Isadore enjoying Austrian spa towns

One of our favorite places to ride is in the area around Altaussee.

12.9.2018 – Words by Isadore team

Being able to design the sort of cycling kit that we want to wear is rewarding in itself, but then we can double the fun by having the chance to test our new creations and redesigns when riding in cycling rich regions. Most recently we headed to central Austria to give some of our German-speaking cycling ambassadors the chance to test out our refined Long Sleeve Jersey before the AW’18 launch.

One of our favorite places to ride is in the area around Altaussee. We can’t recommend this region too highly, since it is ideal for rides of all difficulties. You can stay around the lake with a 50km perimeter that will offer stress-free, flat routes to enjoy.

But if you have a hankering to tackle some Austrian Alpine climbing, then you have almost unlimited choices with real mountains so high that they will still have snow at the height of summer.

With the World Championships in Innsbruck this year, we may have been just a little more inspired to explore what the Austrian Alps have to offer. And we weren’t disappointed. The scenery is as gorgeous as the roads are challenging.

Just as importantly, we were keen to have the feedback from our ambassadors, Daniel, Christoph and Alina, since they were already familiar with the previous version of the Long Sleeve Jersey. And we were glad to hear that they were happy with the changes and welcomed the updates that we made.

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