on for me, and isn't too short in either the body or sleeves. The pockets are also easy to reach. Not the cheapest jersey in the world, but IMO it ranks alongside the Signature as the best bang for buck clothing I've bought. If in doubt then order two sizes and return the wrong one. Isadore's returns process is simply outstanding - courier collection from the workplace is ultra convenient and oh-so-rare!

  • Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    fabrizio ippolito, Italy, 14.9.2015

    Questa maglia e' innanzitutto bella e ben fatta, il suo colore e' un verde petrolio molto scuro apparentemente, almeno in condizioni di luce diretta. La vestibilita' e' normale, con un taglio sportivo, le taglie indicate in tabella sono veritiere, personalmente peso 70kg, alto 178cm, petto 95, collo 37 e ho preso una L che veste perfettamente, onestamente una M piu' che essermi aderente, credo mi sarebbe piccola. Questa maglia e' indicata per climi caldi e fa benissimo il suo dovere. Per finire direi che non e' a buon mercato, ma il suo prezzo e' pienamente giustificato, soprattutto paragonando il prodotto per design e qualita' ad altri brand dello stesso livello, inoltre, comunicazione e spedizione adeguati e packaging notevole.

  • Woolight Jersey Jet Black Men (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Adrian Lawrence, United Kingdom, 18.8.2015

    Great Jersey. Nice and light does a great job of removing moisture from the skin. Although the colour does say black this more of very dark green, especially when paired with Mens Bib Shorts.

  • Fantastic for the summer heat (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Ed Newey, Switzerland, 23.7.2015

    After loving the standard jersey and coming into a heat wave of 30 plus degrees every day for 2 weeks straight, I wanted to try a lighter shirt. (that is not to say the standard signature jersey is not good in the heat - it works brilliantly) but this just has the edge when the sun is really burning down as you climb up a brutal incline. A bit see through but works wonderfully well. A great item to have in the kit bag. In fact I now have 2 :)

  • Great Service, very nice jersey (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Stephen Markham, United Kingdom, 13.7.2015

    I ordered a size M but it was a bit tight on the collar for me, posted it back to get the large where the postage fee was covered by Isadore (nice touch), unfortunatley due to disruptions in France this took longer than expected to receive the replacement but that was no fault of Isadore. The jersey is very comfortable with the rear pockets being very easy to access, they're in the perfect position. I will be buying other items from Isadore in the future, very good company to do business with.

  • Great for hot days (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Marcus Birke, Germany, 12.6.2015

    During my first hot day on the bike the jersey worked perfectly. All the good qualities I have come to expect from an Isadore shirt plus the ventilation is just perfect. Keeps you comfortably dry in the biggest heat even when you push the pedals hard, very hard indeed. The hue is a bit on the greenish side.

  • The look! (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Kevin Finch, United Kingdom, 30.1.2015

    If you like your jersey's black, this is the one. It looks and feels great and exhibits all of Isadore's trademark features. It's great value and you should definitely buy one.

  • Good Quality At fair price (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    John, 29.8.2014

    Really good piece of kit for summer weather. I was on the lowest size range of XL and could of gone down a size but I don't mind the looser fit and can comfortably wear a base layer if I choose. Plenty of room in the pockets and good attention to detail.

  • Great for hot summer (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Tibor, Slovakia, 23.8.2014

    Great if you are going out at 25+°C, very light, even slightly transparet. Be careful with keys or sharp edged tools you carry, those can damage the fabric. Also spare tube can draw on white fabric. Wrap it all in some plastic bag or something simmilar. Also some stains can be hard to wash, so don't buy a white one if you are planning to get very dirty. Výborný pre teploty 25+°C, veľmi tenký, dokonca mierne priesvitný. pozor na kľúče a nástroje s ostrými hranami, môžu ťahať očká. Taktiež náhradné plášte môžu zanechať šmuhy ,treba to všetko zabaliť do plastového vrecka alebo niečoho podobného. Niektoré škvrny môžu ísť ťažko vyprať, nekupujte biely ak sa plánujete zašpiniť.

  • very special (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Lukas Urech, Switzerland, 17.8.2014

    compared to my "normal" shirts, this one is different. More stylish while totally performance oriented. Great understatement! The fit is tight and great for road biking.The zip allows me to have the shirt open when climbing passes here in Switzerland. I love it and will order another one.

  • Comfortable and good quality (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Robert Scott, United Kingdom, 25.6.2014

    This is my second Woolight jersey. They are both very well made and exceptionally comfortable, especially on hot days. The value for money is very good, more so when compared to some of the 'boutique' brands in the UK. My only criticism of the product, and this is me being very particular, is that the zipped valuables pocket, and its zip, could be slightly larger. I can fit a phone, keys and some coins or bank notes in it, but it really is not easy to do so. Having said that, they are held snugly enough that they do not bounce around. Overall, I am very impressed with all of the products that I have bought, including a Signature jersey and 3 pairs of bib shorts. As well as this, the quality of service and speedy delivery times put a lot of UK companies to shame. I will certainly be a long-term loyal customer.

