At Isadore, we’re not only a team; we’re a family that shares the same passion and goal: creating and shipping the highest quality products to our valued cycling customers.

  • ​Martin Velits


    I am the supervisor throughout the manufacturing process—from the point of a new idea to the finished product. In the pursuit of perfection, my role is to check every detail of our apparel to ensure that our extremely high standards are always met. If I am not in the warehouse, you can find me training or racing.

  • Peter Velits

    Co-founder and Head of Operations

    When I left the professional peloton behind I put all of my efforts into family and business.

    At Isadore, I focus on improving the way we do things. I dedicate my time looking at the numbers side of things, analysing the data and using it to come up with new ideas and strategies.

  • Martin Gross

    Art Director

    I am a father and a husband. I also have a passion for cycling, design, magazines, and lettering. The visual world is the road where I ride. I focus on the branding of Isadore (website, packaging, promotion, etc.), and I also help with product development and marketing.

  • Zuzana Velitsová

    Customer Support

    I love riding my 1988 steel Colnago Master Piu, and I thoroughly enjoy hearing feedback from our customers and providing them with helpful advice. Leave me a message and I’ll happily respond to it as soon as I can.

  • Dana Velitsová

    Logistics Manager

    As a mum in the cycling family, I know how the logistics should work. Some years ago it was about sending Martin and Peter to school, and training and racing, of course. Today it’s about sending clothes and accessories to our customers and partners.

  • Peter Mečiar


    Each rider’s face tells a different story, which I attempt to capture with just the right camera angle. I love cycling, and I bring the same passion I have for the sport to my photography work. I use my cameras and lenses to make the riders’ stories last forever.

  • Soňa Zajacová

    Product Designer

    Clothes are an essential part of my life—not only wearing them but creating them. When working on new apparel, I focus on using sustainable and ecological material and the specific needs of our individual customers. My design philosophy is that each piece of clothing has a soul, just like every person does.

  • Forest


    I can’t ride a bicycle, but they promised they will teach me if I help them. So I am the watchdog in our warehouse and know all the hidden secrets of it. If you come to our shop, feel free to hug me, I love it.

  • Working Remotely with Isadore Apparel


    It’s also about the talented people who work tirelessly away from the spotlight to help them be successful. We’re fortunate to have a great team supporting us behind the scenes as well:

    Michal Stín, Marek Šulik – Marketing and Consulting
    Blueweb – Web developers
    Martin Uhrín – Graphic Design
    Juraj Pobjecký, Maroš Hamorský - Idea Makers
    Jozef Marek – Accounting
    Olivia Kaferly – Content Editor
    Team of Isadore Apparel ambassadors worldwide