Taming wild and mysterious country

New Iceland video by Isadore

You might have noticed that in the last few weeks we’ve been talking about Iceland a lot. It’s because we’ve been there, tested its roads and totally fallen in love with the country.

Grand, unique and wild, Iceland made it onto our list of must-visit-in-your-lifetime cycling destinations. We want our experience to inspire you to pack a bag full of your warmer cycling kit and hit the roads of this majestic country.

This film was shot on a weekend in early September, in the west of Iceland. One amazing sunrise and one even better sunset, dozens of Icelandic horses, hundreds of breathtaking moments.

Particular attention was given to the soundtrack. What you’re hearing is the fantastically talented Icelandic band, Hjaltalín, with their song "We will live for ages”. Check their Facebook page for more of their music.


    Martin Velits, Zuzana Velitsová


    Ján Šifra, Martin Gross


    Iceland, September 2016


    Sebastian Ziegler


    Vankusik Studio


    Hjaltalín – We will live for ages

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