  • lightweight jersey (Woolight Jersey Bright White Women)

    IM, 12.6.2014

    a comfortable summer jersey, in bright white with a nice structure. Looks and feels great for the warmer summer days!

  • Beautiful Jersey (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    steve, United States, 9.6.2014

    The Woolight Jersey in Jet Black is extremely handsome bit of kit. The materials and attention to detail are top notch. The Jet Black color is actually more of a very deep blue/green. By itself it appears black but next to black bibs you notice the hint of color which makes it all the more interesting to look at. The fit is a bit more on the club side based on the sizing chart but if you want a race fit I suggest selecting a size down. All in all I am very impressed with the jersey. Isadore has produced a fabulous product at a reasonable price especially compared to the other designer wool cycling apparel on the market.

  • spoko (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Marian, 8.6.2014

    This is my second Isadore jersey - both are light and very comfortable. This one is especially perfect for long rides under the hot sun.

  • summer choise (Woolight Jersey Bright White Women)

    Eva, 8.6.2014

    this is my all time favourite summer jersey. the meshy structure cools and dries fast, but does not let sun through to sunburn and white is the summer ride colour.

  • Top qualité (Woolight Jersey Argan Oil)

    Romain Tryoen, France, 6.2.2021

    Maillot de grande qualité, finition au top. Il est bien aéré et agréable à porter grâce à la laine Mérinos. J'adore la couleur qui ressemble assez aux photos. Juste la fermeture éclaire qui aurait été mieux en blanc je trouve. La coupe est parfaite pour moi en taille M. Je mesure 1m83 pour 77kg. Merci Isadore

  • An excellent jersey (Woolight Jersey Fired Brick)

    Eduard Oplatek, Czech Republic, 19.8.2020

    An excellent jersey in terms of looks, feel as well as quality of manufacturing. When riding you don't feel that you wear it, yet it performs its functional wear job perfectly, driving away moisture without notice while keeping you warm when needed. Even on very hot days only moving the slider of the zipper up- or downwards is enough to maintain the desirtable level of ventilation. The small inside pocket in the right pocket on the back is a great detail, serves excellent for storing banknotes, coins, id, keys etc. So far I have ridden it always without a baselayer (in temperatures between 20 - 32 degrees), using suncream on sunny days. After a rain it dries quickly. Size M fits perfectly for my 186 cm /83 kg. A great complement to the Midio Bib shorts. The material is very delicate, one must handle it with care, understandably. The best in a very long range of jerseys I have had. Great job, Isador!

  • Great looking and functioning jersey (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    Martin, Slovakia, 8.6.2020

    Another piece of cycling apparel from Isadore that makes me ride my bike more often. I'm using the woolight jersey for the summer rides and I feel comfortable all the time. I like it so much I wish I could wear it as casual t-shirt :) I'm 171cm and 62kg and size S fits me perfectly.

  • Jens (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Jens, Germany, 10.9.2019

    Meine Wahl wenn es warm ist, kühlt, trocknet schnell und fühlt sich sehr angenehm am Körper an! Schicke Optik!!! Gr M bei 1,80m / 81kg

  • Ideal jersey for higher temperatures (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Andreas, Austria, 1.1.2019

    I have been using Isadore Woolight Jerseys a whole summer long. They are my preferred piece if kit along with the Isadore medio bibs when temperatures are above 20 degrees Celcius. Perfect fit, perfect sweat diffusion. Being made of merino sweat dries up quickly, and so if you wear them on longer climbs, they ensure good cooling during the climb, and keep you warm during descent. Highly recommend!

  • 2018/19273/3 (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    David Dvořák, Czech Republic, 24.6.2018

    Dres mi perfektně sedí. Střih je těsný, ale ne příliš, nikde nic neškrtí, netáhne, ale ani neplandá. Materiál je velmi vzdušný a i v letním horku se v něm cítím pohodlně. Kvalita zpracování je u Isadore tradičně vysoká. Měřím 177 cm, vážím cca 71 kg a sedí mi velikost M. Jsem s tímto dresem velmi spokojený. The jersey fit me perfectly. The cut is tight, but not too. The material is very breathable and i feel comfortable in hot summer weather. The quality of processing is traditionally high at Isadore. I´m 177 cm, 71 kg, and I have size M. I´m very satisfied with this jersey.

  • Amazing for the hot weather (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Vratislav Podzimek, Czech Republic, 31.5.2018

    A really amazing jersey for a hot weather. The only non-perfect thing for me is the area covered by the adhesive silicon at the bottom edge of the jersey -- there's not enough of it and the jersey easily goes up.

  • beau et confortable (Woolight Jersey Coronet Blue 2.0)

    claire Pouessel, France, 25.5.2018

    Très joli maillot , très bien fini....J'aime beaucoup les poches arrières, pratiques et discrètes.Un maillot de qualité . Toujours aussi fan d'Isadore!

