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This year we have decided to approach our annual flash sale differently.

22.7.2016 – Words by Martin Velits

Dear Isadore Customers,

This year we have decided to approach our annual flash sale differently.

In the past we would always use some strong moment in the life of our company or personally mine and Peters, to give you the opportunity to shop our products for limited time, once in a year with significant discount.

We have run the flash sale around our company ‘’Birthday’’ or during Peters days in Red leaders jersey during last years Vuelta Espana. This time, we want to give our Flash Sale higher meaning and besides giving you the opportunity to save, you can now help those in need too.

Inspired by the examples of Toms shoes or Warby Parker and the whole social entrepreneurship movement wave, we would like to offer you 25% discount to save on each of our products and dedicate another 25% of our net sales profit from this years Flash Sale to our home towns Puchov Orphanage.

The choice of the cause was pretty easy to decide for us, as our family have a distant connection and common history with this institution. My grand grand mother Mrs Ilona Borcicka helped to raise funds thru the Red Cross Charity collection for building this orphanage and social services home during the 1930s’.

I trully believe this Flash Sale will be a succes and it will become a tradition for Isadore brand, for me and my family and this way we can at least with a tiny bit continue the legacy.

We have also committed as company to donate minimum 5% of our net annual profit for charitable causes.

I will proudly present the successes of Isadore charitable activities via our Blog space.

For more information about Puchov Orphanage please read here:

  • Puchov Orphanage was built in 1931.
  • The funds for the building were raised by the help of Mrs Ilona Borcicka, member of the Red Cross and Catholic Priest Kallay.
  • Nowadays the orphanage accommodates 27 children between 0-18 years old. Nine of these Children are severely disabled.

UPDATE: 17.030,30

We’re extremely pleased and proud about the impact you will help us make.

The Puchov Orphanage initiative (dedicating 25% from the net profit of the Sale campaign to our home town’s Puchov Orphanage) was a great success, and we'll be able to help significantly.



The Sale was a success and I believe it was not only because of the opportunity to shop with significant discount, but also because of the impact it could make.

With the amount raised, we all have created positive action that will help kids living in the Orphanage. After clearing all the formalities, the funds will be transferred to the account of the Orphanage in coming days. These funds will be used to cover their day to day needs and necessities or for these little extra things that are going to make their life little bit easier. It fills me with incredible pride to continue this beautiful story my grand Grand Mother has once started.

Once again, big thanks to all of you.

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