Isadore Jersey Subscription

The hassle-free way to upgrade your cycling wardrobe.

  • Receive a new style every three months

  • Worry-free deliveries and returns

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How it works

Choose what you want

Browse through our selection of jerseys on the website and pick the item you want to rent.

Wear your selected jersey

Take rides in your chosen jerseys as many times as you like within 90 days.

Return your selected jersey

After three months, you can return your jerseys using the provided pre-paid shipping slip.

Choose your own style

Select from our collection of short and long sleeve jerseys

Climber’s Jersey

A super-breathable, lightweight Merino jersey.

59 Reviews
Signature Jersey

A timeless cycling jersey, cut to a classic design.

106 Reviews
Echelon Jersey

Minimal design, maximum performance and durability.

28 Reviews
Alternative Jersey

The first cycling jersey made entirely from recycled materials

5 Reviews
Long Sleeve Jersey

Versatile three season cycling jersey.

90 Reviews
Long Sleeve Shield Jersey

A versatile windproof jersey.

48 Reviews
TherMerino Long Sleeve Jersey

Thick and incredibly versatile cycling jersey for winter riding.

52 Reviews
Echelon Long Sleeve Jersey

Made to support high performance and endurance.

4 Reviews

Peace of mind

All rented jerseys will be professionally cleaned by an ecologically certified laundry service and inspected before being rented out to a different customer. They will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure all viruses and bacteria will be killed. Every jersey will then be carefully inspected before being rented out to a different customer.

Once a jersey has finished its lifecycle, it will be recycled and reused for ecological insulation.

Get the most value
for your money

How many times have you bought a jersey that kind of worked for you but not really? Too much trouble to go through the hassle of returning it, so you hang onto it, and never wear it again.

But with this method of renting jerseys for 90 days, you have the chance to try multiple styles while enjoying hassle-free returns at a truly affordable price.

And you can feel secure in the knowledge that cycling through new jerseys using this service is the most ecologically friendly way to ride in great kit and reduce material waste. The opposite of throwaway fashion.

  • Cancel anytime

  • Free shipping both directions

  • Freedom to change your plan at anytime

  • Receive up to SIXTEEN jerseys per year

  • Try multiple styles risk free

  • Ecologically friendly way to ride in great kit

  • Reduce material waste

  • Save up to 60% on all your yearly jersey needs

Easy to join, simple to change


Any question before?

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What if I want to cancel?

You will be free to cancel at any time. Once our shipping partner confirms the return of all jerseys, the subscription will be officially terminated.

What if I lose or damage the item?

We trust you will do your best when caring for the jerseys, but we understand accidents can happen, so lost or damaged items will be replaced.

How can I change my subscription?

Changing your subscription level can easily be managed from the page linked here.

What do my monthly payments cover?

Your monthly payments cover the rental costs of your chosen jerseys and shipping costs.

How do I return old items?

A self-addressed, postage paid packaging slip will be provided for you to return the item(s) after 90 days.

Can I keep the item longer than 90 days?

You will be allowed to skip your next shipment if you would prefer to keep a jersey for an additional three months.

Can I exchange the item?

You will be able to exchange your jersey if you would like to change sizes.

What is needed to become a subscriber?

You will need to provide your personal information including debit/credit card number.

How are the clothes cleaned?

All of our rented jerseys receive a thorough, environmentally friendly washing and pressing. We are committed to keeping every jersey looking and feeling new and clean for every customer. That not only enhances your experience, but ensures the longevity of the product.

Do you have any additional questions not covered here?
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