  • Herr (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Dietmar Ebert, Germany, 22.5.2018

    Sehr angenehm zu tragen. Bisher absolut zufrieden.

  • Simply Isadore (Woolight Jersey Messa Rosa)

    Ján, Slovakia, 21.5.2018

    This is third jersey what I have from Isadore and I´m sure, that it´s not the last one. I ride just mbt and it´s perfect for easy and also for really intense training! I´m 187 cm and 77 kg, and size M fit perfect.

  • Andreas (Woolight Jersey Reseda)

    Andreas, Austria, 30.4.2018

    These are excellent jerseys which I fully recommend! Apart from aestetics, beautiful, elegant colours and fabrics, they are extremely comfortable to wear. In my last rides the temperature ranged from 15 to 28 degrees and the Reseda jersey provided excellent heat regulation throughout the rides. The fit is tight and aero. These jerseys are for people who do not want to ride around like a moving advertisment and still seek functional clothing and aspire to look well dressed also during physical exertion. Just the sizing could maybe made more consistent with international standards, despite the helpful sizing guides on your website.

  • 15 (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Roman Kuna, Slovakia, 23.8.2017

    I agree with the previous evaluations, I used the jersey at high temperatures of this summer (as well as pleasant 20-21 ° C) and I was very satisfied.

  • schweizerkäse (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    werner klas, Germany, 22.8.2017

    Jersey bislang drei mal getragen: alles tiptop, passt sehr gut (bei meinen speziellen massen!!!) und ich denke, das teil „verdaut“ einiges.

  • Bernhard (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Bernhard Baier, Germany, 21.8.2017

    Das Trikot erfüllt komplett meine Erwartungen. Hatte es auf einer Tagestour mit unterschiedlichen Temperaturen an, mit einem Baselayer von 18-30 Grad perfekt. Sehr hohe Verarbeitungsqualität-tolles Tragegefühl. 194cm-95kg-XXL passt!

  • Cool (Woolight Jersey Messa Rosa)

    Fernando, 3.8.2017

    Not to mention the fact that the Woolight Jersey work early well, I`ve two of these - this one has a really cool retro color too!!!

  • Sommer Trikot (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Reinhard, Austria, 17.11.2016

    Das Woolight Trikot ist perfekt für warme und heiße Sommertage. Es trägt sich weich und angenehm kühl auf der Haut, ist aber durchaus sportlich geschnitten, da flattert nichts. Drei tiefe Taschen überzeugen mit guter Erreichbarkeit und viel Stauraum, wie fast immer bei Isadore ist in einer Taschen eine Extratasche mit Zipp eingenäht, für Schlüssel, Geld und weitere Kleinteile - besser geht's nicht, billiger in der Qualität eigentlich auch kaum. Top!

  • Herr (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Joachim, Germany, 21.9.2016

    Tolles Trikot, es ist angenehm zu tragen und hat eine tolle Passform.

  • Absolútna spokojnosť (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Ján Lobotka, Slovakia, 7.8.2016

    Môj prvý dres od Isadore. Lepší, ako som čakal. Ľahký, priedušný a veľmi pohodlný. Má všetko, čo má mať a naviac je veľmi pekný. Odporúčam!

  • Hallo (Woolight Jersey Jet Black Women 2.0)

    Sabine, 5.8.2016

    Super angenehmes Material, gute Verarbeitung, könnt vorn etwas kürzer sein....

  • Woolight (Woolight Jersey Bright White)

    Reinhard, Austria, 1.8.2016

    Der Name ist Programm ... leichtes, funktionelles und sehr angenehm zu tragendes Trikot. Wunderbare Passform ... allerdings ist es sehr empfindlich und zieht leicht Fäden d.h. es ist nur bedingt Rucksack tauglich ... die Signature-Trikot's sind da um einiges robuster. Trotzdem: I love it

  • Super Sommer Trikot (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Michael, Germany, 30.11.2015

    Sehr feines, leichtes Radtrikot. Trage es am liebsten im Sommer bei heißen Temperaturen. Kaum zu spüren, super Feuchtigkeitsmanagement und auch nach mehrmaligem Tragen nicht stinkig. Farbe ist dunkelgrün, nicht schwarz.

  • There is beauty in simplicity (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Adam, Slovakia, 31.8.2015

    Simple style and great cut. Jersey is very breathable and dries quickly, perfect for long rides in the saddle.

  • My favourite in the heat (Woolight Jersey Jet Black)

    Georg Stockmann, Germany, 14.7.2014

    Very impressed by the cool and dry feeling even in the biggest heat. Thin but very tough fabric. And thanks to style and merino no fear walking into a cafe after a day on the bike ...

  • Expected more (Woolight Jersey Messa Rosa)

    Christopher Phillips, United Kingdom, 7.8.2018

    Product looked amazing on the website but unfortunately did not fullfull it's promise. Love the styling just very disappointed with the rear pockets , they just do not hang correctly when used even only half full , such a shame

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