Though the life of a brand ambassador can be full of amazing adventures, not all situations are completely enviable since they will often be required to ride in dire conditions. Luckily, these three are a tough trio of Scandinavian cyclists, and with the help of their Isadore kit, were more than a match for the wet weather.

Meet our ambassadors

Just entering her 30s, Eva has been a long distance cyclist for years. She loves the mental challenge those races present and enjoys testing her abilities. Having an idea of what she wanted from her Lofoten trip, she was not disappointed: varied weather conditions, gorgeous scenery and great company. The only thing missing for her were the Northern Lights. Maybe next time.

In his early 40s, Benjamin has been riding for 12 years and gravitates toward endurance events and adventurous gravel rides. He finds the idea of cycling without preconceived expectations liberating, and opens himself completely to the experience. Adapt to your conditions and all will be well. The wide open spaces of Lofoten gave him the feeling that he was closer to the heavens.

Though Simon only discovered cycling when he was 25, the 31 year old loves the mix of challenging his body but at the same time feeding his soul when he rides through beautiful countryside and discovers new countries. Born in the flatlands of Sweden, he still feels like his ride along the Arctic Circle will be an experience that he will never forget…and will hopefully repeat in the future.