Our Team & Culture

Cycling enthusiasts just like you

100% person-based and bike-oriented

We all first and foremost are cycling enthusiasts. Some of us like to ride fast, some never go on a ride without a camera slung over one shoulder. Some keep close track of power numbers, some don’t even ride with a computer. 

Even if some rides we feel great and some rides suck, riding a bike is deeply tied in with what makes us happy. That’s what we try to convey with our products at Isadore: cycling is just about the pleasure riding a bike, staying healthy, and being good to people and the environment. 

Isadore is an unconventional company because its founders are unconventional. Martin and Peter Velits succeeded in going pro though they come from a non-cycling country. They throw that the same adventurous, daredevil attitude into the spirit of the company. 

Team Introduction

After over six years in business, we’ve gathered together a fantastic group of people, each of whom plays a big role in making your experience with Isadore a pleasant one.

Martin Velits

Co-founder, Head of Product Team

Head of product development and leads the product planning by creating a general Isadore strategy.

Peter Velits

Co-founder, Head of Operations

Makes sure everything in the company is connected and communicating well, while also involved in Isadore’s general strategy.

Tomas Rosival


All about the financials, planning, budgets, investments and also contributes to shaping Isadore’s general strategy.

Dana Velitsova

Office Manager

Makes sure the office runs smoothly to ensure happy employees.

Marek Sulik

Head of Online Marketing

Creates the Isadore experience in the digital world.

Maria Talacova

Production Team - Forecasting

Plans for the development and design of  future products.

Michaela Tobisova

Head of Logistics

Makes sure all orders will arrive quickly and safely at their intended destinations.

Zuzana Kolarikova

Customer Support Specialist

Responds to any questions from our customers.

Boris Stefanik

Head of Offline Marketing

Creates the Isadore experience in the real world.

Martin Uhrin

Graphic Designer

Creates beautiful visual designs for all website and print materials.

Martin Gross

Graphic Designer

Creates beautiful visual designs for all website and print materials.

Dominika Ziakova


Prepares all the packages for shipment with love.

Marta Luliakova

Quality Control

Ensures all products are the best quality and in top condition before being shipped to the customers.

Juraj Chano

Raw Materials Warehouse Support

Handles all raw materials intended for production.

Zuzana Velitsova

Key Account Manager

Takes care of selected partners to ensure happy clients across the board.

Natalia Podmanincova

Head of Retail Business

Manages the retail partners’ orders and requests.

Adam Majsky

Production Team - Supply Chain

Makes sure all materials and products arrive in Puchov on time.

How we work

We believe that every piece of clothing should resolve the cyclists’ daily problems.

We are creating cycling apparel for better and enjoyable cycling experiences.

Our design process starts with a simple series of questions

  • How can we develop a piece of clothing that will remain your favorite season after season?
  • How can we be innovative in designing clothing that can be used in new ways?
  • How can we anticipate what will be needed in seasons to come?
  • How can we make our clothes in an even more sustainable way?

Examples of how we work

We rely on Merino wool and other natural materials in our products

We’ve developed with OSRAM integrated lighting in our jackets and vests

We’ve introduced a Jersey Subscription Service as well as biodegradable packaging to reduce consumer waste

We have a wide range of clothes made from recycled materials, and offer a repair service for when you crash, or things start to wear out

Consciously trying to do the best for people

Where we produce

We are very lucky to have excellent local partners in the factories we use to make our clothing. Our primary partner in our hometown of Puchov has been a valuable contributor in our efforts to build a brand using sustainable materials, ethically produced. 

In fact, all the factories and manufacturers we use are in Europe. In this way we save on shipping costs and transportation pollution. It also makes it possible for us to keep a close eye on production methods, quality control, and where design innovations can be made. 

We made the conscious decision from the beginning to keep our production close to home.

And we’ve been successful in staying local since in the past 12 months these are the countries where we have produced our products.

  • 59%
  • 20%
  • 9%
  • 8%
  • 3%
  • 1%

How we produce

All our products are made in Europe according to OEKO-TEX® and bluesign® international standards, which represent a couple of our efforts to continue to be responsible in the treatment of workers in the factories we use, and for the sustainability of our manufactured textiles.


Oeko-Tex labels and certificates confirm the human-ecological safety of textile products and leather articles from all stages of production starting with the raw materials straight through to the finished product. The designation can also indicate the production facilities are environmentally run and safe to work in.


THE BLUE WAY by BLUESIGN represents the vision and mindset of responsible and sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products. BLUESIGN traces each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, reducing the environmental impact of textiles.

Get to know who made your clothes

We love the fact that we know many of our factory workers personally. We know that they work in safe conditions and receive a proper European living wage. 

Accountability is an important step to encourage brands to take responsibility for the impact they are making on lives and the environment.  

We are in favor of any and all initiatives that are designed to ensure greater workplace safety and financial security for factory workers around the world.

    Our charitable initiatives

    Helping to record and preserve the memories of those who suffered under totalitarian regimes.

    My mask protects you, your mask protects me

    Proud to help wonderful children get a good start in life

    Donation to provide equipment and learning tools to aid children with developmental issues

    For a healthy planet to ride on

    Even the most adventurous of us are in no position to reserve a ticket on the first flight to Mars. Like the saying goes, there is no planet B. So we have to work together to reverse the damage humans have already done to the Earth. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

    Our Team and Culture