Merino arm warmers

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Merino arm warmers

Merino arm warmers

47,00 USD
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Merino arm warmers
Merino arm warmers


Insulation and breathability of Merino wool at its best

Valuable part of every cyclist kit, whenever you are looking for more comfort and protection on those colder rides or during changeable weather conditions.

Rich in finest Meirno wool fibers, offers superior insulation and breath-ability.

Seamless construction.

Soft on skin with natural look.


Available in two universal sizes, Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large is all what it needs for perfect fit thanks to the vital ability to stretch.


Material composition: 31% Nylon / 56% Merino Wool / 10%Elastic / 3%Lycra.

Made in USA.

Sizing guide

Arm Warmers are available in two universal sizes S / M – L / XL.

We recomend size S / M for ladies. It will fit for gentleman under 180 cm and 70 kg as well.
Size L / XL will fit perfectly for gentleman over 180 cm and 70 kg.

  • Superpower product

    Jakub Puterka, Slovakia, 8.6.2020

    With these arm warmers, your short sleeve jersey is now a long sleeve one! Still going strong 2 years from purchase and frequent use. A true must have for even a mildly serious cyclist.

  • Absolutely good buy!

    Matthias, Germany, 3.12.2017

    Wonderful warmers, made by Isadore in their typical high quality. Fitting well and spending just the warmth needed on colder days when you still want to use your short sleeve jersey.

  • Comfortable and versatile

    Ka Chun Chan, United Kingdom, 30.8.2016

    I didn't expect less from Isadore and that the fact these are made from merino. The fit is very comfortable and is much more versatile than any other of my arm warmers. These arm warmers can end up staying on for much longer as I/ the day warms up which is a good thing so I don't have to bother taking them off mid-ride. Based on my experience of my other kit, I reckon these will come in handy when I am deep into Autumn on those higher intensity rides when I need to concentrate on riding hard and the merino will work its magic to let the perspiration out whilst keeping me warm.

  • Wonderful so far....

    Adrian Miles, Australia, 7.6.2016

    Use these with the merino knee warmers. Fantastic temperature regulation, love the grey weave and look (reminds me of kit I couldn't afford here in Australia in the early 80s that people bought back from Europe). These with a jersey and gilet so far all I need for crisp mornings here in Melbourne. Don't smell from your sweat, stay in place very very well, current favourite bit of kit.

  • Comfortable

    Robert Winkel, Netherlands, 25.11.2015

    These knitted merino armwarmers are a real surprise for me. When i started cycling back in 1977 there was nothing else than knitted cycle clothing. What a difference! Isadore's armwarmers keep your arms warm but also dry because of their great breathing capacity. I am very happy wiith them.

  • Great product for colder days !

    Helmer Sørensen, Denmark, 19.11.2015

    The merino armwarmers are a little warmer than the lycra ones (which also are great btw.). With these there's no need to fear colder days. I highly recommend this product.

  • Simply the best

    James Yeoman, United Kingdom, 15.11.2015

    My new favourite arm warmers. Superb tight fit and keep their grip superbly but above all they are just supremely comfortable and toasty in the early mornings and after work

  • Amazing temperature control

    Ed Newey, Switzerland, 27.7.2015

    Just back from a weekend climbing in the Swiss alps and these were the best bit of kit I had. Lovely to have in the fresh early morning start,easily came off up the first climb and it was so nice to put these back on at the top when the air temperature suddenly dropped. They provided super warmth for the down but with no over heating at all! On one final climb it was about 28C in in the valley and as we climed the temperature began to drop slightly with a fresh alpine breeze picking up. Halfway up I put these on and continued to climb the rest of the way perfectly cool. It was the first time I have ever worn arm warmers on the way UP. They breathed so nicely and kept the chill out. I have not tested in the wet and suspect the lycra system might work better (I will report!) but in the dry I will not be using anything else from now on! Thanks Isadore for another great product that is now going to live at the front of my kit drawer.

  • Great for cold and sun

    Rivo Sarapik, Estonia, 12.6.2015

    Wonderful and universal piece of equipment. Merino wool makes them work differently compared to other materials (sportwool etc) - they won´t let you cool down when wet/moisty and you can also use them as screens e.g to protect sunburnt hands. I tried and they didn´t heat me up even when there was +30 outside.

  • my favorite for early spring and autumn

    Eva, 8.6.2014

    these sleeves are thicker and warmer than regular spandex sleeves and keep fluffy warmth in the descents. merino is way easier to put on still sweaty sticky hands.

  • Perfect arm warmers

    Lukas, Slovakia, 2.9.2018

    Arm warmers are comfortable and warm. I'm using them not just for cycling, but for running also.

  • Guido

    Guido Bollenbach, Germany, 17.3.2018

    Love them. I had other ones from other companies but those are the best. Soft and easy. I use L/XL with 1.89 height. Perfect fit.

  • parfait

    maxence, 7.12.2017

    La taille est parfaite la sensation de douceur tout autant. La regulation de la temperature est parfaite, utilisé sur une sortie humide avec leger vent durant plusieurs heures je n'ai jamais eu chaud ni jamais eu froid j'ai toujours etait a la bonne temperature. Excellente respirabilité et style unique !!!!! j'adore

  • Markus B.

    Markus Bee, Germany, 28.10.2017

    Ich habe jetzt beide Größen. Zuerst habe ich S/M geordert. Die passen in der Länge perfekt, sind aber schon sehr eng, obwohl ich eher dünne Arme habe. L/XL sind dann angenehmer, aber um gut 5 cm zu lang. Ich schlage sie oben um und gut ist. Die Funktion ist bei kühlen, frischen Bedingungen über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Ideal um stark schwankende Temperatur-Schwankungen während einer Tour zu kompensieren....

  • Top Ware

    Veit Krannich, Germany, 22.9.2015

    Beste Qualität. Top Wohlfühlklima. kleiner Nachteil = der Abschluss am Oberarm rollt sich etwas ein.

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