Materials Guide

Effective wind protection from sustainable materials with patented technology or unique properties of merino wool. A combination of synthetic and natural fibers that brings the best of both worlds, but also a fiber that is up to 15 times stronger than steel. These are some of the novelties you will find in the SS'24 collection.

Unique combination of natural and synthetic materials

Signature Merino Tech Jersey

High level of comfort from the natural feel of natural materials combined with the functionality of highly technical synthetic fibers. Increased abrasion resistance and quick-drying properties are provided by the synthetic fiber on the outside. Merino wool loops on the inside create a 3D structure that allows air to microcirculate. As a result, the material dries faster, is more breathable and does not stick to the skin. Merino is the only textile material that keeps you warm even after sweating, is pleasant to the touch, and resists unpleasant odors.

Sides, sleeves and panel under the back pockets are made of lightweight perforated synthetics, ensuring effective moisture and heat wicking from critical zones. Higher elastane ratio increases the overall elasticity, allowing the material to return to its original shape even after repeated washings. Combination of merino and synthetics creates a jersey that draws the best of both worlds.

Innovative cooling technology

Signature Merino Air Jersey

Back panels, sleeves and pocket area are made of Polartec® Delta™ material with 3D structure and lyocell content. Polartec® is a well-known term among functional materials, used by the U.S. military in addition to outdoor brands and workwear, and has been on the market for nearly 120 years. Patented Polartec® Delta™ technology was created to allow the cooling fabric to better utilize the body's natural process of cooling through perspiration. It is a highly breathable layer developed for maximum wicking of body moisture away from the skin. It has a unique structure of raised fibers across the entire surface of the fabric, which improves air circulation, reduces friction and lowers temperature.

Innovative knit system is enhanced with a hydrophobic and hydrophilic fiber blend for more efficient moisture wicking. In addition to its superior ability to wick away body moisture, it has a cooling effect, reduces adhesion to the skin and prevents the formation of odors. Natural feeling of natural materials in contact with the body is enhanced by the increased merino wool content. It forms the basic component of the main material in combination with recycled polyester and polyamide. It is breathable, perforated and quick-drying. The merino is what keeps you warm even after sweating and minimizes odor formation.

Strength and durability on all types of surfaces

Distance Cargo Wool Bib Shorts

Extremely durable thanks to side panels and pockets containing Dyneema® fiber. Dyneema® is a trademarked polyethylene fiber with extremely high strength, durability and light weight. Polyethylene is assembled from an extremely long molecular chain and is produced by gel softening technology from a molecular solution. This makes it up to 15 times stronger than steel and reliably protects against abrasion and the pitfalls of unpaved roads. The main material is a high-compression fabric with a 3D structure and merino fiber content on the inside.

Merino wool is soft to the touch and provides comfort even for multi-day adventures in the saddle. It stays fresher longer, cools you when needed and warms you even when you are sweating. The most technical bibs in our portfolio are all treated with a DWR® (PFC Free) finish, which enhances the fabric's ability to repel water and dirt.

The most technically advanced jersey we've ever made

Distance Performance Wool Jersey

Main material is a combination of polyester, merino and elastane. Merino wool has a 3D structure with microchannels on the inside for more effective thermoregulation and efficient wicking of sweat away from the body. Merino fibers can absorb water of up to more than a third of their weight without the rider even noticing it. Another superpower of merino is its natural thermoregulation. The fibers are hollow, so they create a kind of microclimate that prevents the rapid penetration of external environmental influences. It is thus the ideal component for a technical jersey designed for all types of surfaces and variable conditions. 

The second material is perforated for increased breathability in the sweat zones and under the back pocket. It is elastic thanks to its high elastane composition and effectively wicks away sweat. HEIQ Fresh® treatment controls unwanted odors. HEIQ Smart Temp® thermoregulation technology gives the fabric the ability to respond dynamically to temperature changes. At high temperature and sweating, it activates the cooling function, which deactivates itself when the process is complete. The real durability is multiplied by a third material containing Dyneema® fibers on the back pockets, which rank among the revolutionary materials in the field of functional clothing.

Comfort and breathability during the hot summer

Alternative Bibs shorts

Bibs from the Alternative product line for long summer trips are made from recycled materials with the intention of having as little impact on the environment as possible. The improved main material is even more compressive thanks to ultra-fine fibers with a high proportion of elastane, holds its shape well even after repeated washing and has a longer service life. 3D anatomically shaped padding from an Elastic Interface is one of the best on the market. It is made of high-density Bio foam and perforated for maximum comfort and breathability. Fast-paced rides, as well as all-day excursions on hot days, can also be handled thanks to the perforated recycled suspenders that effectively wick away sweat.

Wind protection from sustainable materials

Alternative Wind Gilet

The main material is Pertex® Equilibrium with dual high density construction. The tightly woven exterior provides protection from the elements. The inner side, having a more open woven structure, effectively wicks away moisture. Bringing high performance materials to outdoor enthusiasts since 1979, Pertex® has been using sustainable resources in its production, which links it directly to the Alternative product line. Pre-consumer recycled nylon, mechanically recycled polyester from PET bottles and bio-based renewable nylon form the basis for an ultra-lightweight vest that protects the rider from the wind. The second material on the back is highly elastic, breathable and quick-drying. Resistance to the elements is underscored by Fluorine-free DWR protection (dirt and water repellent treatment).