Our innovative T2B system puts an end to trash issues

Respect your trash: Don’t just toss it anywhere

Every innovation starts small. That's why we have used the example of T2B pockets as a sustainable innovation that can help all riders not toss their garbage into nature as a stepping stone to inspire serious sustainable innovations.

Have a look at the video below to hear from our founders Peter and Martin Velits about the innovations Isadore continues to pursue.

Sustainable Business Innovations 

Growing a business while being real to the environment

Isadore has never been about world domination, or success at any cost. From the beginning, we had a clear idea about the type of cycling clothing that we wanted to make.

But just as strongly, we believed our success would be judged not just by our products, but what positivity we could contribute, and what value we could add.

Trying new things, finding new ways, solving problems. It’s all a process and a journey. Join us.

Go Alternative: it’s good for the planet

Core Garment Traceability

Trash Rides in New Colors

Repairs or crash replacement service

Sustain­ability Report 2021

Our Factory Plan

Guidelines for washing your cycling clothes

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