Local production, worldwide reach

Our Factory Plan

Made in Europe

Where we produce

We are very lucky to have excellent local partners in the factories we use to make our clothing. Our primary partner in our hometown of Puchov has been a valuable contributor in our efforts to build a brand using sustainable materials, ethically produced. 

In fact, all the factories and manufacturers we use are in Europe. In this way we save on shipping costs and transportation pollution. It also makes it possible for us to keep a close eye on production methods, quality control, and where design innovations can be made. 

We made the conscious decision from the beginning to keep our production close to home.

And we’ve been successful in staying local since in the past 12 months these are the countries where we have produced our products.


How we produce

All our products are made in Europe according to OEKO-TEX® and bluesign® international standards, which represent a couple of our efforts to continue to be responsible in the treatment of workers in the factories we use, and for the sustainability of our manufactured textiles.


Factory Púchov / Slovakia

Merino Wool jerseys, Heavy winter Jackets

Factory Pisa / Italy

All printed Jerseys, Personal program

Factory Porto / Portugal

Bib Shorts and Recycled synthetics

Factory Trenčín / Slovakia

Merino Baselayers and T-Shirts

Factory Kaunas / Lithuania

Merino wool Jerseys

Factory Michalovce / Slovakia

Urban Shorts, Chinos and Jeans

Factory Svit / Slovakia