Our Story

From racing in Grand Tours to becoming sustainable apparel entrepreneurs, it’s safe to say that for the brothers, building the brand and the community that followed has been one wild ride.

Let’s start from the very beginning.


The road begins for the twins

Martin was born first. An hour and a half later, Peter followed


First race, first podium for both

Martin wins and Peter is third in a tight sprint in the 6 year olds’ race


Global success followed by uncertainty

Peter wins the title of U23 World Champion. Right after that, the brothers signed their first World Tour contract. In the following year their team broke up mid-season, leaving the brothers without a contract…


The first Tour de France ends with a title victory

Peter was concerned whether he would survive taking on the Tour de France as his first grand tour. Unexpectedly, he won the title of the most combative competitor on the queen stage, which finished on Alpe d’Huez


Pro-racing side by side

Both brothers started the Vuelta a España, where they fought together to keep Peter in the overall ranking, going on to achieve the greatest success of their careers. Peter took 3rd place in the general classification.


Twins of the Tour de France

Both brothers ride the Tour


Isadore is born

The clothes they always wanted to wear. The brothers share roles. Martin has always admired the creative process and creation of products from scratch. On the other hand, Peter always liked graphs, reading between the numbers and business mechanisms. Martin became Head of Product and Peter became Head of Operations.


Full-time pro cyclists and full-time entrepreneurs, simultaneously

The brothers work together on Isadore when they move between stages or at the hotel between training sessions. Building Isadore around the core principles of sustainability, high quality and timeliness of the design, production had to be in the EU with the core material being Merino.


Off from pro-cycling, fully On to Isadore

Things start getting real. After nine years, six starts at Tour de France and hundreds of thousands of kilometers, Peter fully devoted himself to Isadore. A year later, Martin followed, waving goodbye to his riding career.


Isadore suddenly spotted in Japan

While visiting Japan, the brothers were surprised to see people riding in Isadore apparel on the streets of Tokyo, on the other side of the world.


Alternative is born

Pushing the boundaries of sustainability in cycling fashion, the first cycling kit made 100% from recycled materials is launched.


Cheers to customers around the world

First Isadore Community Hub born in Bratislava, to support the scene in the brand's home country. From Slovakia with love, Isadore products now available in 72 countries. Greetings to Cayman Islands, Curacao, Puerto Rico and all others


Riding towards a long-term sustainable goal

When it comes to sustainability, Isadore is trying to walk the walk by taking many real steps and initiatives.

The use of natural materials equates to 7000 km of 100% Merino yarn, 2x the distance of the Tour de France. 

We strengthened the EU production where quality of products and ethical standards can be kept high

1900 kg of virgin polyester was replaced with recycled materials 

We have revived 285 pieces of apparel through our free Crash & Repair service


New stage begins

Core principles are retained but major product updates introduced. Visual identity refreshed and product portfolio created.