Слава Україні

As the aggression continues, so does our support for Ukraine.

Although the impact of the war has been felt around the world, the spirit of the Ukrainian people, their hope for a better future and their determination to build one is the story which will live on the longest.

In both celebration and support of this astounding display of courage and heart, we’ve created a new Слава Україні (Glory to Ukraine) jersey.

Hoods and Drops, a local cycling club in Odessa, continues to operate, even in wartime. All of their training, initiatives and events are focused on generating funds for the humanitarian effort. This latest project is no exception.

All profits from the sale of this jersey will go to Repair Together, a group of young people from Ukraine, who have joined forces to clean up after the destruction of war and build new homes to replace those destroyed by the Russian invasion.

"We felt volunteering should become a lifestyle for our generation. For this to happen, it shouldn't only be hard work, but also a social and recreational activity in which people will communicate, make new friends and even have a little fun", mentioned the founder of the project, Dmytro Kyrpa.

Proudly emblazoned with white storks, the national bird of Ukraine and symbolic of hope, peace, new beginnings and protection against evil, the Glory to Ukraine jersey design also incorporates berries from the rowan tree alongside oak and chestnut - representing family, strength and a symbol of Kyiv respectively.

Built upon our 100% recycled Alternative Jersey, this new design is not only a vehicle to raise funds for the humanitarian effort, it’s also a supremely fast and technical piece of kit in its own right, featuring many of the most advanced fabrics and treatments present throughout our Alternative range.

  • Limited edition
Still Слава Україні
Still Слава Україні
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