South Korea is one of the best experiences we had on our bikes. We go there every year to join the annual night ride in Seoul with our local friends. This year, we will go there again to participate in 500+ km charity ride across the country, from the very Southern point to Seoul (follow our blog for the updates).

South Korea is a country of beautiful landscapes, smooth roads and strong growing cycling community. If you haven’t been there, put it down on your list, it’s worth it.

To pay tribute to this lovely cycling destination we release our first long-sleeved Korea Adventure Jersey, limited edition. Enjoy your autumn rides!

— Martin & Peter Velits, founders of Isadore

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The jersey is designed in subtle yet strong and balanced colors, embroidered with the traditional Korean symbol, meaning Freedom — the feeling that unites cyclists around the world. Traditionally, made from the finest Merino bi-component fabric.

Photo report: Korea on a bike

The new product was shot in three places:

1. Rainy Namhansanseong (NHSS)

Very popular for avid cyclists. About 70-80 km by loop course.

2. Mild weather in Hanok Village

Extremely touristic portion of Seoul located between the Grand Palace and the oldest preserved temple in Korea.

3. Autumn Bugak

The most popular place in Seoul for riding — roughly 10 minutes of decent climbing and a fast, technical descent on the way down.

Koreans ride at night

Night is the best time to keep on training. Blinded by the strong daylight, locals have two options: either fully cover themselves with garment like neck tubes, face masks, arm covers, and leg covers to prevent their skin get burnt; or set on the ride when the sun goes down. If you happen to visit Korea, you will see many night cyclist roaming the streets of cities.

The riders

  • ​Ji Hyun Lee

    Worked in the apparel industry. Later, found teaching to be her true passion. Currently working as a children's pool instructor.

    “I bought my first road bike in 2016, and immediately realized how fast it was. I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery while feeling comfortable and covering much longer distances. Cycling certainly takes the cake amongst my hobbies.”

  • ​Jae Ho Chae

    Majored in fashion design and now is working as a clothing designer.

    I have been riding bicycles for 7 to 8 years. In my early 20’s I was introduced to fixed gear bikes, which taught me the wondrous nature of cycling. I became fond of the history of cycling and the various types of bicycles. These days, I ride quite often.”

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