A refined Signature Jersey

Updating our representative Merino Signature Jersey

Our Signature Jersey has long been a foundation piece of Isadore’s collection. The intelligent Merino mix, performance cut, and understated style represent what we have long tried to create.

Now after five years, we have given it a crafty update. It’s not a redesign, but we have taken the comments from our customers seriously, and applied those suggestions to fine tune the jersey. We have kept what was working and gotten rid of what we found obsolete.

The ultimate goal was to keep it comfortable, but refine the cut for an even more perfect fit.


Longer overall, with a slightly wider collar for greater protection from the elements.

tape at the sleeve cuffs

The hypoallergenic silicone tape hidden inside the sleeve cuff keeps the sleeves nicely stretchy and in place.

New labeling
and decals

Subtle labeling and decals both on the outside and inside. It shows your affiliation without being too loud about it.

back pocket construction

We have completely changed the back pocket construction: the water resistant zippered pocket remains, but now is more easily accessible and larger.

Reflective features

Reflective logo in the same color tone as the fabric on the back side of each jersey. It is part of the subtle branding, but will reflect car headlights in low lighting conditions.

Short sleeve jersey updates
Signature Cycling Jersey Seal Brown/Argan Oil 2.0
Signature Cycling Jersey Seal Brown/Argan Oil 2.0
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Signature Cycling Jersey Cabernet/Sycamore 2.0
Signature Cycling Jersey Cabernet/Sycamore 2.0
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