An Alternative Choice. Be kind to the environment with the Isadore Alternative Line.

Though we have named this line Alternative, Isadore has been committed from the very beginning to using ecologically sound practices when producing our cycling clothes and accessories.

But with the Alternative Line, we are for the first time putting all our environmental efforts together to ensure the entire line is the most environmentally friendly collection of cycling clothes on the market.

And we have done this without sacrificing the high-quality or long term durability of the kit. All Alternative Jerseys use Heiq Swiss antibacterial treatment while the Bibs use Schoeller Coldblack treatment also from Switzerland. Both are manufactured under highest eco-standards.

Where we have already been trying to make a difference


We have always worked with fabric suppliers that are OEKO-TEX® approved, which is an independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products.


With an eye towards sustainability beyond our clothing, we never use plastic packaging or shipping materials. Rather we use only FSC® Certified paper packaging that comes from sustainably sourced resources.

Recyclable Chamois

From the time we produced our very first bib shorts, which have long been the core of our products, we have been using a chamois made from recyclable materials.

Merino Wool

Merino wool has been the backbone of our product, and we proudly use this is naturally sustainable fiber source in all our Merino wool blend jerseys.

How many PET bottles make one jersey?

1kg of empty PET bottles is needed to make 3 meters of material. We use 1m of fabric for 1 jersey so that is approx. 300g of plastic. The weight of one empty 0.5L PET bottle is about 10g, so for one jersey, we need 30 bottles.

With these efforts, we are getting closer to our long term goal of eliminating virgin plastic and petroleum-derived fabrics from our supply chain.

Preorder and get a free gift

Pre-order your jersey now, and you will receive a matching mini card holder for free. It's made from High density polyethylene, 100% PVC free and is easily recyclable.

Artist Bios

Taking inspiration from pop icons and street art, Marek Mraz's bold style offers metaphoric images that make a comment on modern culture.

By using a mix of traditional and current graphic and painting techniques, Ivana Belianska produces works of art that find inspiration in things like nature and travels of discovery.

Alica Kucharovic translates the positive paraphernalia of her daily life into her art, finding her designs in everything from the theme of summer adventure to the scents of plants.

Alternative Bib Shorts Men/Women

Bib shorts typically have a big impact on how comfortable you feel on your rides. We wanted these Alternative Bib Shorts to have a positive affect on your ride and a minimal impact on the environment.

The Bibs are produced using two fully recycled Italian Lycra fabrics with Coldblack® treatment to keep the fabric cool in the hottest rides. The Italian elastic interface chamois offers high end, long distance comfort where the face of the fabric has been made from recycled materials.

We are continually working with our suppliers to ensure that our fully recycled materials offer the same high quality and top performance level of non-recycled fabrics.

Designed by Martin Velits and the Isadore team.

Made in Czech Republic.

Eco-knit Arm Warmers
Eco-knit Arm Warmers
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Eco-knit Knee, Leg & Arm Warmers

These are essential accessories for riding in moderate temperatures, when it's too hot to use thermo warmers but too cold to ride without any protection.

The understated look will suit any kit combination, and the 100% recycled Polyamide and Polypropylene yarns will offer high performance moisture wicking with just the right amount of compression.

Knitted in Italy

Eco-knit Leg Warmers
Eco-knit Leg Warmers
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Eco-knit Knee Warmers
Eco-knit Knee Warmers
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