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To give our new Novesta x Isadore urban shoes a bit of context, we have prepared a blog to explain our collaboration. Have a look to learn what makes these shoes special.

2.9.2018 – Words by Isadore team

Though Novesta has been a mainstay brand for us all our lives, and is very popular throughout Europe, we know that a lot of you may not have heard of them before, or may even be wondering what connection Isadore has with Novesta. So we thought we’d give you a little background as to why we are so pleased to have been able to collaborate with them.

Novesta was founded in the 1930s in Partizánske, which is a small town in the middle of Slovakia. There the shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory where he could develop and create the types of footwear that would be practical, fashionable and comfortable. He succeeded in spite of the difficult times that Central Europe would face for much of the middle half of the century.

Novesta developed into a shoe brand loved by our parents’ generation, and then our own. The brand has continued to grow and expand throughout Europe thanks to the imaginative designs paired with timeless sophistication.

Nearly as soon as we founded Isadore, we wanted to collaborate with Novesta on a shoe that would represent our two brands well and fit neatly into our own collection of Urban wear. We not only love the style of the shoes they create, but we feel connected because Novesta is also a brand that has remained loyal to local production, and focuses on ecological methods using sustainable materials like eco-rubber and organic cotton canvas.

When the opportunity and design ideas came together, we jumped at the chance to work together with Novesta. The whole process has been a unique and complete pleasure, from first conversation through the design and production process.

Now we are very proud to release our Novesta x Isadore footwear in men’s and women’s sizes. It represents the shared tradition, heritage, and quality of product that both Isadore and Novesta highly value.

Novesta x Isadore Star Master
Novesta x Isadore Star Master
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