Throughout the autumn/winter season we’ve written many guides on dressing for a cold-day ride. But there are two products which deserve an individual and detailed attention in this harsh winter — Marsala Merino membrane softshell jacket & vest.

If you are looking for a good winter top layer,
any of these two might be the right choice, here is why:

Temperature regulation

The inner layer of the Marsalas is the Merino wool fibers. Merino is our favourite. It does exactly what a cyclist needs in winter: a great insulation property keeps you warm during breaks; and once you warm up on the ride, the fabric lets your body breathe and transfers sweat away from your skin.

Protection against elements

The outer layer of the Marsala jacket and vest is a water- and windproof membrane with a high breathability (10,000 g/m²/24h). The tiny holes in the fabric are wide enough to let the body sweat escape and too small for water to enter from outside. Treated with the durable water repellent of 10,000 mm you can wear the Marsalas even in nasty weather conditions such as heavy rain and wet snow.

Long time no wash

Merino fibers regulate the body temperature and lock away any odors — there is no need in washing the apparel often.


To learn about other properties of these products check their product pages:

What to combine it with

The Marsala top layers cover a wide range of temperatures. Here are some combination tips from the folks who have been using them for quite a while:

Below zero

0 °C – 5 °C

6 °C – 16 °C

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