Scotland Behind the Scenes

Isadore’s Excellent Adventure

9.11.2018 – Words by Isadore team

Anyone who has ever put together a compilation video of a holiday experience will know that there is always material you have to cut out, but is too good to waste. We face this issue every time, and so here is our Behind the Scenes video for our AW’18 trip to the Scottish Highlands.

We had a blast and enjoyed all our rides through the Highlands. We hope you will enjoy watching some of the footage and extra bits we have curated here.

Interesting fact for you film buffs out there: we experimented a little bit during the shooting and some of the footage was taken on 16mm camera film. Digital filming is super handy and extremely high quality these days, but there’s nothing like the look and feel of real film.

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  • Epic

    Christoph, Germany, 12.11.2018

    That looks absolutely stunning, my plan is going there next year. Thanks for the great impressions and the GPX-files.

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