Climber’s jersey is the part of the Climber’s collection - you can match it with socks, cap or buy Climber's bibs to complement it. Today, however, we'll focus on the jersey and its tiny useful secrets solely.

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Where is the secret?

Our aim was to create a technical jersey that would be able to withstand frequent and intensive 5+ hour rides in hot and dry conditions. The outcome? Comfortable, durable garment that is joyful to ride in & doesn't lose out on performance.

What does it mean?

  • By comfort we mean the ability to regulate your body temperature as it changes
  • By durability — being able to withstand several rides without a wash (dirt and odor control)
  • By performance — keeping tight fit to enhance aerodynamic effect
  • By joy - thinking about useful, small things that make your ride fun.

How did we do it? Here are eight tiny secrets.

1. Tiny secret one: Merino

Merino wool is a road cyclist’s friend even in hottest weather. As opposed to the popular view, the fabric actually does not warm you, but balances your body temperature - it makes you cool in summer, warms you in cold weather.

What you see in Climber's jersey is the Merino bi-component material. It consists of 23% Merino wool and 77% Polyester. Its density is only 160g/m2 — a super light fabric that dries very fast.

A sidenote on Merino

As we said earlier, merino doesn’t heat your body, it balances its temperature.

Merino is one of the world’s oldest breeds of sheep. Grazing on steep mountain slopes in the extreme conditions ranging from +35 degrees Celsius in summer to -20 degrees Celsius in winter, Merino sheep have gradually adapted themselves to the wide temperature range and developed a breathable and protective wool coat.

How does Merino do it?

On a hot summer day, you put on the Merino jersey (or any other Merino product) and this is what happens:

1. As you move, your body heats up
2. Because of hot and dry external conditions, your natural cooling system is activated: you start sweating.
3. The excess sweat is absorbed by the fabric. 100% Merino can absorb moisture up to 35% percent of its own weight without feeling wet. While holding the moisture, it already cools you down as you ride (just like if you keep a wet arm in front of a fan). In Merino blends this percentage is lower, however, the thinner the fabric the faster it dries.
4. With the increase of body temperature, the moisture within the fabric starts evaporating taking the body heat away. It’s called “evaporative cooling” (the same way the sweat directly evaporates from our skin, thus, cooling it).
5. You’re cool.

In other words, the fabric acts like the second skin, enhancing the natural cooling process.

2. Lycra on the most active parts

We placed Lycra on the most active parts: sleeves and side panels. Lycra is breathable, fast drying and very stretchy — it can stretch several times its size and restore its original form easily.

3. Tiny secret three: Sun protection

Climber's jersey protects you against sunlight - and it's all about merino, again. Merino absorbs UV radiation and protects the skin from the damage caused by direct sunlight.

“Jersey for the longest and hottest rides/climbs”

"Nice stylish jersey for the longest and hottest rides/climbs. I wear it without
base layer, no sunburn at all. Highly recommended."

Marek, Slovakia

4. Back pockets

Cram everything you need into them, they will keep the form and carry the weight.

We also included an additional waterproof pocket with zipper to store your valuables, inside one of the big pockets.

5. Zipper

As the weather is changing from hot to windy and back, you might need to zip and unzip frequently. The zipper is easy to manipulate while on the bike.

6. Silicone tape

Jersey stays in the place even when you ride vigorously.

7. Subtle eyelets for earphones

Guide your earphone cable firmly from the back pocket, under the jersey.

8. Perfect cut

Let our customers speak about the last point.

“This is by far the best jersey I currently have in my wardrobe. Cut is perfect (XS at 173cm), and the material is simply beautiful and feels very good on the skin. Clearly superior to light summer jerseys from other well-known brands. Combined with a very thin baselayer there were no traces of sunburn (I'm a redhead) although the material is exceptionally light.”

Tobias, Austria

Climber's jersey comes in different colors

Here’s the whole range of Climber’s jerseys. Each jersey is named after one of the greatest hills which we think are worth climbing:

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People who wear Climber’s jerseys

A few words from those who tried them.

“Kept me completely comfortable”

"I wore this jersey on a 66 mile ride through Sonoma County in No. California. It was very hilly, and got very warm in the hills - no tree cover for about 10 miles. This jersey was about the only one i could have worn that kept me completely comfortable. Very high performance garment and of very high quality."

Ginny Paton, US

“Stink-free after my first five rides”

“I sweat a lot during exercise, so detest the polyester fabrics that predominate in cycling apparel. Merino is my preferred fabric, and this jersey's merino-blend fabric is light, comfortable against the skin and, most importantly, stink-free after my first five rides! The lycra sleeves are a comfortable feature too.”

Kris Terauds, Switzerland

Just in case: our humane return policy

We make our clothes to be worn, not lying in the wardrobe. And if you hesitate about getting any of our products, try our friendly return policy.

If your expectations weren’t met, the size doesn’t fit or you just changed your mind, you can return or exchange the products with the full refund within 45 days. No questions asked. Read more about Returns and Exchanges here.

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