Guide to being seen

Be smart. Be BRIGHT. Stand out from the crowd while you’re out in the cold. Limited daylight hours and endlessly gloomy conditions don’t mean your riding has to go unnoticed.

Our highly reflective winter outer layers not only keep you safe from foul weather but are also designed to be eye-catching whilst you’re out riding, whether at night or in low light.

3M™ reflective materials, initially designed for safety workwear, are used for our branding and other details as they harness and maximise any available light source to help you shine!

Jackets and Vests

Ensuring that our jackets and vests maintain the clean and classic styles we’ve become known for, we’ve kept reflective detailing to strategically placed Isadore and Pertex® branding, ensuring they pop, without making you look like a disco ball.

Long Sleeve Jerseys

Our colder weather jersey get a similar treatment to jackets, with reflective branding. We opted for off-centre and, in some cases, diagonal positioning, to ensure they catch the eye.

Bibs and Tights

All our bibs and tights continue the theme with highly reflective branding - located at the lower back and mid-thigh, for a constantly moving reflective element which makes you stand out.

Our Signature Deep Winter tights take things up a notch with additional flashes above the knee and down the outside calf, for extra reflective flare!

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