This is Etna: The backstory of our SS 2016 lookbook

Read the backstory of our Spring / Summer 2016 lookbook shooting.

4.3.2016 – Words by Martin Velits


Every lookbook we make has its own story, from the moment we arrive at the set until the moment we choose the final photos that go into the book. This is the story about the time we took the Climber's Jerseys / the Essential Jacket into Mount Etna’s backyard.

Nothing excites us more than looking forward to the trips and shootings for a new lookbook. Or maybe there is something: the chills that run through our bodies when we’re actually there, anchored in the moment, looking at a stunning panoramic view, capturing the right angle to memorize it, during the most perfect sunset ever.

We finished packing two days before the trip. All the equipment, cameras, and bikes were ready for action. The destination could not be anywhere else than the place that shares the same name with our star product: we took the Climber's Jersey Etna to Mount Etna, Sicily.

When I arrived at the airport, guys were already there. They were not chatting animatedly like they normally do, a sign they didn’t get much sleep either. “Ha, I’m not the only one who’s excited,” I said to myself.

Moments like this are always special for us. We all know instinctively that something great is about to happen, and that we’ll spend a week making wonderful memories with each other and our bikes, the roads, the sunsets, the wind, and even our new best friends—the stray dogs. Catania seems like the place to be for dogs.

Arrival and Settings

When we arrived, Catania welcomed us with sunny, pleasant weather, just enough to warm our souls from the November rain and humidity in Continental Europe. We were finally in Sicily, Catania, in the most exciting place to be: Mount Etna’s backyard. Looking at the imposing landscape, I caught myself thinking, “We couldn’t have picked a better place than this. It aligns perfectly with our mission.”

The City

The city of Catania has great character. No wonder it was the prize of many empires: from Greeks to Romans, Arabs to Spaniards. And even though it was flooded by lava, the city was built again. Everywhere you look you feel like you’re in a Fellini movie.

The People

The hospitality of the Sicilians is exceptional, and the people and the atmosphere in Sicily make it so special. Anxiety and stress have no place in this setting. It was here that I found the most relaxed and respectful drivers I’ve ever seen.

The First Days

With the sun shining down on our faces and impressive landscapes everywhere we looked, we had an amazing first few days of shooting.

The Lunar, Volcanic Landscape

No trees or vegetation. Black and reddish granular soil. The smell of sulfur. All signs of lava making its way into this habitat leaving big traces behind.

The Surprise

Then the surprise came. We woke up to a beautiful Mount Etna covered in snow. The weather shifted soon and the road and hills turned into dramatic scenery. It was the perfect time for the Essential Jacket, the star of this collection.


The “take a moment to take it all in” moments. The after “adrenaline rush” moments. After great races come great moments.

The Outcome

One of our riders, Eva, was involved in a minor incident where she hurt her shoulder, but fortunately it was nothing too serious. Every time we get on that bike, we accept all the risks that come with it, and we always give it our all. The outcome is what we believe to be a book of moments full of magical realism, captured in their natural scenes: Sunrays resting on the first spring flowers. Rhythm of cutting corners. Eerie volcanic moonscape.

Photos: All photos were done by Jirka Pařízek & Peter Mečiar
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